10 classic Nokia phones that HMD Global should revive

10 classic Nokia phones that HMD Global should revive

A few months back, HMD Global, the new company behind the new Nokia smartphones, has announced the return of the iconic Nokia 3310. It’s not the same model though but a modernized variant. That said, we were wondering what other Nokia phones that HMD should revive and bring back to the market. Here are our top picks.

Nokia 3210

The 3310 is not the only legend in Nokia’s lineup. It’s predecessor, the 3210 is also one of the most popular and successful phones in history. It has customizable clip-on faceplates and an internal antenna. Even with its candy bar design, the 3210 is one of the sleekest mobile phones of its time.

Nokia 5110

The 5110 is one of those classic-looking phones (in today’s standards) thanks to its bulky build and external antenna. Still, it was one of the most popular phones back in the day. It’s rugged, has a long battery life and replaceable faceplates like the 3210.

Nokia 5210

Speaking of rugged, the 5210 is close to that thanks to its Xpress-On shells that is made of plastic and rubber. Rugged feature phones will still be considered nowadays especially by the adventurous types.

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic

A music-centric feature phone is still an attractive offering, and a modern 5310 XpressMusic seems like a fun choice. It’s thin, has a camera, and dedicated audio chip and music controls.

Nokia 7110

Feature phones nowadays are supposed to be small, but a modernized 7110 with a Navi-roller and spring-loaded sliding cover is still cool.


Nokia 7650

The Nokia 7650 is one of the company’s most popular handsets. It has a camera, colored screen, and a slide-out keyboard. Imagine how it would look like if HMD makes a 2017 model but with Android running under the hood.

Nokia 8250

One of favorite Nokia phones is the 8250. It’s tiny but stylish, especially those physical keys with a butterfly design. You can also swap the Xpress-on covers if you want to change its color. If this gets reintroduced, I would definitely get one.

Nokia 8850

The 8890 is one of Nokia’s feature phones that appeals to professionals and businessmen. It has a premium-looking body with chrome keys and a slide out cover. Although professionals and businessmen use smartphones nowadays, a modern take on the 8850 can still be appealing.

Nokia E71

Like smartphones with physical QWERTY keyboards? The E71 is one of the best around back in the day. It has a premium build, ergonomic design, colored screen, and a camera. A modern release running Android should be exciting.

Nokia N95

The N95 is Nokia’s top-of-the-line smartphone back in 2007. Although bulky, it has a premium body, a two-way sliding mechanism, a Carl Zeiss camera at the back and a video call camera on the front. Build a modern Android version with a slimmer build and powerful internals, and you got yourself a contender.

And that sums it up. We know that there are other iconic Nokia phones out there, so if you have a favorite, let us know in the comments below.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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15 Responses

  1. Raphael says:

    How about Nokia e90 & Nokia 9210(i) Communicator?

  2. A says:

    I hope the Communicator Series returns as well.

    • Soledad Salvador says:

      Okay; really: they all are great (love ruggeds,man !) and i think ip68 should be standarized soon: but Cant be happy, dude: Sansumg is no longer what it used to be (good value for money) … it has gone to the dark side. You can buy five good ruggeds from agm with that price : x1 18k gold edition gooo xD !

  3. Kit says:

    Nokia 5510!

  4. Toink says:

    One of my all time Nokia phones I had, the banana Phone 8110 used in the Matrix

  5. DG says:

    Was using N95 as mas last Nokia phone. It was perfect esp the camera quality. Carl Zeiss lens is epic. Would love to see it again with Android OS though. And the feature phone 3210 is great. Pwede mong ibato sa magnanakaw yan. Sa tibay at bigat niyan tingnan natin di masasaktan mga kawatan niyan.

  6. Tonytheexplorer says:

    Xpress music and e71, malaki ang potential.

  7. el gato says:

    hindi nakalist yung nokia 5320 XM ko…

  8. lawrence says:

    I would love to have a Nokia E71 with Android on it. I don’t mind a small screen as long as it has WIFI and LTE and that keyboard.

  9. RCB says:

    how about the camera centric 7610.. i still have one at home.. problema lang battery… wala na kasi nagbebenta ng battery nya..

  10. kyle says:

    why not revive touch and types instead? para ma differentiate sila sa mga basic barfones ng local brands. ung pinaka cool sa mga un eh ung nokia x3-02.

  11. They Cruz says:

    N-Gage QD is not on the list aw! Nokia must build a phone for gamers

  12. Soledad Salvador says:

    Oh dear, Samsung staaaph that fake “hype” … i ll prefer to check out somo china mobiles . Thank God they dont break as much as before now… there is some premium brands tho: to me AGM is killing it now : just saw the agm x1 Gold 18k … well done. Agm… well Done

  13. Louis says:

    What about the gaming Nokia phone? Landscape design, querty keyboard and screen in the middle?

  14. Christine rodavlas says:

    i had used few of nokia’s phone but N82 is my favorite among d nokia series,

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