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Samsung Galaxy 5 & SE Xperia X10 Mini Sale

Just discovered yesterday that Samsung and Sony Ericsson are also doing their own mini-sale. Found out the Galaxy 5 is going for Php5,000 off and the Xperia X10 Mini at Php4,000 off.

Saw a couple of posters and standees in the malls which displays a one-day sale on the Samsung Galaxy 5 at Php7,990 (before: Php12,990).


According to the poster, it’s only for one-day on December 1 but it seems it has been extended for the rest of December or until units are still available. A reader commented that he was still able to purchase 2 units yesterday (the poster was modified to add “extended for 2010”).

The Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini which retails for Php17,990 is also down by Php4k and now at Php13,990. Not really a huge discount but if you’re into the Xperia line, this is a catch.

There’s no word on how long the sale would be or which stores they are doing the sale. My suggestion is to keep a look out in the malls. They have posters in the malls so just ask around.

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56 Responses

  1. jun says:

    wow.. hmm for 1 day.. mukhang ok na deal ito ah :)

  2. ipaz says:

    san po pwede bumili ng gabitong promo?

  3. Dredd says:

    saang mall ito?

  4. kimkae77 says:

    just got one, sayang d pwede sa card ko!, ok sana 12 mo. 0% sa ibang card…….

  5. icesteam says:

    san naman yun location g sale

  6. al says:

    saw this in rob manila with some other items, but that was last sunday,

  7. Paul says:

    Is the Samsung Galaxy 5 upgradeable to Android 2.2 (Froyo)?

  8. jm says:

    sony ericsson x10 mini is better than samsung galaxy 5!
    design and specs wise ill go for x10 mini!

  9. mardy says:

    I don’t about the x10 mini, you can actually buy x10 mini on reputable sellers on EBAY at 9k+ although store warranty only.

  10. mardy says:

    X10 mini sale is not a big deal. I hope it goes down to 7-8k.

  11. mr. bogus says:

    Samsung Galaxy 5 – 8k!!!!!!

    i smell fiasco here!!!

  12. KennyV says:

    Meron ba nito sa SM North? Hmmm.. Saang mall to available?

  13. Totem says:

    P12,990 for Galaxy 5? Are they even serious? Isn’t it some stores retail it for like P10,990? Overpriced.. LOL I was expecting it would be like 6k which is really a steal.. Sorry Samsung.. I’d still go for Huawei Ideos U8150..

  14. Pedro says:

    hmmm… SE x10Mini for 14k… i’ve seen a much cheaper price from a decent store in sta. lucia… so this isnt really a sale?

  15. Harley says:

    any more? hehe!

  16. sonny says:

    you can buy sony ericsson x10 mini at cmk in munoz, P12600. Thats the regular price

  17. sonny says:

    thats not a real discount for se x10 mini pro, 12600 lang yan sa cmk

  18. sonny says:

    sorry, for mini not the mini pro which is 14000

  19. jon says:

    sana mas maaga mag sale ung huawei ideos

  20. daniel says:

    ang panget ng sale… mas maganda pa din LG optimus one pero inis ako sa LG walng kwentang LG yan basura!

  21. onyok says:

    thumbs down.

  22. ren says:

    I went to Moa kanina, sa Memo Express, pag dating ko doon around 8pm na…ubos na yung 50 units ng Samsung nila, may mga 5-6 people na nandoon kasalukuyan tinetest yung binili nila….then balik na sa original price.

    I think wise yung strategy ng Samsung na hindi sabihin sa lahat ng bonggang bongga na magsasale sila…. 50 units isang buong araw, walang nagtulakan wala rin galit….

  23. abelard says:

    sir ren, available pa ba sa ibang branches? or available pa rin talaga yung promo up to the end of december?

  24. ren says:

    Until supplies last lang siya, kasi kanina sabi 50 units lang yung binenta nila…may stocks sila just for the sale and stocks para sa original price..baka meron pa sa ibang branch…kasi kung kahapon nagstart eto…pinapaubos lang yung 50 units, they even extended yung sale ng HTC Smart and S.E Elm..

  25. 'drin says:

    @ Paul:

    yes. it is now ok with 2.2. but still no multitouch and flash. just backup,update,then do a hard reset afterwards.

  26. bobot says:

    there is a froyo update on samfirmware for galaxy 5

  27. chacha says:

    Previously Galaxy 5 was retailed for only P10,990 not 12k.

    I’d still go for Huawei Ideos U8150… wait till they launched it.

    What’ Nokia, Samsung and LG does is stir up news that they have cheaper phones now and make the current fans of Android phones to buy hastily, this is their marketing strategy, so when something new like the Huawei Ideos comes out with a cheaper price but rich features….Wham! you’ll be saying, uhhh i already bought a phone…what the?

  28. dongkidoodles says:

    Yup, I was able to buy 2 galaxy 5 phones at MOA last Thursday. Yesterday afternoon, I was at Rob Manila and there were still available units at Memo Xpress.

  29. TDav says:

    Will the Galaxy 5 ever support multi-touch? I read somewhere that the Froyo upgrade would enable support of multi-touch.

  30. paano ba mag.upgrade to froyo ang galaxy 5, guide please…

  31. jepoy says:

    If there’s one thing good na ginawa ng LG, pati na rin Nokia, nagsunuran ibang phone brands na babaan talaga yung presyo. Otherwise, small discounts lang ang inooffer ngaun. Pero sana magkapera ako ng makabili na rin ako…

  32. abelard says:

    so you’re saying.. possibly available to sa lahat ng memo express branches as long as meron pang stocks?

  33. Operation Super says:

    Spica is better than Galaxy 5, right?

    I’ll be dipping my toes on the sweet treats of Andriod OS once I get the money.

  34. Marck says:

    I got curious with Huawei U8150 IDEOS mukhang maganda nga, magkano kaya to and san nakakabili?

  35. ren says:

    yes, hanggang may stocks sila to sell at 7990, ibebenta nila. kapag naubos, tapos na ang promo.

  36. ren says:

    yes, as long as they have stocks to sell at 7990, pag wala na, then stop na ang promo

  37. kathy says:

    checked at Memo ex megamall sabi naman dun ni kuya wala na 1 day promo lang daw

  38. ronsterrr says:

    went to samsung store at sm taytay earlier, saleslady said galaxy 5 sale price is 10,490.

    I asked her to doublecheck (and even told her that online, it is being sold at 10400) but she clarified that’s already the ‘sale’ price.

  39. Totem says:

    @Marck, the Huawei Ideos U8150 will be sold for P8,888 :D

  40. paulangmasunget says:


    sir, may idea ba kau kung when and where matatagpuan ang unit na ito sa malls? Huawei ideos u8150? T.I.A :)

  41. siel says:


    bkit ngaun ko lang to nabasa? :) sad.

    I wish LG will recur their sale event on Optimus One. :(

  42. Amao says:

    Aw!! tapus na yung sale… wala ba kaung naba2litaan na kung magsale pa yung LG Optimus One…. gusto ko na kasing bumili ehh.. kaso pa2lapit na yung pasko bka isale pa nila ulet…

  43. lg optimus one says:

    ang pangit kaya ng lg optimus one..

  44. NineSwordz says:

    mejo discrete na lang mag announce ng sale ah.. sabagay iwas stampede like nung nangyari sa LG.. lol
    btw, mas ok talaga yun Huawei Ideos. yun nalang wait nyo.. ;)

  45. Totem says:

    @paulangmasunget, ang sabi po nila may nagtitinda na nito sa ibang mall shops.. Kaso overpriced po.. Ang official release po nito mga early next year.. Mga January.. Wait niyo nalang po instead of buying it this year.. :)

  46. jepotski says:

    Nakabili ako ng Samsung Galaxy 5 nung December 1, pero wala akong idea na naka sale pala, ang hinahanap ko talagang unit is Samsung Spica, pero lahat ng store walang stock, buti napadaan ako ng MemoXpress, swerte nga kasi nataon na naka sale yung Galaxy 5. hehehehe.. kasabay nuya yung x10 at HTC Smart pero mas pinakamaganda yung Galaxy 5.

    So far satisfied ako sa Galaxy 5, maganda response nung touchscreen kasi capacitive siya.

  47. Miguel says:

    ‘di na dumating yung Samsung Galaxy Apollo i5800…

  48. jackie says:

    sa tingin nyo mgkanu yung Huawei Ideos U8150

  49. Samsung or Huawei says:

    Samsung or Huawei, sino ba mas maganda

    Ideos U8150 ata kalaban nitong Galaxy 5

    pero di ba reputable branded brand ang Samsung
    samantalang si Huawei, bago lang

  50. dongkidoodles says:

    Saw in the dailies that Cherry Mobile is doing its own 3 hours sale (10am to 1pm) this Saturday, Dec 11 at selected malls. This is for their 3.2 Nova (android 2.1) Selling at P7,990 (like Galaxy 5) from regular price of P11k+.

    I almost bought this phone 2 to 3 months back. Luckily, I waited and got the galaxy 5 on sale. Though I’m sure a lot of better android phones would be on sale pretty soon. At least, prices go down really fast these days. Good for consumers but not for speculators.

  51. bOkz says:

    is this promo still on?

  52. Jepoi says:

    wow for a company that has crappy after market support like SE, they have the gall to sell their phone running on the prehistoric donut for 17k? and we are supposed to get won over after they take off 4k from the price? amazing….

  53. Incredible. Nice phone. I want to avail this promo but it’s too late, Promo is done. huhu.. thanks for sharing.

  54. harold says:

    san po ba may ganito? kailangang mahanap ko ‘to. ty!

  55. geoFF says:

    Sayang! kung meron pa talaga nyan bi2li talaga ako.. eh aun.. :D

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