Mobile Wonders' Bounce Speakers

Mobile Wonders’ Bounce Speakers

We never get tired of looking into new portable speakers and though this Bounce speakers form Mobile Wonders isn’t really that new in the form-factor department, I think it’s still worth a second look.

Bounce is actually a pair of speakers that attaches to each other at the base with a set of powerful magnets. They can also be detached from each other, expands like an accordion and used separately or in pairs.

Each capsule has a power output of 3watts which is great since most other speakers in this category are rated at 1 watt or 2 watts.


The accordion design is a widely-used design with portable speakers — they provide bigger space for the driver to produce better sounds.

And when you cranked the volume of the speakers, the head bobs wildly which probably where it got its name — Bounce. The sloping speaker grills offers both vertical and horizontal coverage for the sounds to propagate — gives a bit of an advantage when hooking it up to a laptop to watch a movie.

Sound performance is surprisingly good. Sound profile is almost even with slight bias on treble than bass and it’s pretty loud when you crank the volume right up to the top. Haven’t really figured out the battery life on these but I reckon you can go on a couple of hours with these before recharging.

The Bounce speakers are available in stores with a suggested retail price of Php2,250 (available in black and red colors) which is right up to the price of other portable speakers like the X-Mini Max.

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5 Responses

  1. mclynyrd says:

    san po yan available?

  2. Gamedok says:

    I wonder, how does it compare to X-mini II (interlinked) or the X-mini Max? Been an X-mini fan for quite some time and so far it’s the best mobile speaker for me.

    • JmyCruz says:

      im with a friend who’s an x mini fan too and was ought to buy the x mini max, he tried a sample of a bounce speaker on a store and surprisingly it sounds better.

  3. ArchAngel says:

    My only beef with these type of mini-speakers is that they’re powered solely by rechargeable Li-Ion batteries that are non-user replaceable. Give it a year or two of use at most, and they’ll no longer be able to hold enough charge for even just 30mins of continuous use. It would be much better if the rechargeable batteries are user-replaceable (e.g. Eneloop AAAs), or could be powered directly via USB port w/o the need for batteries.

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