Smart LTE vs. Globe Tattoo Black Price Comparison

So now that Globe’s LTE service has been finally revealed, we look at the pricing plans and compared it to Smart LTE. The chart below should give you a bigger picture on what each telco is offering.

What we know is that Globe and Smart have the same device supplier — Huawei — so the hardware performance is even between the two plans.

Here are the LTE service plans offered by Smart and Globe.

From the table above, we can drawn a number of conclusion:

● Globe offers two plans while Smart has one. Globe’s two plans are priced lower than Smart. Smart’s price is 40% more expensive than Globe’s plan.

● Globe offers bigger bandwidth allocation compared to Smart’s cap. At the top tier, Globe’s 15GB is 50% more than what Smart offers at 10GB.

● Comparing Plan 2499 at 15GB and Plan 3499 at 10GB, Globe’s plan is 110% more cost-effective than Smart. That is based on cost per GB of bandwidth (Globe: Php166.6/GB, Smart: Php349.9/GB).

● Smart has wider coverage in Metro Manila while Globe is only restricted to Makati at the moment.

● Both Smart and Globe offered unlimited internet for the first 3 to 4 months after the launch.

● Smart has more LTE bands deployed (3 vs. 1) compared to Globe.

● Globe now offers a USB stick and a pocket WiFi free with the plans while Smart is only offering a USB stick at the moment.

● Both telcos offer up to 42Mbps.

So far, that’s what we’re seeing between the two. On paper, it looks like Globe has one up against Smart in this round.

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  1. cap limits will greatly benefit “mobile” users who use these services for “mobile” purposes.

    if i wish for unlimited download where i can leave my pc downloading gigs of movies, i’ll use fixed services where there are no caps.

  2. Michael Houghton

    Cap limits benefit users? I highly disagree, mobile or fixed they’re absolutely useless to the end user.

  3. hmm may capacity lang ba ang line sa pag download i mean anu meaning nung cap?

  4. What’s the point of having a 42Mbps connection with a 5GB cap? Good luck!

  5. Yeah, I agree with nat… There’s no poing of having the fastest speed of internet if the cap is just 5-15g a month… heck i can consume all of that in a day!!


    Philippine internet owners actually look more on profit , try to compare it to electricity and corruption.. “they are related in terms of management”


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