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HONOR X9b 5G vs POCO X6 Pro 5G Comparison: Best to get at ₱16,000?

Within the PHP 16K range, two exciting options stand out: in one corner, we have the HONOR X9b 5G, claiming the title an “ultra-tough phone”. In the other, the Xiaomi POCO X6 Pro 5G, boasting itself a “new speed-cies” (a word play on speed and species).

With similar price tags, we’re pitting these phones head-to-head to find out which one reigns supreme and that’s worth the money. Let’s dive in!

Design and Build

The HONOR X9b 5G follows the successful trail of last year’s HONOR X9a 5G, boasting improvements across the board.

Honor is touting the X9b as basically an indestructible phone, with a five-star drop resistance certification. Apparently, this is quite the biggest advantage of the phone. And you know what? They were not kidding.

This phone can definitely take a beating. Miguel threw it on the floor, he yeeted it at the ceiling, and it emerged mostly unscathed. It even has some IP53 splash and dust resistance for good measure.

Honor X9b 5g 17

But you know as the famous durability tester says, “Glass is glass, and glass breaks.” So, the phone still demands good care and handling in the long run. Besides, who would casually use a phone as a nutcracker?

As for the design, it’s pretty similar to the X9a, but with an added flavor. It now has this knurled-edge camera island as well as a fancy vegan leather back (Sunrise Orange colorway). The POCO X6 Pro, on the other hand, doesn’t come with any fancy drop test certifications, but it does have Gorilla Glass 5 display protection. It also comes with a vegan leather finish on the Yellow color option.

Poco X6 Pro Review 720x480

Its camera island is a familiar one with a rectangular shape and the three lenses arranged on the left side.

Both phones have the same basic layout for buttons and ports, except the POCO X6 Pro throws in a second speaker and an IR blaster up top. It is also completely flat on the sides, while the X9b has some more aggressive curves.

So, design-wise? The HONOR X9b absolutely nails it. It’s got the whole “tough phone” aesthetic going on, which might be a key selling point for some. But let’s be real, most of us aren’t throwing our phones around like Nokia bricks anymore. Having an almost indestructible phone is still a good thing, nonetheless. And I could only wish that other phone makers (ehem Apple) follow suit.

Display and Multimedia

The two phones have distinct display specs with the same 1.5K resolution, a hole punch cutout, and 120Hz refresh rate. The HONOR X9b sports a larger 6.78-inch curved AMOLED display with 1,200 nits peak brightness.

Honor X9b 5g 12

HONOR X9b 5G display

Despite the slightly smaller screen at 6.67-inch, the POCO X6 Pro’s AMOLED screen can reach higher peak brightness at up to 1,800 nits. This means put both of them under direct sunlight and the POCO X6 Pro’s screen will likely be much more visible than the X9b.

Adding to that is a dual stereo loudspeakers setup that makes consuming content on the POCO phone more immersive. Not to mention, it supports Dolby Atmos for a richer audio quality.

Poco X6 Pro Video

POCO X6 Pro 5G display

Meanwhile, the HONOR X9b is left with a single, downward-firing loudspeaker. While both phones sport vibrant AMOLED displays, the POXO X6 Pro’s brighter panel and stereo sound makes it a top notch for your viewing experience.


Now, in terms of performance, the POCO X6 Pro is miles ahead than the HONOR X9b. Thanks mostly in part to its superior chipset.

Poco X6 Pro Gameplay 720x405

Powering the POCO X6 Pro 5G is the MediaTek Dimensity 8300-Ultra

The former packs the heat with the MediaTek Dimensity 8300-Ultra, a much beefier chip (with up to 3.35GHz clock speed) compared to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 (up to 2.2GHz only) inside the X9b.

The X6 Pro doesn’t stop there. It boasts faster LPDDR5x RAM and UFS 4.0 storage, which means things like opening apps and transferring files happen in the blink of an eye. The X9b, well, not so much.

Our benchmark scores should reveal the disparity in performance between the two:

Benchmark HONOR X9b 5G POCO X6 Pro 5G
AnTuTu V10 509,306 1,312,011
AnTuTu Storage (S. Read Speed) 1,746.3 MB/s 4,167.7 MB/s
AnTuTu Storage (S. Write Speed) 1,267.3 MB/s 3,722.3 MB/s
Geekbench 6 CPU Single Core 944 1,118
Geekbench 6 CPU Multi Core 2,780 3,813
Geekbench 6 GPU Vulkan 1,636 4,882
Geekbench 6 GPU OpenCL 1,325 4,747
PCMark Work 3.0 performance 12,007 13,880

The X6 Pro also gives consumers more choices, with 8GB+256GB and 12GB+512GB options. While the X9b is stuck with just 12GB+256GB.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that HONOR X9b is bound to perform less, though. The X9b can still handle your everyday tasks and even some light gaming.

Honor X9b Mlbb

HONOR X9b 5G equips a Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Gen 1

However, if you’re a power user or a gamer, the X6 Pro is the clear winner here. While the figures say a lot to each phone, real-world use still varies, but expect to have better performance across the board with the POCO X6 Pro.


Going back at the back panel, both phones rock triple cameras. And that’s where the similarities kinda end.

Honor X9b 5g 4

The X9b throws down a 108-megapixel main sensor, way higher resolution than the X6 Pro’s 64-megapixel. They both got ultrawide cameras, but the X9b’s is just 5-megapixels compared to the X6 Pro’s 8-megapixels. And, well, you guessed it, both have those 2-megapixel macro sensors.

Poco X6 Pro Rear Cameras

At the front, both phones have 16-megapixel selfie shooters.

So, on paper, the X9b should be the clear winner, right? Well, hold on to your hats because in normal photo mode, pictures from both phones look about equally sharp. This is important to note, because I’m not talking about the fancy high-resolution modes, just the everyday stuff.

The X9b’s photos also come out a bit flat in terms of color reproduction. The X6 Pro, on the other hand, adds a bit more saturation, making things look a tad punchier. Overall, both phones take decent pictures, but they won’t blow you away. Well, that’s expected with most mid-range phones, though.

The good news is that both these guys can shoot 4K video, but keep in mind that neither has any image stabilization. So, you might wanna grab a handy tripod or gimbal.

Battery Life

Battery-wise, the X9b packs a bigger 5,800mAh capacity than the X6 Pro’s 5,000mAh. It’s no surprise that the X9b lasted much longer, in fact our video loop test, the phone lasted 23 hours and 47 minutes. Compared to just 14 hours and 51 minutes on the X6 Pro.

Now, both phones were tested under the same conditions: airplane mode, 50% brightness, muted volume, looping a 1080p movie. So, the hardware difference really shows here.

But here’s a twist. When we ran the PCMark battery test, which simulates mixed usage, the phones were neck and neck. The X9b got 14 hours and 8 minutes, while the X6 Pro managed 13 hours and 41 minutes. This suggests the X6 Pro might have better power management, thanks to its more efficient chipset.

Charging-wise, both phones support fast charging, but the X9b’s capped at 35W wired. The X6 Pro, however, boasts a much faster 67W wired charging. So, while the X9b might last longer on a single charge, the X6 Pro should get you back in the game much quicker. In this category, both deserves a point.

Connectivity & Other Features

For connectivity, despite the gap in chip performance, both have 5G capability, in-screen fingerprint sensor, face unlock, NFC, and ingress protection. IP53 on the X9b and IP54 on the X6 Pro.

However, a drawback for both phones is the absence of storage expansion. So, you might want to get a much larger storage, in which only the X6 Pro has a 512GB option.

Additionally, the X6 Pro has an IR blaster feature that lets you conveniently use it as a universal remote. This is always a plus in my book.

Poco X6 Pro Ui

POCO X6 Pro 5G runs HyperOS (Android 14) out of the box

In terms of software, the X6 Pro runs Xiaomi HyperOS on top of the latest Android 14. The X9b runs Android 13 out of the box (skinned with MagicOS 7.2) but expect it to have at least one to two major upgrades up to Android 15.

Software experience will surely vary between the two devices with their own unique take on Android. So, it boils down to subjectivity on which Android UI is better than the other.

HyperOS is fairly new to the scene, though I felt like MIUI is still at its core and just added a bunch of new features like the lock screen magazine among other good stuff.

Honor X9b 5g 14

HONOR X9b 5G runs MagicOS 7.2 (Android 13)

MagicOS on the other hand is a familiar skin, following closely the design aesthetics of Huawei’s EMUI, but of course with the inclusion of Google apps.

Setting software aside and we are left with the X6 Pro having only one advantage, the IR blaster. But I think this isn’t enough to justify it a point since not every user would get it for the sake of using it as a universal remote. So, it’s still a tie in this area.

Which one should you get?

Alright, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: price. Like I said earlier, both these phones land around the same price point, hovering around the PHP 16,000 mark.

After this whole throwdown, it’s gotta be said, the POCO X6 Pro 5G takes the W in this matchup. This is particularly attributed to its superior chipset and a more immersive viewing experience.

Poco X6 Pro Ph

Don’t get me wrong, the HONOR X9b 5G is surely a formidable smartphone with its ultra-tough build and a high capacity battery. But honestly for me, durability isn’t something that interests me the most. Still gotta give props to HONOR for going the extra mile to make their phones stronger that should last longer than the average smartphone.

Honor X9b 5g 2

The HONOR X9b 5G will set you back around PHP 16,219 for the 12GB+256GB version. The POCO X6 Pro 5G starts at PHP 16,499 for the 8GB+256GB option, but you can also snag the 12GB+512GB model for PHP 18,999 if you need all that extra storage space.

So, the final verdict? If raw performance and a smoother display are your priorities, the POCO X6 Pro 5G takes the crown. But if you value extreme durability and a long-lasting battery life above all else, the HONOR X9b 5G might be a better fit. It all depends on what matters most to you.

HONOR X9b 5G vs Xiaomi POCO X6 Pro 5G specs

HONOR X9b 5GXiaomi POCO X6 Pro 5G
6.78-inch 1.5K AMOLED display6.67-inch 1.5K AMOLED display
1200 x 2652 pixels, 120Hz2712 x 1220 pixels, 120Hz
1200 nits (peak) brightness1800 nits (peak) brightness
360° HONOR Ultra-Bounce Anti-Drop ProtectionCorning Gorilla Glass 5
Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Gen 1MediaTek Dimensity 8300-Ultra
4nm, 8-cores, up to 2.2GHz4nm, 8-cores, up to 3.35GHz
256GB storage256GB, 512GB UFS 4.0 storage
Triple rear cameras:Triple rear cameras:
- 108MP f/1.75 main- 64MP f/1.7 main
- 5MP f/2.2 ultrawide- 8MP f/2.2 ultrawide
- 2MP f/2.4 macro- 2MP f/2.4 macro
16MP f/2.45 selfie shooter16MP f/2.4 selfie shooter
Dual nano-SIMDual nano-SIM
5G, 4G LTE5G, 4G LTE
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/acWi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax
Bluetooth 5.1Bluetooth 5.4
GPS/ AGPS/ GLONASS/ BeiDou/ GalileoGPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS
USB Type-CUSB Type-C
In-screen fingerprint sensor, face unlockIn-screen fingerprint sensor, face unlock
IP53 splash and dust resistanceIP54 splash and dust resistance
Dual speakers, Dolby Atmos, IR blaster
MagicOS 7.2 (Android 13)Xiaomi HyperOS (Android 14)
5800mAh battery5000mAh battery
35W wired charging67W wired charging
163.6 x 75.5 x 7.98 mm160.45 x 74.34 x 8.25mm (plastic) | 8.35mm (vegan leather)
185g186g (plastic) | 190g (vegan leather)
Sunrise Orange(Vegan leather), Midnight Black, Emerald GreenBlack, Yellow, Grey
PHP 16,219 | 12GB+256GBPHP 16,499 | 8GB+256GB
PHP 18,999 | 12GB+512GB

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