Edimax PowerLine Adapter & Wireless AP

I have two WiFi routers/access points in my 2-story apartment so I can switch between the two anytime one of them goes down. However, the WiFi signal is sometimes a bit weak in a few areas so I thought a stronger draft-N would solve that problem.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Turns out there’s another way to get around that. The device transforms the entire power-line in your house or building into a wired network of sorts. The distributor sent me a 2 demo units to test out and it’s called the Edimax 200Mbps PowerLine Adapter with 150Mbps Wireless Access Point (yes, a mouthful). Now, that’s internet over powerlines! (on a micro-level, of course).

You need to have at least two of these to work. The first one, you plug into the wall socket and hook it up to your DSL router. The second one, you plug it into another wall socket where you want your WiFi to be extended. Just make sure both devices are plugged into the same electrical wiring network of your house or building.

Internet connectivity will flow from your DSL router to the first device, then to the powerlines going to the second device. The second device can then serve as a WiFi access point with a local speed of up to 150Mbps. At the same time, the device also has a LAN port you can plug into if your PC or workstation does not have WiFi capabilities.

I think this is best for multi-storey buildings like hotels or resorts where cottages or villas are spaced far apart. The main purpose here really is to eliminate the need for adding more wires since the powerlines can be a substitute.

It’s got some limitations though like the powerline coverage is only up to 200meters (distance between two devices over the powerlines). The WiFi access point has a maximum speed of 150Mbps while the PowerLine Adapter can carry up to 200Mbps. The units are not yet available in stores but estimated retail price is Php3,500 each.

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  1. Avatar for Phishine Technology Phishine Technology says:

    Phishine® 200 AV mini powerline adapter takes advantage of your home’s existing electrical wires to transfer data while simultaneously transferring traditional power. That means, with no additional wiring required, users can simply plug the Phishine® 200 AV mini into existing power sockets and instantly establish a networking infrastructure. With high-speed data transfer rates of up to 200Mbps, users can enjoy HD video streaming, online gaming, VoIP or any other bandwidth intensive tasks for work or play.—From Phishine Technology Co., Ltd

  2. Avatar for Sonofa Sonofa says:

    meron na po ba ito ngayon?

  3. Avatar for Nash Nash says:

    Pwedeng gawin ito sa pinas..matagal na nga ang ganitong process dito sa US since 2001 p..it will probably cut your bill and expand its use compare on wireless broadband that has a limited usage..It will be much better if you have laptops..so you can go on any part of your house if you want..and it’s not only for Wifi but also for DSL and broadband(not the wireless one) users..you only need a router, modem and of course a DSL or broadband line..

  4. Avatar for cheap rooms cheap rooms says:

    Just want to say thank you. I was feeling very good while reading that post.

  5. Avatar for Building Wire Building Wire says:

    Thank you so much for the post, i have started reading that and just after couple of min, i found it very interesting. Just want to say thanks…

  6. Avatar for Otie Otie says:

    @Beeps, yes you can connect multiple devices provided na single circuit lang sya, di po tatawid ng kuntador. Btw, ang distance po nyan is 300metres @ 200Mbps speed rate.

  7. Avatar for Beeps Beeps says:


    Can we connect multiple edimax equipments on all floors? lets say a hotel got 6 floors; and definitely we need to install every 200m across the grounds per floor of the hotel.

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