Wireless Mobile Charging is here!

Wireless Mobile Charging is here!

I was expecting this would come but not this early. Mojo Mobility Inc, a Silicon Valley-based start-up firm, developed a technology that can charge multiple mobile devices at once using a piece of sheet.

Technically, it’s wireless but the more appropriate term would be non-contact. Meaning , no two wires are physically connected.


The non-contact charging system employs an electromagnetic induction method and is characterized by its thin coil areas used for transmitting and receiving electric power. It can be installed inside thin devices such as mobile phones and realize a charger as thin as a mouse pad. The system is composed of two coils, one for transmitting and the other for receiving electric power.

It’s not really the wireless, long-distance, over-the-air charging that I was thinking but it still works. At least, you don’t have to struggle with wall sockets with this one. More about the story here.

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13 Responses

  1. Jan Alvin says:

    napapaisip ako kung pano ilalagay yun.

  2. edzhstar says:

    1st comment…love this Blog..


  3. issai says:

    i saw these the other day in best buy. they have a sheet that charges the ps3 controller. pretty neat idea i say. and they’re out for sale.

  4. Thumbbook says:

    It is very creative, but think about the possible long term effects on the health of the mobile user.

  5. herbert says:

    How much energy is lost in this contact-less charging?

  6. issai says:

    energy lost may not matter anymore if the cost of electricity would go down. one more reason to go renewable, like solar.

  7. wi-tricity (wireless electricity) isn’t new…it has been invented by nikola tesla way back in the late 1890s: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla

    using electromagnetic waves of transmitting energy without wires…

    the bad news is “the company” has been keeping technologies away from being mass produced…

    if they didnot…we would be paying electricity at many times cheaper than conventional sources like crude oil based generators.

  8. kindly un flag my previous comment as spam…thanks…

    maybe coz it was too long?

  9. issai says:


    which company do you mean? tesla motors? they’re heart is set in creating electric cars that costs an arm and a leg.

  10. @issai

    tesla motors manufactures electricity driven sports cars…theyre not able to produce it in a mass amount…dapat maramihan para bumaba ang presyo…good news is other companies will also produce alternatives like hydrogen and compressed air powered.

  11. Mervs says:

    where can i buy this WIRELESS MOBILE CHARGING DEVICE?

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