Apple iPhone 5S & 5C: What We Think We Know

Apple iPhone 5S & 5C: What We Think We Know

Everyone’s told that Apple will be holding an event this September 10 to finally reveal new devices. However, it seems that aside from the iPhone 5 successor, we might also be looking at a few more surprises like the alleged iPhone 5C. Read on to see everything that we think we know about Apple’s soon-to-be-announced iProducts.

The iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S 2

1. Same design, different story

We haven’t seen leaks or reports of an iPhone 6, and if we follow Apple’s launch cycle – we’re definitely looking at an iPhone 5S soon. Apple retained the same design when they went from the 3G to the 3GS and from 4 to 4S, and it’s highly likely that the next iPhone will follow this said pattern. The differences however will be seen elsewhere.


2. A 128GB storage option

For so long now, smartphones have been stuck on 8, 16,32 & 64GB internal storage options. Just lately, Apple upgraded the memory of their 4th-gen iPad to 128GB, so we’re guessing the company might do the same for the next iPhone. After all, insiders have already claimed that it will.

3. Better camera & dual LED flash

iPhones never fail to improve their cameras in every iteration. With the iPhone 5S, reports are looking at an improved f2.0 aperture which will take low-light performance a step higher. On top of that, a lot of leaked parts have already hinted at a dual LED flash.

4. Fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanners aren’t a new thing in the smartphone market as we’ve already seen it in phones like the Motorola Atrix, but after that, the trend seemed to have died down. A lot of reports and analysts are now claiming that the iPhone 5S will definitely feature the said scanner, replacing the concave home button with a convex one.

iphone 5s gold

5. A third color option; champagne gold!

Black has been very much a standard color to phones, and Apple is very well known for making white a norm for them as well ever since the iPhone 4. It is possible now that they’re fixing up a 3rd color option. Leaked volume buttons and back panels have already pointed towards this – and it is expected that we will have a champagne gold iPhone 5S to be announced soon.

iPhone 5S change


6. iOS 7, A7… and NFC?

Of course, iOS 7 will be seen here no doubt. The chipset however, will be an improvement to the A6X — the A7, which will be coupled with 1GB RAM. No one is sure if NFC will make it to the next iPhone though.

The iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C box

Together with the aforementioned iPhone, Apple is also expected to release another variant — the iPhone 5C. Now, what ‘C’ stands for is unknown (color? cheap? polyCarbonate?), but speculations are saying a lot more than just that.

5C iphone

1. More color options & plastic construction

The backplate of the iPhone 5C is probably one of the worst kept secrets ever, since by now we already know that it will be made out of glossy plastic & it will be available in many colors. So far, we’ve seen light colors of red, green, blue and yellow, including white.

iphone 5C

2. iPhone 4S-like specs?

Just like the iPad Mini, it seems like Apple is planning to reuse their old internals on their new phone. This time it’s on the iPhone 5C. Reports say that the phone will run the 4S’ 8 megapixel camera & dual-core CPU, although that remains to be confirmed. We’ll have to wait and see.

3. Budget-friendly

On top of everything that we’ve gathered about the iPhone 5C, all of those setbacks in specs and construction is a likely price reduction, probably by as much as $200 to $250 of the flagship model.

September’s going to be a busy month for tech sector as we are nearing the Christmas season. Next month, we’re also expecting phones like the Sony ‘Honami’ and the Galaxy Note 3. In Apple’s camp, on the other hand, that’s all we’ve heard about; not much word on the iPad Mini 2 and the 5th gen iPad.

So, which one are you waiting for?

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Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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46 Responses

  1. ferk says:

    Sabi na nga ba si bob ferking nagsulat nito. Tsk

  2. Andrei says:

    I hope they release the colored version on emerging markets at a very competitive price on unlocked versions. Hoping to see it go on for 300$-400$ anything above that is so not worth it.

    My 2 cents.

    • abuzalzal says:

      Hindi pwede ang $300 brad, dikit sa price ng iTouch … $400-$450 medyo realistic pa

    • meron ako nag-basa na nag-calculate. $350 siguro yan for an 8 or 16GB model. meanwhile, $330 yung ipod touch na 32Gb. pasok pa din at mas mura na kaso… mahal pa din kung suweldo ko ay pesos lang. :(

  3. JasonWilliams says:

    Copying other blog title is so…

    Ang hirap mo hindi i bash.. sabagay, bata ka pa kasi.. pero kahit na diba? Wag puro kopya. Baka makulong ka nyan.

    • nickname says:

      props for you for saying it nicely

      though, hinanap ko sya sa internet – wala naman akong nakitang same blog title. and kung sa topic man nagkaparehas marami namang icrap sites na nagcover. nanjan naman sources

      pero excited ako sa 5C, at least may iOS 7 ako sa medyo masmura. hehe. malamang mahal yung 5S kasi may fingerprint scanner

    • wew says:

      oi @JasonWilliams di ko alam kung tanga ka lng o mas tanga pa kay abuzalzal,kahit ipost pa ni bob freking dito ang screenshot ng site/blog na “kinopyahan”(kuno) nya,di sya makukulong kasi may credits sa baba aralaral din pag may time ah di ung post ng post wala naman palang alam.

    • JasonWilliams says:


      Nah, the author maybe has a wide knowledge sa technology pero hindi ako bilib sa kanya magsulat. He can arrange naman yung title para magmukang iba eh.

      I dont know kung sino ang sinsabi mo, pero hindi ko naman sinsabi na makukulong sya sa sinulat nya dito. Lol. Alam kong mahirap na hanapin ang common sense kaya mapagpasensya ako. :)

    • ROTFLMAO says:

      Lol! As you can see, the author doesn’t do research. Puro copying lang from other sites.

      Besides.. sabi niya ” No one is sure if NFC will make it to the next iPhone though.” I think Apple as per their WWDC 2013, already introduced “Airdrop” in iOS 7. And they even mocked the NFC bumping. So why still include NFC in your article?

    • antijason says:

      tanggalin muna ang talangka sa utak bago magcomment.

    • wew says:

      @JasonWilliams “Wag puro kopya. Baka makulong ka nyan.”??? panay pa denial mo haha at antijason tanga sau nga utak-talangka na cge nga try mo magpakulong ng taong nagpublish ng di kanya pero may credits pag nagawa mo yan aku pa mismo hihingi sau ng tawad dito tsktsk iba talaga nagagawa ni bagyong maring nagpaulan pa ng katangahan sinalo mo naman.

  4. jabroni says:

    if the 5c costs Php 20k and above,ill rather get a 2nd hand ip5

  5. fishounen says:

    iPhone 5C = a product that will ruin and destroy iPhone’s “premium image”

    And just to let you guys know, the “C” in the iPhone 5C has no meaning. The letter “C” was inspired by Mercedes Benz’s naming scheme for their cars.

    Mercedez Benz “C” Class = Economy
    Mercedez Benz “S” Class = Premium/Luxury

    Not to mention, Steve Jobs is a Mercedez Benz fan hence, the inspired naming scheme to iPhone 5.

    • you mean, CONFIRMED NA BA NA IPHONE 5C ANG TAWAG DIYAN? anyways, we’ll “C” in the future kung tama ang panghuhula mo, madam fishounen.

      kung susundin natin ang flawgic mo, i guess matagal nang hindi premium image ang Apple kasi meron silang $50 na ipod.

    • fishounen says:

      Did you even read my comment? And I didn’t say that iPhone 5C WILL RUIN APPLE’S PREMIUM IMAGE; I only said it will ruin the iPhone’s brand image, not the company. Try learn some reading comprehension at your nearest pre-school.

      Making dumb comments while including a link to your crap site? Oh, what a nice deceiving way to make people flock into that dumpsite of yours. It’s obvious that you’re commenting here just for the sake of showing us a link to your dumpsite.

    • "If You See Kay" says:

      Hindi porke merong $50 na iPod yung Apple eh cheap na sila. Haha, ikaw pala yung may so-called “flawgic” dito eh?! And seriously, base sa comment mo, nagalit ka kay @fishounen for no valid reason.

      I find it hard to believe that an unprofessional, moronic, son of a b!tch dork like you is a website owner. Well, sabagay madali lang magkaroon ng sarili mong website as long as you have the money…”Let the money do the talking” ika nga. Only professionals like @Yuga deserves to own a website, freak!

    • gary says:

      bakit ba puro war freak ang mga tao dito.??? LAHAT NAMAN KAYO BOBO!!!

  6. Wis says:

    Iphone used to impress…but now it only plays catch up… 2 years for a design change is too long…besides a 4″ display for a flagship phone is so 2011… ever since Jobs passing, it’s all little improvements for apple no innovation…so what’s their R&D been doing?

    • narinig mo na yung Samsung Galaxy S4>

      anyway, kung hindi mo pa alam, ganyan talaga pag ikaw ang nasa tuktok na ng bundok.

      oops, mukhang mahirap maintindihan yon para sa iyo. anyway, sige, good luck na lang sa iyo at sana magbasa-basa ka pa sa internet para medyo mas-informed ang comment mo.

      tsaka, e di huwag kang bumili ng iphone. simple lang yan e. tapos ang sakit ng ulo mo.

    • Ernie says:

      When it comes to specs panalo Samsung & Sony pero I still prefer to use an iPhone because of its mobile ecosystem. It’s incomparable in ky opinion. Well kanya kanyang preference lang yan.

    • abuzalzal says:


      1. iTunes is stupid and holds no obvious user-experience benefits (if you’re too dumb to realize it, pinaka- sole purpose lang neto i-lock ka sa Apple eco-system)

      2. App count on both OS are more or less equal, PLAY STORE mas maraming free..APP STORE naman for app exclusivity sa paid apps, neither hold any substantial advantage over one another

      3. The ability to copy / play your multimedia files on the fly and directly to your device

      4. More / cheaper choices from various OEMs

      5. Endless CUSTOMIZATIONS para hindi ka magsawa

      Honestly, this isn’t 2007-2008 anymore hehe
      yung advantage ng Apple wala na …as in ..WALANG-WALA na

      ngayon with the introduction of cheaper iPhone models, eh talagang sinira na nila yung kanilang reputasyon as a premium handset maker

    • wew says:

      @wis pagpasensyahan nyu na po c abuzalzal ganyan lang po talaga ugali nya kasi wala pong cherry mobile na iOS ang gamit tsk tsk =)

    • IX says:

      Well abuzalzal has a point and he nailed this one. Really, iOS is getting boring nowadays (and their phones also) while Android is keep releasing great (and premium) apps. The top phone manufacturers (Sony, HTC, Samsung etc) are also releasing great phones. And that’s why I migrated from iOS to Android.

    • Billy says:


      1. May Apple products ka ba? or nakapagdownload ka na ba ng iTunes?
      iTunes store is an online digital media store wherein you can download music, music videos, television shows, audiobooks, podcasts, movies and movie rentals in some countries, and ringtones legally.

      2. Regarding Apps well I’m willing to pay for premium apps such as Over, Afterlight …

      3. Are you pertaining to iCloud?

      4. No doubt but it’s my preference.

      5. Really?

      Will Android users ever stop being bitter over iPhone users?

      It’s our preference guys. ????

    • Billy says:


      1. May Apple products ka ba? or nakapagdownload ka na ba ng iTunes?
      iTunes store is an online digital media store wherein you can download music, music videos, television shows, audiobooks, podcasts, movies and movie rentals in some countries, and ringtones legally.

      2. Regarding Apps well we are willing to pay for premium apps such as Over, Afterlight …

      3. Are you pertaining to iCloud?

      4. No doubt but still it’s our preference.

      5. Really?

      Will Android users ever stop being bitter over iPhone users?

      It’s our preference guys. ????

    • abuzalzal says:

      LOL @ the butthurt sheeplings…Now tell me, did I make any sense? or didn’t I? hahaha

      I have owned an iPhone 4 (which was a gift from my wife) and has performed/repaired countless jailbreaking procedures to my kakilalas, ka-sex and kamag-anaks kasi natatakot sila baka daw masira

      Blind fanaticism is not good folks…xd

    • wew says:

      @abuzalzal maniniwala na sana ako na meron kang iphone 4 dati kaso ikaw nagcomment HAHAHAHAH PUTA BENTA ang galing din ng logic mo noh mula iphone 4 lumipat ka sa cherry mobile flare sinamahan mo pa ng cherry mobile fusion bolt puta hahahaha taena

    • Billy says:


      Pagpasensyahan na natin si Abuzalzal kasi bitter siya sa Apple esp sa iPhone kasi he can’t afford. Ganon naman talaga kasi they can’t afford kaya bitter sila. Enjoy your Cherry mobile abuzalzal.

    • abuzalzal says:


      ayan na mga iskwakwang miron loooool

      you don’t know me as much as I don’t know you

      You can say whateverthefukk you want…lol

      napag-iiwanan na kayo Apple fanboys…the RESTRICTIVE nature of your chosen device is the main reason why it’s heading to the sewers

    • wew says:

      ooops tinamaan ka @abuzalzal sa sinabe ko kaya di nya cinontradict hahaha well anu nga naman maeexpect mo sa isang sinungaling xempre babaguhin nila ung direksyon ng usapan para di mabash tsktsk

    • wew says:

      Android is for thise people who want a super customizable OS tulad ng mga taong gusto nila na personalized ung ui ng phone nila tska ung mga taong gusto na 100% kontrolado ang phone,as in kahit anung isipin nila na gawin nila eh magagawa nila tska ung mga gusto makalibre sa paid apps XD iOS naman ay para sa mga straightforward persons;ung gusto gumamit ng phone na out-of-the-box at wala nang babaguhin (ika nga eh “simplicity is the best”) tska mas secured na mobile os platform tska syempre ung mga features na exclusive lng sa iOS

    • jmr_85 says:

      I have both iOS and Android, and my take is that each has its strengths and weaknesses. The bottom line here is whatever OS fits your needs is what you pick.

  7. amang says:

    they should improve the battery also

  8. amang says:

    they should improve also the battery

  9. yaya says:

    yes! die iphone! die! lels

  10. Adrian says:

    asan na yung comment ng comment about Cheap plastic phones ng samsung? go bash them apples now :D

  11. Mr. Curious says:

    the bottom line here is that no matter how bad/ awful or even great apple’s product is, people would still f*cking buy it. no matter how you bash it or discriminate it, people would still crave for it.

  12. george says:

    I prefer iPhone pa din over other phones, specially those using Android… OS palang so cheap na talaga. ANDROID YOU ARE CHEAP!!!

  13. JasonWilliams says:

    Apple survive kasi sa APPS, heck even Fruit Ninja is better on iOS than Android, look kung saan narelease ang Plants vs zombie 2? malamang, susunod din sa Android, pero iba parin ang una.

    Apple Apps Store is just awesome. Pero hanggang dun lang, the iOS sucks! sana tanggalin na nila yung iTunes tapos maglagay ng system wide na file manager.

    currently, i am enjoying playing a FULL SPEED NINTENDO DS EMULATOR on my note 2, pokemon black, castlevania.. iba talaga ang android.

  14. Almed says:

    They should have gone with the matte finish for the 5c’s back.

    • wew says:

      yah actually for me kahit gawa sa plastic ang samsung s4 may premium look pa rin siya maybe bec of the silver lining (although di pa rin siya ganun kapremium tulad ng htc,etc.) ito kasing iphone 5c wala tlagang premium feel kahit konti dapat nagmatte cla or other style tulad ng sa galaxy ace ko it has premium feel kahit di ganun kalaki pero ok na rin

  15. Alden says:

    “No one is sure if NFC will make it to the next iPhone though.”

    Why have NFC if in the first place they have mocked that fashion and introduce AirDrop instead? I wish the author just missed remembering it.

  16. Just some guy says:

    Nice, now many can buy an iPhone instead of settling for a cherry mobile. :))

  17. Chariray says:

    sa totoong buhay lang.. wala naman sa specs or kung ano-ano pang kaek-ekan kaya bumibili ng iphone ang karamihan eh.. ang totoong binabayaran nila yung pangalan. “iphone” kasi… lakas maka sosyal!!! LOL :D tama….tama??? haha.

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