Toyota Winglet is a mini Segway

Toyota Winglet is a mini Segway

Toyota just launched what could be a Segway look-alike. The Toyota Winglet is a the lighter and hopefully a much-less expensive version of the ever-popular Segway — and they come in 3 sizes too.

All 3 models — S, M, — have a maximum cruising speed of 6kmph, fully charges in an hour and has a range of 5km for the S model and 10km for the M & L models.

toyota winglet


toyota winglet

Control of the Winglet is done by leaning in the direction you want to move. Possible pricing hasn’t been indicated though.

Toyota may start using these babies at the Japan Aiport sometime next year but mass production will not start until 2010.

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8 Responses

  1. issai says:

    hehehe, weird… >_< no offense toyota, i love your cars. segway is weird too. no offense to all geeks out there, i love geeks.

  2. Aiza says:

    Imagine rolling around metro manila with that, sagap mo lahat ng usok and ramdam ang init, hehe.

  3. IMO hindi siguro bagay yan outdoor, pang malalaking office or sa mga areas na bawal ang automobile… mas mainam siguro kung solar powered narin..

  4. Chin says:

    This article really helped me decide what I am going to buy. Thanks again.

  5. Is this available here in the Philippines? How much?

  6. How much is this and is this available here in the Philippines? Thanks :)

  7. Sam says:

    imagine someone who’s too old to walk and wanted to go out to buy something. This isnt so bad when you get old. just my two cents

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