Record TV Shows with the Archos DVR Station

Record TV Shows with the Archos DVR Station

I also got this Archos DVR Station along with the Android tablet but didn’t opened it up until today. Hooked it up to my HDTV today and found some pretty nice features in it.

The cradle allows you to project the 5-inch screen into your TV at hi-definition (720p) so you can play HD movies like a media center.

At the back side of the cradle, there’s composite, S-video, RGG or YPbPr video outputs along with an HDMI port. When hooked up to the TV, it can actually record the shows from the TV to the Archos tablet easily. I reckon the 500GB model is most appropriate for this task (works like TiVo if you use the Electronic TV Program Guide).


The DVR Station also comes with a remote control and built-in keyboard so you can stream or browse the net thru the TV (the remote has a full keyboard and functioning mouse pointer).

The controls on the remote mimics that of the Android tablet so you won’t have any problems familiarizing with it. It feels like having a fully functioning Internet TV.

The DVR Station really extends the functionality of the Archos tablet, especially the media center and internet TV functionality. SRP is Php7,450.

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14 Responses

  1. manaka_junpei says:

    isa pang rival nang Smart Bro Surf TV setup box

  2. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Only remaining problem would be those cable companies that encrypt their streams and require a proprietary DVB-C decoder box since you can only lock on a single station.

  3. sherwin says:

    can you post a real demo?

  4. Adrian says:

    The price is great. But still depends in the bandwidth speed.

  5. daddy joey says:

    pre, ung gps naman :)

  6. Rondon says:

    So P15,000 for the cheapeast Archos 5 + P7,450 for the DVR stand… P22,450 in all.

    Think I’ll stick with my netbook for now :)

  7. Herce says:

    I would suggest if you want to buy this and Archos 5, buy it at Yes they will ship to Manila. Right now Amazon is selling the Archos 5 (you pick which storage capacity you want) and you get the DVR dock free.

    Forget buying it locally. The distribution system here sucks. Instead, write Nonoy to follow through on his promise to fix the customs system! :)

    Overall though, I will say again to avoid Archos. Their system of charging you for all these docks is ridiculous. Then, even to play video, you have to buy all these codecs. The price for the archos itself is only half the cost. You pay much more after you buy it for docks and plugins.

  8. Herce says:

    I don’t know if this link will work but: If it doesn’t work its under amazon’s best deals section.

    Shipping and customs will be expensive but if you add it up its still less than the combined price the distributor is selling it for and on Amazon you can choose what storage model you want (up to 500gb).

  9. yohan says:

    thanks for sharing :)

  10. brian lee says:

    Can anyone tell me how to play back stuff i recorded on my Archos 5 & dvr station onto my tv please .

  11. I have today studied Record TV Shows with the Archos DVR Station on your site and many other posts. I am not going to comment on what everybody else has already sounded out as numerous inputs are odd, but I do think they should remark on your knowledge of the topic. Keep sparking thoughts in other people! I truly like the manner you have written this.

  12. Xtian says:

    If i play the PS3 with my TV. Can this record it as well?

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