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March 19, 2011

Sky Broadband offers 5Mbps at Php999

Sky Broadband is set to launch a new offering for their internet service — a special broadband plan of (up to) 5Mbps at only Php999 a month with a 15GB cap.

Now that looks like a very attractive offer if you’re not really a heavy user and don’t spend a lot of time surfing at home (mostly people checking emails, FB and Twitter with a little bit of YouTube now and then).

Telco insiders are saying that around 80% of broadband users don’t really consume more than 15GB of traffic a month, then this alternative plan is for them.

If 15GB is not enough for you, Sky Broadband also offers another tiered plan — 5Mbps at Php1,999 with 35GB cap.

If you think you use more than this amount of bandwidth, then you can still stick to the un-capped (or unlimited) bandwidth plan at 1Mbps for Php999 a month. People now have more choices which plan fits their usage pattern.

141 Responses to “Sky Broadband offers 5Mbps at Php999”

  1. Alain
    Twitter: Alain

    nako. pano pa kaya ako?? downstream is 250GB per month… =D

  2. joe says:

    @ Alain,

    Isa ka pang makulit na hindi nagbabasa…. sinabi na ngang hindi ito para sa mga heavy internet users na katulad mo.

  3. ezwon says:

    isang malaking kalokohan nanaman to ni lopez… hahahaha… kakabit lng ng 5mbps promo-kuno na to samin… tuwangtuwa pa ung mga team ng nagkabit kasi pumalo ng 7mbps nung nag speedtest kame… eh cnong niloko nila… hahaha d stable ung speed… then madalas dc… d pa siguro ok ung infra ng sky… pero try parin namin ung static ip nila na inoofer for P250 per month… bka sakaling maging stable na…

  4. Alain
    Twitter: Alain

    @ joe,

    hahaha wala naman ako balak magpakabit nito. ok na ako sa eastern telecom. 1k per month 2mbps unlimited.

  5. xanthe says:

    how will you know if 15gb or more ung nacoconsume mo a month?

  6. CG
    Twitter: ps_vita_home

    Maybe I will try this one someday… For now I’m still happy in my current provider…

  7. Sid Vicious says:

    5 mbps down speed pero may 15 gig cap? napaka stupid naman. panu mo ma i-enjoy ung speed mo? with speeds like that, you’re bound to DOWNLOAD AND DOWNLOAD AND DOWNLOAD. walang duda yan. pointless! btw, if you’re such the so-called “light user”, BAKIT KA PA KUKUHA NG 5MBPS NA CONNECTION SPEED? nako-nako naman.

    • Michi says:

      It’s about the speed of the internet. If you need that program/file NOW, then you can really get it NOW. Hindi yan tungkol sa unlimited or not. Makukuha mo na AGAD-AGAD ang mga kailangan mong files. Hindi masasayang ang oras mo kakahintay matapos ang download bago mo maumpisahan magtrabaho. Yun ang point dun kaya may sense ang mabilis na download kahit na may 15gb or 35gb cap. GETS NYO?

    • TyoPaeng says:

      this sounds more like an excuse rather than a convincing explanation

  8. Nicolae says:

    pwde ba mgpa kabit ng SkyBroadband sa mga places na wlang cgnal ang mga cellphone????

  9. Fleeb says:

    If you are given a lifetime supply of cigarettes for free, will you just be bound and bound and bound to smoke until supplies last, then complain that there are no more supplies thus making the supply “free and unlimited” worthless/misleading?

    (Not a tight analogy I know, but that’s the picture.)

    • Iyan Sommerset
      Twitter: iyansommerset

      @Fleeb If your supplier has a much smaller warehouse than other suppliers in other parts of the world and refuses to build more warehouses, instead telling you to consume less cigarettes (even though you’re supposed to have unlimited) then yes, you can definitely complain.

    • nobody says:

      sabihin nalang nating prang trabaho toh, sabi sayo ng boss mo sweldo is 100 per item na matapos mo ia-assemble and the max assembly speed is 5items per hour for 12hrs a day, 30days a month.
      natapos mo is perfect 1800items tapos sweldo mo is 15K lng kasi sabi nila yun daw max na sweldo eh dapat nakuha mo is 180K, sino ngayon naloko?

      kung mabagal ka mag assemble siguro nga di mo mapansin yung cap pero pag hasler ka dimandahan na toh.

  10. chia2xboink says:

    my limit pla yan. well ako hpy nko s sun broadband ko. P50 lng unlmtd n ko for one day. s umaga up to 300kbps ang speedtest. s gbi nmn nglalaro s 1mbps -1.8mbps. advntage ko lng cguro eh un i’m about 200 meters away s cellsite nila d2 s novaliches

  11. Michi says:

    It’s about the speed of the internet. If you need that program/file NOW, then you can really get it NOW. Hindi yan tungkol sa unlimited or not. Makukuha mo na AGAD-AGAD ang mga kailangan mong files. Hindi masasayang ang oras mo kakahintay matapos ang download bago mo maumpisahan magtrabaho. Yun ang point dun kaya may sense ang mabilis na download kahit na may 15gb or 35gb cap. GETS NYO?

  12. Chris

    Hi. I wanna know how to compute in an easy way my usge. Is there a program for windows or mac?

  13. Steve says:

    worst promo of ISP’s

  14. leo says:

    hahahah! onga! walang kwenta prin yang promo n yan.. dun nlng tayo s ibang internet networks, bobo may IDEA nyan >_<

    • Everage says:

      Well for someone who has no life like you it’s worthless. Para to sa mga seryosong studyante o sa mga trabaho. Example need mo iupload yung project mo sa company. Time = Money.

    • nobody says:

      ^ lol, i use about 25GB a month alone from up/downloading PDF format files for projects and proposals, and this is only one part of the picture. i use about 10GB a month just by babysitting the news(stocks, item prices, etc.) on multiple sites(yahoo, msn, etc.), i use about 20GB a month by streaming with contacts to other countries because of meetings and tournaments and another 10GB a month by participating on these.

      all in all this sums up to 65GB a month but this is only a fraction of what i do with my internet, go figure.

  15. krissy says:

    panu po ba yan ? mas mabilis po ba yan sa dsl ? nag loloko kc ung pldt dsl ko eh sayang nmn ung 1700 na binabayad ko kanila per month

  16. JKL says:

    Where exactly this skyBroadband is available? i mean, what places it can cover?

  17. JKL says:

    Paki-email po saken kung san lang po ito places available? thanks.

  18. johnloyd says:

    okey narin to noh? parang may limit lang!! kung P999 okey narin wan2sawa narin 2..

  19. Dinoalbertt
    Twitter: dinoalbert

    Guys please advice. I would like to change my ISP SmartBro (yung wireless naka-canopy antenna) to this Skybroadband. Im paying 988/month sa SmartBro…..eto po bang offer nila is mabilis?

    Yung unlimited (uncapped) na 1Mbps for P999/month ng Sky is the same lang yun sa speed ng SmartBro ko? Tagal na kse Smartbro ko mga 4 yrs na nakalimutan ko na ano MBps nun.

    Also one last question….etong Sky broadband po ba pwede na dito gamitin ang IP Cam na gusto ko setup sa house ko? Sa SmartBro daw kse hindi pwede kse wireless….may nagsabi sa akin na ang IP cams dapat yung mga wired like etong Sky. Sensya na bopols ako sa mga IP thing na yan :(


  20. ricardo m abulencia says:

    how can i avail the services of sky broad band for my computer

  21. mariojr says:

    basta kami mag pa cut na kami end of this month sa sky broadbandswitch na kami sa mobile broadband much cheaper and faster.

    • azhure says:

      if you plan on cutting of your lined internet connection becuase you find broadband cheaper and faster, i guess you got some idea wrong, broadband depends on signal(location dependent), stability, and for a clearer info, broadband wont go any faster than lined connection, here is the difference,, with the plan 700kbps of pldt and a globe or smartbro with 3mbps, your 700kbps is a lot more stable. i had some site to visit and remote desktop to use. i cant even connect to my remote desktop using broadband that is said to be 3mpbs or 2mbps or lets just say 1mbps but with 700kbps, i can connect to my remote desktop or cmmonly known for RDP, if you upload images on facebook, you can be assure that it will be uploaded using the 700kbps pldt but with broadband? damn…..your going to be stuck and repeating sthe upload..thats the difference between broadband and a lined or wired connection

  22. says:

    Hi just wanna ask if we have skybroadband here in Bacolod/ negros ocidental..pls let me know..thanks

  23. joseph says:

    how can i avail area is at the boundary of marikina and pasig city (marcos hiway)
    i want to avail this now

  24. carlo sanico says:

    how to subscribe the SkyBro..??

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