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January 31, 2013

Windows Phone 7.8 update rolls out to Lumia 800

Update to Windows Phone 7.8 has started rolling out for the Nokia Lumia 800. The update introduced a WP8-like UI to the first-gen Nokia Lumia phones.

We first reported the roll-out back in December but it turns out, it was just for the pre-prod model only.

Today, reports are coming in that Philippine users can now download WP 7.8 for the final update. To check for the update, just connect your Lumia 800 to your PC/laptop and fire up Zune Media Player to initiate the download.

Since old Lumia phones will not be able to upgrade to WP8 {see reasons here}, Windows Phone 7.8 is the last biggest software update for them.

{via @cruzarmel}

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52 Responses to “Windows Phone 7.8 update rolls out to Lumia 800”

  1. JM says:

    I wish update for Lumia 610 will come soon too.. sana bukas na :)

  2. AC says:

    The WP7.8 update is also available for HTC Radar. Updated mine already. :)

  3. DI says:

    It took this long for these so-called “improvements”?

  4. Lawrence m says:

    Bat wala pa dito sa lumia 800 ko? Kninang umaga ko pa chinecheck.

  5. jeremiah says:

    updated mine! Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Miguelito De Kwentolohiya
    Twitter: browse10

    Salamat sa magandang balita. Updated na phoney ko nice.

  7. Noel
    Twitter: cyber_ito

    wala pa sa 610 ko :(

  8. Marcus says:

    Just updated my Lumia 900 to WP7.8. Looks nice… :)

  9. 'em says:

    Just updated my Lumia 800! :)

  10. zzz says:

    installing update..lumia 800 :)

  11. mongenius says:

    “wow BB…astig naman ng Q-10! mo!” hehehe

  12. Berto Putik says:

    Yung 610 ko, kaka-update lang.
    Hindi ko nga alam na update sa 7.8 yun, until makina ko nalang ung tiles ay mas malalaki na after ng update. ANG SAYA!Ang babaw lang.hehe :D

    • pogi says:

      bro kailangan pa ba mag log in sa zune?
      o click lang yung update? pusa kagabi ko pa ginagawa ala talaga

  13. Patrick says:

    Guys ung mga naka 7.8 na meron na ba kayo nung BT Sharing and ringtone maker?

  14. Apollo David says:

    Try this if wala pa kayo nakapag.update.. I used this to update my lumia 900..

  15. Just plug-in your device and update through zune.. easy :).

  16. Macky says:

    Did the plug unplug thing to force the update several times pero nothing happened. May kinalaman ba network operator dito? Sun subscriber ako e. Lumia 900 unit ko.

  17. mark says:

    Updated my unlocked Lumia 800 with wpcentral’s cable disconnect trick.

    • mark says:

      with Bluetooth share but Ringtone maker app still missing.

    • Noel
      Twitter: cyber_ito

      ayaw gumana sa akin nung disconnect trick. Di ko alam kung may mali ba sa timing ko…5 times ko na ginagawa, laging stuck sa “checking for updates”

  18. Ian Magpantay says:

    I can’t believe it but the “disconnecting trick” does work. Updating my Lumia 610 (globe locked) right now.

  19. 5pares says:

    meron na po ba for lumia 710?? thanks.

  20. marky says:

    I just updated my lumia 900 last feb 1st, then I noticed that battery drops very fast, bluetooth share apps still not working… may be need to go back to 7.5

  21. chazzhie says:

    hey guys, my phone is Lumia 800, i tried it several times but nothing happened. Globe-locked ang phone ko. How can I update it into 7.8? Tsaka ano yung disconnection trick? Nakakainis wala kasing pagbabago. :(

  22. 5pares says:

    disconnection trick..
    1. connect ur phone to zune..then click update.
    2. count how many seconds it takes before the “your phone is update” message appears.
    3. disconnect your phone from zune and connect it update and disconnect your internet one second before the “your phone is updated” appears. (mine took about 8 secs to appear so i counted until 6-7 secs then i disconnected my internet)i used a LAN connection so disconnecting is easier versus a wifi connection..

    it took me around 11 tries before i was able to update my fone. there will be three updates so you will do this disconnection trick 3 times.

    hope this helps.. im using lumia 719 btw..

  23. chazzhie says:

    Currently updating. I hope the force update from seven eighter download works.

    • chazzhie says:

      seven eighter download doesn’t work on my phone. i tried it almost 5 times but still it shows UPDATE UNSUCCESSFUL on my phone.

  24. jeff says:

    Wow. The disconnect trick works! I have Lumia 800.

  25. jeykoolitz
    Twitter: jeykoolitz

    i have lumia 800 from globe… i really wanna update it to w7.8.. tried all the suggestions here.. still.. didn’t work.. :(

    • JM says:

      Hi jey, unfortunately, you can’t update any WP 7.5 devices to 7.8 right now. Because Microsoft Pulled-out the 7.8 versions from their servers because of the known bugs including the Live Tile issue. You can still upgrade your device using 3rd party application, but that will delete all your data/applications, and will void your warranty.

    • jeykoolitz
      Twitter: jeykoolitz

      thanks JM for the info… now i understand.. i think i’ll just have to wait then…

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