Unboxed: Sony Playstation 4

Unboxed: Sony Playstation 4

I initially wanted to get the PS4 in Malaysia a couple of weeks ago when we were there, knowing that Sony Philippines stated they had very limited units at launch. However, the basic package costs about Php28k+ in KL so the Php24K+ price tag in the Philippines was still cheaper.

So we waited when we got back from our 3-week foreign trip and found time to get a unit. Apparently, there were a lot of PS4 going around as some are saying it wasn’t selling very well locally.

We got one at DataBlitz, bought an additional controller as well as a Tomb Raider game (our GeekyNight’s co-host @victorbasa promised he’ll lend me all the titles given to him by @SonyPHInc).

The extra controller costs about Php2,100 while the game sells for Php2,200 to Php2,500 depending on the title.

The box contains the PS4 unit, the adaptor, one wireless controller, an earphone, an HDMI cable and a micro-USB cable (to charge the controller). The PS4 comes with a 500GB internal storage.

The controller has somewhat shrunk in size and more lightweight compared to its predecessors. It has a much better grip and comes with additional features like a trackpad, built-in speakers and 3.5mm plug. The internal battery Li-Ion battery can be changed by plugging to the main unit using a micro-USB cable.

The remote sensor at the posterior side lights up in various colors during gameplay.


During the first boot-up, you will need to configure the unit and it will also ask you to sign in to your PSN account. Unfortunately, when we tried to register, the Philippines isn’t on the list yet so we were unable to register for an account.

The lot of the functions will reply on a PSN account so make sure you have one first before exploring the system.

Using the LAN port or the built-in WiFi, you will also have to connect it to the internet so that the latest update (v1.6) can be applied first before you can start using the console.

The normal position of the device is horizontal but you can place it on a flat surface standing up. The ventilation is around the sides so a vertical position can slightly impede on the airflow.

The power button at the front is inconspicuously placed at the middle right along the ridges. You won’t see it right away but you will notice the small power icon in there. Boot up takes some time and the unit can be pretty hot very quickly.

We plugged it in to our 4K Ultra HD TV from TCL (that we are unboxing at the same time) and was greeted with stunning graphics and great picture quality. We also tried plugging it to a typical 1080p HDTV the got similar great results.

We only played with the unit for a couple of hours and we also did a quick review during our shoot for an episode of @TeamTechSquad where we made some live commentaries while playing with Tomb Raider. So far, everyone who has tried this unit and played for a bit were also impressed.

We’ll be playing some other titles as well before we publish our full review in a week or two (we’ll be splitting the titles between the PS4 and our XBox One which we have yet to use due to a burnt out adapter). The PlayStation 4 retails for about Php24,500 for the basic package and is available in Sony stores, DataBlitz and gaming stores in the metro.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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19 Responses

  1. uy says:

    sayang 4k, daming stickers idol.

  2. Stickers says:

    LOL at those stickers…

  3. jhepoyski says:

    heheh typical pinoy tayo. ganyan din tv namin hindi na natanggal yung mga stickers. parang yung sa iba naman pag bago kotse di tinatanggal yung plastic ng silya. :)

  4. someguy says:

    May sticker pa yung TV? Baka hiram lang yan ha, at kailangan di ibalik kaya hindi pa tinatangal hehehe

  5. Sorry folks! The TLC 4K UHD TV was also a review unit we unboxed at the same time as the PS4.

  6. theSandies says:

    actually i don’t even takeout the stickers on my LCD TV so it still looks new if you decide to re-sell it.

  7. Kadiri to death says:

    Eww super baduy ng mga nagiiwan ng stickers sa TV nila. Cheap and tasteless.

    • xtinab says:

      Wala kang paki-alam sa kanya kanyang trip ng mga tao. May TV ka nga, kasing luma naman ng Lolo at Lola mo. Eh wag ka ng mag magaling.

  8. Daryll says:

    Hey newbies, Didn’t you see the post? It was a review unit. Meaning it might be needed to be returned to TCL.

    At stickers talaga ang napansin?
    Typical pinoy nga naman :-)

  9. Edwin C says:

    Pass. Dito muna ako sa NVidia Shield. Buti pa to maraming free games at malalagyan pa ng emulators. Itong Sony napaka-greedy. Iyong free games sa Vita hinde yata humahaba ang lista. Ganon pa rin. Bakit IOS at Android maraming free? Ang Sony napaka-greedy talaga. Iyong Vita kukunti lang AAA titles. Lahat puro Indie games.

    • iamrich says:

      LOL! Puro ka free? Wala kang pera pambili ng games? Wag kana mag games kung wala ka naman pambili. Luho ang games, kaya kung wala kang pera, mag candy crush ka nalang!

    • Edwiin C says:

      Everybody loves freebies. Unlike you, nagmamayaman. And do you really think I’m the type who plays Candy Crush. You don’t even know the many types of gadgets that I have so don’t LOL me or I will Crush the Candy inside your smelly asshole, you faggot.

    • wanko says:

      Although what you’ve said about the lack of AAA-games in PSVita is true (and I agree with that as a fellow Vita owner), I heavily disagree for the reason why you picked the Nvidia Shield over a full-pledged console like the PS4.

      Most of the free games available for Android are always infested with stupid in-app purchases that heavily distracts the gaming experience. Console games, on the other hand are always about “getting more than what you paid for” because of the quality developers put into their console games. The Nvidia Shield may be a powerful handheld gaming device but it does not mean it’s the ideal device for gaming.

      To each his own, I guess. Guess I’ll go back in playing Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Multiplayer here in my PS4.

    • Edwin C says:

      @ wanko
      The reason why I pick the NVdia Shield over the PS 4 is first of all the price. Sana iyong PS4 na lang ang P15k. And the second reason why the Shield over the PS4 is, I want to play Dreamcast emulator in this very powerful handheld. The architecture of the Shield runs the DC emulator so well. My DC is dead now and I really miss playing my favorite DC games. And, here’s my chance to finally do it. The answer is the Nvidia Shield. I have a PS3 and it’s still shiny and I haven’t bought all PS3 games yet. So, there’s no reason for a transition to the PS4 just yet.

  10. Edwin C says:


    And, yes! That’s my real name – Edwiin with a double i, you smelly asshole faggot.

  11. damarkcus says:

    kadaming pwedeng tingnan yung sticker pa talaga ang pinagdiskitahan nyo ?

  12. Diane Rice says:

    Has some pretty cool features built into it. It is too bad you have to sign in to use most of the features of the PS4, but not a big deal.

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