iPhone 6 selling on Lazada for at least Php64K

iPhone 6 selling on Lazada for at least Php64K

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is currently going on sale in some countries outside the Philippines but Lazada PH is already selling it here starting at around Php64K up to almost Php100K.

iphone 6_lazada_1

At the time of writing we’re seeing five listings of “import” iPhone 6 units on sale:


* iPhone 6 16GB Gold: Php64,320
* iPhone 6 64GB Gold: Php69,010
* iPhone 6 128GB Silver: Php73,030
* iPhone 6 Plus 64GB Space Grey: Php90,450
* iPhone 6 Plus 128GB Silver: Php97,810


Lazada is also selling Spigen cases for the new iPhones. To see the listing just click here or search for “iPhone 6” on Lazada PH’s search bar.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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32 Responses

  1. kj says:

    pang macbook pro na.

  2. abuzalzal says:

    Mga unghang bili na! Sabit sa leeg para complete look!

  3. eric jay says:

    and that will cost a kidney.

    • archie says:

      100k for a phone with nokia lumia specs? Yup, iDiots will sell their kidney and 2 lungs for this.

    • asterisk says:

      pulubi. walang ka kasing pambili. mag cherry mobile ka nalang.

    • Guest says:

      @asterisk. I resent that! I happen to be a cherry mobile user and I’m loving my phone. Point is, 100K is just too much for just 1 phone, regardless if its an iPhone or Samsung or some other brand.

  4. theo says:

    Ang MAHAL…. Kahit apple fanboys aangal sa presyo nito…

  5. Oona says:

    yeah these are imports (may suppliers nagpapabenta sa lazada). medyo may kakapalan ang mukha nung supplier pero justifiable naman dahil “rare” pa to sa philippines for a few months. i’m sure the rich guys won’t mind. for us, we wait for affordable plans

  6. Rip off says:

    Akalain mo 23% off pa sya. Haha

  7. warsasa says:

    wtf haha grabe ang mahal.
    pede ka na bumili ng second hand car
    or downpayment para sa new car.

    oh well, kahit naman ako pangarap ko yang iphone 6+ eh. pangarap lang, no way in hell na magbabayad ako ng ganyan kamahal for a phone.

  8. archie says:

    No middle class idiot would commute and peddle a 100k phone in Manila streets. Hoping xiaomi and meizu will produce a 128gb version for their flagships.

  9. Jepthe says:

    grabe naman to!

  10. jdGONEMAD says:

    ang tagal pa ng april fools ah!

  11. hula says:

    let me guest, sold out na agad in few mins. amazing.

  12. jejefrek says:

    eto nanaman ang mga walang alam! hahaha! bakit sisisihin ang Apple kung bakit ganito ang price? 2014 na mga wala pa din alam! grow up people! :))))

  13. Mark says:

    Ba’t populated na ng know-it-all barbarics ang Yugatech?

  14. charaught says:

    OA naman sa mahal yan mga teh. Pangbooking ko na lang, ilang boys din matitikman ko nyan.

  15. Shambles says:

    64k? hell noh! ipunta mo nalang yan sa SINGAPORE. 25k All in, 35k lang iphone dun. my 4k ka pang pasyal.

  16. theo says:

    “A fool and his money are soon parted”

  17. archie says:

    I’m sure hardcore Apple fanboys will use the emperor’s new clothes defense here: It’s revolutionary, it’s worth the wait and money, I have the money so why not, etc. If I see an iPhone 6 user in Makati, I will assume that he is a stupid, bratty spoiled kid that doesn’t know how spend their money properly.

    • Dumbrat says:

      I assume by your comment that you’re a bitter fandroid. Spending your money properly depends on your income. If some earns 10k a month, it would be idiotic to buy an iphone but still, it’s their money and if one is earning more than his/her needs and more, then spend away. It’s their money, they worked hard for it and you can’t dictate what they have to do with it.

      Apple is not responsible for overpriced iPhones in the Philippines. It’s the law of supply and demand. Online sellers taking advantage of that. Wait till apple officially release it here and online prices would be cheaper than the Apple outlets

    • archie says:

      @Dumbrat and I assume that you are what you’re alias says. Maybe you could use a little brain before defending a money vacuum company. Just because I’m stating my opinion it doesn’t mean that I am a fan of anything. You’re just butt hurt because you’re guilty of the flawed logics I just stated. Whether you’re rich or poor, iPhone’s retail price does not justify the 2 year old technology they’re pushing the people’s throat. But then again, you are right, it is their money so it’s up to them if they want to get ripped off with an expensive toy. Apple and Beats love shoving their shit on iDiots and your likes.

    • wanderlust says:

      @Archie, Don’t be bitter, man. What you’re saying is just really a point of view, not logic.

  18. Justin says:

    Apple is jacking up their prices because they know they cannot compete in aggregate volume sales against Android.

  19. ozvohr says:

    well im an apple fanboy na masasabi pero di ako papatol sa ganyang presyo and will wait for globe or smart plan
    Next, sa tibay kasi subok na sakin ang iphone, naransasan ko na din mag Samsung S3 ayun sirain.

    Well depende siguro sa experience din yan, pero in my case don’t need to much apps since busy din sa work.

    Next, medyo makapal din mga online seller natin :D IMHO

  20. iphondroid says:

    tingnan na muna natin totoong presyo sa apple website para malaman natin totoo. gray market kasi yan kaya mahal. yong apaw ang pera sa bulsa makakabili nyan. saka yong pasikat kahit utang bibili din nyan peace..

  21. aypon says:

    oh my god! sold out lahat! sabi nila…

  22. ZepaStore says:

    I can sell it for half a price. No BS!

  23. anokamo says:

    Bili na mga ulol!

  24. seismic says:

    Surely Lazada will make a killing taking orders paid in advance for non existent stocks then file for refund scam which will take forever. Buyers beware.

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