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Momax PD Charger Hands-On

With the rise of battery capacities in mobile devices, how we charge our devices should also follow suit. Since most modern devices offer differing fast charging support, a new standard that offers compatibility between multiple devices is needed.

This is where PD or Power Delivery technology comes in. Not only do PD chargers offer high watt fast charging, but it also matches the device’s supported fast charging wattage. It doesn’t matter if you’re charging a 10w or 30w fast charging phone, USB Power Delivery should provide your device the best available fast charging solution. So, if you’re in the market for a new charger, then the Momax PD Type-C charger is a PD (or Power Delivery) enabled device that allows up to 18 W fast charging. It’s small and compact, weighing only 64 grams.

The body itself feels premium – with smooth glossy plastic sides and a sturdier middle with a rough finish. The power plug also tucks neatly into the body for added portability.

Like most chargers, it only has a single USB Type-C port so you can only charge one device at a time.

Using the Momax Zero Lightning Cable, you can also use the charger on Apple devices (currently only advertised for iPhone X / 8 / 8 Plus, and later models).

If you have devices that support higher watt fast charging, then you could also look into their higher-end models that support 66W, or other PD supported chargers.

The Momax PD Charger is available for PHP 1,290 in Digital Walker. The Momax Zero Lightning Cable is priced the same at PHP 1,290 and is also available in Digital Walker.

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