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October 10, 2013

Cherry Mobile LIFE, dual-core Jellybean under Php3K

Cherry Mobile has unveiled on their Facebook page their new ultra-affordable Android smartphone that sports a dual-core CPU and Android Jellybean for just under Php3K- the Cherry Mobile LIFE.

CM Life

Cherry Mobile LIFE specs:
4-inch WVGA (480 x 800) display, 233ppi
1.3GHz Dual-Core CPU
Mali 400 GPU
Dual-SIM, Dual Standby
4GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD
5 megapixel AF rear camera with LED flash
0.3 megapixel front-facing
FM Radio
1,500mAh battery
Android 4.2 Jellybean

The Cherry Mobile LIFE has an SRP of Php2,999.


71 Responses to “Cherry Mobile LIFE, dual-core Jellybean under Php3K”

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    “A person with bad habits or a questionable lifestyle; someone who doesn’t amount to much in society”
    Thats what a lowlife means!.

    One of my American friend once told me that if an American an person is very sluggish, THEY ARE NOT EDUCATED!.
    Mocking these Cherry mobile users will not enhanced your personality, YOU KNOW THAT?
    ANG YABANG MO!! toomanylowlifes! dun ka sa mga SOCIAL CLIMBER na tao makapag bash ng bulok mong attitude! HINDI ITO CALL CENTER PARA MANG BASH KA NG MGA TAO! KAPAL NG MUKA MO! ISA PA REVIEW BLOG TO FOR YOUR WIDE INFORMATION! this review is not all about bragging things that you can have! You shouldn’t be reading this blog actually! you should not also stating your comment here HAMBOG! MAGPANGAP KANG MAGALING.

  2. Dannie says:

    Di maganda camera nya parang vga lang at dark and grainy ang shot actually sa view pa lang dark at grainy na agad. Compared sa Samsung Corby 2mp ko na 3 years ago pa malinaw at maliwanag ang shots yung sa Life vga shots na dark and grainy. Sabay ko lang naman clik. Sabi nga baka interpolated lang to masabi lang na 5mp cam.

    Mas malala yung front cam lalo kang papangit sa shot.

    Nanloko na naman yung CM sa specs nila.

    At isa pa yung SIM1 me time nawawala yung SIM nilipat ko sa SIM2 ala naman problem.

  3. Renv says:

    My father just bought the phone last week… Good in games like raging thunder and undead slayer… Yun lang at walang mga direct settings pag swipe mo ng screen pababa… But this us a good phone..

  4. RicoR says:

    ahahaha kakatawa namn naman dito!! prang halus di kona mababasa ang comments abwt this phone puro bakbakan lang!! ayus to ahahaha very intense!!

  5. Pasaway says:

    Katuwa naman dine.

    Mula sa pagkumpara sa cm flare hanggang sa pagcorrect ng grammar hehehe.. ^_^

  6. savvy kba? says:

    ika nga nila dont judge a book by its cover
    kaya wag nyu i judge ung CM Life well if you are planning to buy this phone don’t expect for a phone that can compete with iphone 5 but in my own opinion this little phone that you are underestimating can overthrow iphone 4 on it’s place in the smartphone world (well if you are kinda savvy with what you have) and please don’t compare CM Phones to apple products, trust me it makes you look more stupid than you are right now. and one last thing haters if you think you’re precious iPhone 5 or whatever branded phone you have is fast…think again i can turn this CM Life into a really fast smartphone and i can turn even note 3 or iPhone 5 into a freakin piece of crap…( so now you get the point right??? …dont brag about something that you really have little knowledge of okay morons?? ) ayos tama na english at mukang ung mga haters d2 puro inutil nmn baka mag jailbreak o mag root d marunong..napadaan lng nag express lng ng opinion peace..

  7. jeffry says:

    ai… hindi lahat ng tao pre perfect..anu bang pinuputok ng butchi mu jan na life ang pinagusapan oi…naunsa man ka mura man kag hubog..easy lang pud oi

  8. Alex says:

    Durable po ba ‘to?

  9. Ayus to! Mga brod, kalma lang. Don’t let your anger get the best of you.
    Yeah, holding your anger inside is just as bad as letting it all out. Oh, sure, you may be able to refrain from making yourself look like a crazy person, embarrassing yourself or feeling badly after saying something that shouldn’t be said.

  10. Matsing says:

    mapapamura ka sa mura.

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