12MP Nokia N8 gets official

12MP Nokia N8 gets official

Last night, Nokia finally revealed its latest 12-megapixel HD handset, the Nokia N8 (leaked pictures came in as early as two months ago here). It’s got a large camera sensor that rivals most point-and-shoot cameras out there.

Nokia N8
3.5 inches AMOLED screen @ 360×640 pixels
16 GB storage
up to 32GB via microsSD
256MB RAM, 512MB ROM
HSDPA 10.2Mbps, HSUPA 2Mbps
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1 w/ A2DP
12MP autofocus camera w/ Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon flash
Symbian ^3 OS
ARM 11 680MHz processor
3D Graphics HW accelerator
FM Radio with RDS
FM transmitter
GPS w/ aGPS support
1200mAh Li-Po battery


This could be the most capable cameraphone Nokia has ever built. Nokia N8 uses a 1/2 inch (1/1.9″) CMOS sensor 30% larger than most compact digital cameras with a maximum shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second (aperture F2.8; focal length 5.4). Video recoding can go up to 720p HD @ 25fps.

That large storage option (16GB internal + up to 32GB external) should be enough for doing all that HD video recording and large photo file size. The AMOLED capacitive touch screen should make video playback really nice and crisp although the 1200mAh battery seemed a little lacking for all that juice-guzzling features (a number of earlier Nokia handsets have 1500mAh batteries already).

The Nokia N8 is set to be released by 3rd quarter of 2010 with an estimated price of Php22,000 before taxes.

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179 Responses

  1. marky says:

    gusto ko nyan….

  2. Lezuric says:

    aw.. nagleak n aito dati.. bago pa ako bumili ng X6 :<

    I want tat! ;(

  3. rbsoriano says:

    any info about its new Symbian OS?

  4. Lezuric says:

    and also.. it has a multi touch input method! wah!

  5. Teknisyan says:

    nice… this is more of a digi-camera with a phone features and not the common… cellphone-with-camera!!!

    Plus its within the range of mid to high end compact camera!!!

  6. moogle says:

    This is definitely my next phone. FTW!

  7. zEr0-IcE says:


    I’m going back to Nokia! :-)

  8. Jovz says:

    Eto na yata yung hinihintay ko :)

  9. mcast says:

    If Symbian^3 breaks through and finally becomes the touchscreen OS that Nokia should’ve come up with in the first place, I’m in. I’m keeping my current phone in pristine condition so that maybe I can sell it later on, if ever I plan to buy this one…

    That price point is really something.

  10. hereandnow says:

    I was a nokia fan before the touchscreen phone explosion. I waited for nokia’s response to iphone. My wait was justified by the nokia 5800 and even considered it better than iphone. 2 weeks after light usage, my 5800 stopped responding. I sent it to the service center and waited for 6 WEEKS until it gets fixed. it’s brand spanking new! it just came out to the market! I was so dissapointed that nokia didn’t even replace the device because it’s brand new. they just change the board. i still sticked with nokia because i also love symbian. Then 2 months later my 5800’s screen gone crazy. I touch 1 icon, another one opens. i updated the firmware and it was still doing that. i got tired of going back to the service center. Now I will never ever buy any nokia phone, EVER! I sticked with their lousy UI because I thought their hardware is good anyway, but no. All nokia phones (i used 1 sony ericsson but went back to nokia) in 11 years, now a samsung running android user. I’ll get an htc next but never a nokia! and i hate symbian!

  11. ed says:

    well this is interesting.. if its only 22k i’ll go for this one but i’ll also wait for iphone 4G to come out. can’t imagine the price of the new iphone 4g when it’s release na!

  12. Some says, nothing is new when it comes to OS, it still the same to other touchscreen phone of Nokia. The only big thing about it is the 12 megapixel camera.

  13. anonymous says:

    1: people should read about the pixel myth… higher pixel count doesn’t mean better picture quality. Compare a 12mp point and shoot pic with an 8mp pic taken by slr and you’ll see the difference… phone with gazillion pixels will never match a point and shoot (released in the same year:) )

    2: nokia should face the fact that symbian is not for touchscreen. Go maemo plssss.

    3. With the specs of phone comming out lately.. htc samsung(galaxy s) dell etc this phone simply sucks.

    Sorry but nokia needs to step up…

  14. Rich558 says:

    Looks great and the price point is amazing! My only concern is that Nokia should have included a slide mechanism to protect the carl-zeiss glass, similar to the ones found in SE phones.

  15. anon says:

    1: people should read about the pixel myth… higher pixel count doesn’t mean better picture quality. Compare a 12mp point and shoot pic with an 8mp pic taken by slr and you’ll see the difference… phone with gazillion pixels will never match a point and shoot (released in the same year:) )

    2: nokia should face the fact that symbian is not for touchscreen. Go maemo plssss.

    3. With the specs of phone comming out lately.. htc samsung(galaxy s) dell etc this phone simply sucks

    nokia needs to step up their game :)

  16. rcsaint says:

    Sayang hindi dual-sim…hehehe..bibilhin ko na sana!

  17. bongskie says:

    awesome!!! i want this!!!

  18. jan says:

    @anon: completely agree. i just don’t get this high-MP-is-better-quality obsession of some folks. it’s the sensor that really counts.

    as for the phone, it’s got really nice hardware specs, but i’m more interested on the OS that runs it. knowing that symbian^3 is an S60v5 with a more polished UI, the demos i’ve seen so far are not really that impressive, with the outdated-looking interface and laggy performance. i hope they live up to their product promos for the sake of their consumers.

  19. manong says:

    this could be my next phone :)

    i hope i can trade-in my samsung omniapro b7610 for this

    sexy and cheap!

  20. jade bryan says:

    Okay. Good news lots of positive feedbacks here. Even the negative preview can’t beat the Nokia N8 on the runway!

  21. pabs says:

    am a nokia coz most of my phones were nokia. My 5800 is already a year old and still working fine. In fact i am typing this comment on my 5800, i have a wifi at home so good, its fast and is just equal in speed with my laptop and desktop. So I think the N8 will replace my 5800.

  22. irv says:

    At this point, Nokia is winning only because of price. People will buy this not because of superior features, but mainly because they can’t afford an iPhone or Android handset.

  23. jojo30 says:

    You can say what you want about Symbian being a dinosaur compared to Android and Apple… but I’m still very happy with my E72 because the battery life kicks butt! Until either of those 2 can come up with a phone with a battery that lasts 4 days with extensive use of email and browsing, I don’t feel the need to switch.

  24. netbooksearcher says:

    3rd Qtr pa?! Tagal naman!

    I want to have one NOW!

  25. mcast says:

    To be honest, I like Symbian. But that’s because I’m already familiar with it. I just wished Symbian^3 was more about functionality than eye candy. Apparently, this isn’t the case. The one advantage I think Symbian has over Android and iPhone OS is the portrait alphanumeric keypad. It’s probably just me and my big thumbs, but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to typing on a portrait QWERTY keypad!

    Dear Nokia, please wake up.

  26. Moogle says:

    It’s really fascinating how people reacts to the Symbian^3 OS eventhough it isn’t released yet. The same way goes for the N8. Some of the comments I’ve
    read here somehow shows that they’ve already tried both. Give Nokia a chance people! The specs of this phone for me is really amazing evethough it is somehow late compared to SE, Samsung or even the iPhone. But by just looking at those specs I can definitely say that this is something worth my hard earned money. Just my two cents.

  27. woot says:

    First sample HD video captured on Nokia N8! http://vimeo.com/11266224?hd=1

  28. laurence says:

    for me, i would still want to buy it..coz i’m an avid nokia fan…a 12mp camera with a xenon flash can be a better competitor for my n82….going to buy it once in stores..

  29. Feelistardatkom says:

    Ok tong N8 for young gen., anyways, Nokia C2 is coming, will wait for it!! yepeeeee.

  30. Feelistardatkom says:

    nokia C2 is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  31. E says:

    this is cheap… but still waiting for the iphone 4g..

  32. VICTOR says:

    what’s up with that N8’s battery? Is that weak or what?

  33. khen says:

    wow~! i love it! ginaya ang aino! how much nmn to?

  34. Joe says:

    symbian3 is still the old symbian 5th, which i really dont like..

    n8? parang satio na capacitive.

  35. Louie says:

    Aesthetic wise, symbian sucks. But it’s the most functional OS compared to Apple and Android. Question is… will this unit be upgradeable to Symbian^4 this year??

  36. jb says:

    pangalan lang ng Apple ang binibili nyo sa iphone na yan at di mismo yung features ng isang phone at kumbaga, pang-porma lang sya.

  37. VICTOR says:

    Read the specs and details of this N8 and the 5800 has finally found its successor. This N8 is a 5800 on steroids. Heavily on steroids. I will buy this the first day it’s out.

  38. Marky says:

    I won’t Nokia until it gets de-symbianized. The UI sucks bigtime!

  39. SATIO (idou) says:

    meron n bng price list nyan? prang mas prefer q pa rin SE Satio

  40. sodam says:

    does anybody know if this Nokia N8 still has that alpha numeric keypad for typing on SMS? I still need that up until now.

  41. Lito Ferrer says:

    Whew! I thought i am going to buy the SE Vivaz as my next phone to my N97. Now i am looking at this Nokia N8 as an option. SE Vivaz or Nokia N8???

  42. teknisyan says:

    Just posted… knockoffs of N8 are already available. :)

    Galing talaga nang mga pirata!


  43. abe says:

    wow … i like it!

  44. LEEMAR says:

    i like this phone! sana sa august or september na ito ilabas, para sakto my pera na ko pambili. looks very promising, specs is superb at 680mhz and 256mb of ram.

    fyi people symbian os is a very light operating system, it doesn’t need 1ghz processor, the higher the processor the more power it consumes so battery life naman ang problem nun. eto ang tama.

  45. Ronnie says:

    nokia says this is a bluetooth 3.0. Interesting phone… also want to see the HD movie playback over its HDMI interface on HDTV.

  46. hereandnow says:


    hahahaha nakakatawa ka naman magcomment. pang porma lang ba? obviously di ka pa nakakagamit ng iphone (di ka yata maka-afford) feature wise it’s frackin’ loaded! UI is still relevant and superb! support (apps and third party hardware) is endless. anong apple brand lang binabayaran? ahahahaha

  47. Rem says:

    Ang alam ko wala naman sa kung gano kataas yung Megapixel count niya, nasa sensor yun kung gano kalaki. Pero compared sa Satio/Pixon12 mas malaki daw yung sensor niya. Kamukha niya yung Sony Ericsson Aino. I’d rather wait for Samsung AMOLED 3D phone na lang. Pwede On/Off yung 3D kahit kelan mo gusto. :D Wala namang ganong bago sa Symbian^3, halos parehong pareho lang daw. Mas maganda pa yata yung Maemo/MeeGo kasi parang Windows Mobile siya. Pero yung sample pictures ng N8 camera ay malinaw. Ang hirap daw palitan ng battery niya. Ano na kaya nangyari sa kaso ng Nokia sa Apple?

  48. clyde says:

    well for the price and features it offers i wud say its a good buy… yeah its not about the pixels but then again the sensor is different so theres a possibility that this could take better photos than any other cameraphones or stand alone point and shoot cameras out there… lets not judge it early kasi we havent experienced the real thing pa naman eh… and i guess the new symbian os is more fluid than its predecessor but still has that familiar feel to it which will make old symbian users ryt at home… i recently got my mom a touchscreen nokia (5233 its cheap and does the job well) and she figured out the ui in a matter of minutes because she was using a non-touch s60 before… and may i say, the blue version is hot…

  49. bestnokiaever says:

    I know a bit about that 256 RAM but what the heck is 512 ROM for?

  50. manong says:


    depensahan kita ng konti ha.. maporma talaga ang iPhone, okay kasi sa design (kaya maraming nang fake china imitation.. could you tell the difference? hehehe!)


    features ba gusto mong pag-usapan for its high price?

    – camera sucks!
    – battery sucks more!
    – no videocall
    – no FM radio
    – no stereo speakers
    – no flash support
    – no card slot (mura na kasi 16gb hehehe!)
    – mahal ng apps! buti na lang walang nakukulong kasi mag-“jailbreak” din lang sila… hehehe

    maporma lang talaga siya… unfortunately style is still a premium kaya sya mahal

  51. manong says:


    “obviously di ka pa nakakagamit ng iphone (di ka yata maka-afford) feature wise it’s frackin’ loaded! UI is still relevant and superb! support (apps and third party hardware) is endless. anong apple brand lang binabayaran? ahahahaha”

    support talaga marami.. puro pirated at cheap imitation ng accessories nga lang.. kasi MAHAL PAG ORIG

    superb talaga mga chinese sa support ahahahaha! tama ka.. anong apple brand lang binabayaran? ahahahaha!

  52. Josh_n0ntech says:

    Guys guys,h0ld ur h0rses. Look,i have used an iph0ne b4,and h0nestly 2 my opinion its n0t very satisfactory. I reverted back 2 my 5800 (w/c is what im using ryt nw btw),and has stuck 2 it since sellin my iphone. I alm0st bought an n900,luckily my fianceè 2ld me 2 w8 4 the n8. N0w that its released abroad,ima w8 til its here and grab it right away! But then again,im stil w8ng 4 SE and d rest of d other n0kia c0mpetit0rz 2 change my mind :)

  53. bestnokiaever says:

    you seem like a jejemon

  54. Josh_n0ntech says:


    please don’t focus on the way the message was typed, but rather on the idea it wants to convey.


  55. pabs says:

    hold it, I had an Iphone ( the first release) and then I got a Nokia 5800 january of 2009. The 5800 was way way cheaper but I liked it. So I sold my I phone coz per @ manong, it was so boring, no fm, no flash, in short it can’t do what the 5800 does.

  56. lim says:

    i wanna grab this soon.. this is one good cameraphone, but i am a little bit disappointed because it doesn’t have a sliding lens..

  57. manong says:

    “it doesn’t have a sliding lens..”

    that would be very innovative! or baka ibig mong sabihin sliding lens cover.. kasi pag yung lens ang nag-slide, di kaya maduling kinukuhanan mo?

  58. bestnokiaever says:

    @manong stop posting corny comments. just talk about the N8. ang corny corny mo masyado.

    and anybody here knows if that lime green will be available sa pinas?

  59. Mau says:

    nako nako pag dating nyan dito sa philippines my dad promised that bibili nya ko nan kaagad!!!!!!!!

  60. manong says:


    kung corny man ako, at least may sense.. ikaw? mukhang hindi ka pa dinadatnan kaya ka siguro masungit, no?

    dapat sa handle mo bestiphonenokiasamsungever

  61. slide says:

    i am pleased with the n8’s features and specs but i might have it as my secondary phone lng.. i’ll stick with the n900 pa din.. the world’s most hackable phone.. i have my n900 for about 3 months na and never ako magsasawa sa dami ng pwede gawin sa kanya.. i am running windows xp on my n900

  62. Lito F. says:

    To slide:
    What Windows XP you said you are running on your N900? I thought the N900 has Maemo 5 as its operating system.

  63. manong says:


    Yeah, but can it play Crysis?

  64. N8-00 says:

    Will definitely get this phone but are there any contract deals here in our country same as the other countries?

  65. jenny says:

    waaaaah mern na ba nyan d2???gs2 ko nyan. . . regalo ko na sa sarili ko bday ko bkas wooootwooot

  66. Josh_nontech says:

    @ Jenny: looked at robinson’s galleria last night, to no avail… will try at greenhills, maybe its available there already…

  67. N8-00 says:

    try london, on august 24th

  68. n8 fanatics says:

    still it’s not available in Greenhills… wew! i cant wait long.. how much kaya 2.. baka naman trial and error lng paglabas nito.. sana wala bug..Wew! almost DLSR! hehe Nokia D90.. peace!

  69. Josh_nontech says:

    nope, its not available there either… tried to look all over greenhills… and be warned, some vendors might try to dupe you and make u pay in order for them to be able to get the item.. its not on display, don’t bother!

  70. N8-00 says:

    Anybody wants an N8 now? Seems there are N8s now at China.

  71. susie says:

    what i like about N8 is that i can use a USB/external hard disk and just plug it in with the phone and be able to watch HD movies or listen to hundreds of songs without affecting my phone’s memory.. iphone 4g does not have this kind of feature…

  72. N8-00 says:

    I don’t even know why you have to mention iPhone 4(no G, yet, ok?). You a Nokia vendor? Apple just made a great iPhone again and stop criticizing it. You don’t want it, don’t buy it(or sell it). I love the N8 and will certainly get one. There are tons more better features than just the one you mentioned on the N8 than any other smartphones out for 2010.

  73. susie says:

    ok, don’t cry.. hahaha… don’t get me wrong, i don’t have anything against apple products or something.. i don’t mean to criticize anything here.. i’m just citing a certain feature that i like with nokia n8.. and fyi… i’m not a nokia vendor.. maybe you are since you are the one who is too affected with my comment.. peace.. =D

  74. JoGirl says:

    I can’t wait to have this one.

  75. Risen_sama says:

    Grrrrrrr…..gusto k rin nyan. ang mahal kasi ng iphone khit old model. $199 yung iphone 4 pero pgdating s pinas,$400-$500 yun price!!!

  76. alias0250 says:

    my comments are:

    Hardware : there are other phones out there which have higher hardware specs than N8, Android Phones and IPhone and even Samsung Bada’s..the only thing that Nokia earn points would be the ROM = 512MB, the sensor and the megapixel count

    Software : i believe that symbian is losing its popularity already, until they dont come up with a more sleek UI..
    on the other hand,i like symbian in the way of its usuability, e.g. first of all multitasking, connecting to other mobile phone via Bluetooth, PTP, FTP,PIctBridge, its ability to adapt to PC’s(even Mac OSX allows to) even as removable storage, drag symbian install files at the memory card(even without PC suite), and even internet tethering, and now additional HDMI for TV..i dont know if apple and android could do that all, oh, they just fixing bugs after bugs by the moment..haha..

    Imaging : i hope Nokia improve these on the N8, but based on the videos over the launch, i say it might be convincing

    Gaming : Nokia improve gaming pls..adapt N-Gage but beefier games..

    Battery Life : Nokia would be a little bit improving on these parts, E-Series phone at N-Series have been on good performance lately, even the 5800 could stand 5 days(beat that iPhone, usually E-series phones like E63, E72 and E90 stayed with me for 9 days)..

    still there’s room to improve, but im betting good reviews on these one before it will be released..BTW, Maemo Linux is good but too complicated like Android..

  77. jenny says:

    akala nyo lang mura ung iphone…may tax pa yun mura sya kung nka plan pro mhal ang monthly…accdg to my mom ha…d ako ngtitinda hahaha ngsasabi lang po ng opinion ko.peace N8 cant wait to have you as my new baby =)

  78. keigh says:

    do we have this phone here in phil right now? how much?

  79. keigh says:

    and san store or mall ako mkakabili ng N8? im super interested dto sa phone na to, wanna buy it.. magkano kya? hehe :)

  80. N-800 says:

    Too much info and videos already on N8 on the web. Is it possible we’ll have it sooner than the planned August 24th release? This phone is a must-have for all gadget lovers. I’m not waiting for N9, Meego, or N-thing Nokia plans to get out soon. This N8 is it.

  81. ryan says:

    san po kakabuy nyan? mron ba sa sm north?

  82. ryan says:

    kano mo yan d2 sa pinas? mron ba sa sm north?

  83. jenny says:

    dpa nlalaunch d2 sa pinas most probably last week of aug pa ilalabas sana nga d same price lang kgaya sa ibang country bka pagdtng nyan d2 nsa 30k na

  84. bro says:

    hayyysss sana nga hindi ganun kamahal pag dumating ito d2 sa pinas… iphone kc ginto ang presyo eh…

  85. ken says:

    Finally, a xenon phone after the succesful n82. Call this camera phone at its finest. Para sakin mas important ung xenon kesa sa pixels nung camera, the 12 mp is just an added bonus. The feel of the user interface kinda reminds me of iphone, I maybe considering this for christmas along with iphone 4. The only major drawback for me is its appearance. But overall, the features are superb. Bet it will start at a price of 30+k pesos

  86. keigh says:

    hey guys can u pls update me pag meron na neto here in phil… chaka kung anong price.. thanks alot.. :)

  87. Argon says:

    Honestly, everybody bashing iphone here were clearly nokia fan boys. The world has already spoken. Kahit nokia, underdog na sa apple ngaun. what the iphone lacks in features makes it up for its superb user interface and ease of use.

  88. N-800 says:

    Oh yeah, that iphone 4 thing. It burns. Dropped calls. Don’t use your left hand with it, btw.
    The Nokia N8 is the world’s greatest gadget and phone ever made. Nokia Meego might topple it. Might.

  89. Steve says:

    Yeah, The iPhone is not for professional users. The only reason why iPhones are top sellers is because they “dumb” down the interface for new users. Removal of flash on their browser and little drop down menu options. If you’re a novice user, you choose Android or Symbian. For me, Android is a tad better in usability and in touchscreens, but the new Nokia N8 just packs a punch with the HDMI and USB-in ports. I can’t wait to have this phone!

  90. ken says:

    I am an avid nokia user for almost 8 years, whan i switched to apple, everything was fresh and new, then i realized iphone is a major downgrade of my former nokia phones. No free apps, no superb camera, no drag and drop applications, honestly even with an iphone, i still can’t get over my lost n82, it has superb camera. I will be definetley going back to nokia

  91. cindy says:

    wow,so many comments.honestly,im a nokia fan because of its many feats and am already used to it.but then when this iphone thing launched,aun na,im getting confuse na what to really buy.Upon reading all the comments here,it seemed like marami ang my gusto sa nokia,so i would say i’ll go for nokia n lng tlg.

  92. CuriousOne says:

    which is better? N900 or N8?
    naghahanap kasi ako ng bagong phone, as of now, N900 pa lang ang nakikita kong magandang model…
    can someone suggest me a good phone? thanks!

  93. ncute says:

    gusto ko ng bumili ng n8 celpone but saan nmn ako makkabili nito.gusto ko n sya mapasakin pero d ko lam kung san sya mabibili.

  94. jenny says:

    @ ncute – kung may kilala ka sa singapore mern na.

  95. redMine says:

    Sana wag lumampas ng P30,000 pag narelease na sa market.. (fingers crossed)

  96. CuriousOne says:


    sana nga wag lumagpas…

    mukhang mas maganda to sa N900 eh…

    kaso hindi pa din ako makapag decide kung N900 or N8 bilihin ko e…

  97. redMine says:


    Mas maganda nga to sa n900.

    just consider yung multimedia capabilities nya. I’ll definitely go for this one..

    Pero kung gusto palaging magnet sa phone and di naman masyado gusto ng mutimedia features, N900 suites you.. well fitted kasi ang slide up keyboard and the maemo OS.

    N900 is 24k ngayon sa market, so sana malapit lng ang price ng n8 sakanya.. since denisign nmn xa ng nokia na para sa middle class users…:| hehe

  98. CuriousOne says:


    tingin ko paglabas nyan dito satin around 28-33k yan…

    parang gusto ko din ng N8 kaso dami ako nakikitang review ng symbian os mejo luma na daw. Ano bang difference ng browsers between these two devices? kasi kung multimedia I’ll go for N8 din, kaso gusto ko din ng mabilis ang browser. :D

  99. ken says:

    CuriousOne, kung gusto mo tlaga ng perma phone na all in one na, go for this one. Yung iphone pang porma lng nmn talaga eh mahal pa. trust me, im a 3gs user since feb, so far ok nmn madali ako nagsawa, ayun nasa drawer ko nlng. I still prefer nokia over the apple products. When I got my n82, di pa rin ako mka getover kahit more than 1 year na sakin. Go for this.

  100. redMine says:


    Yung mga nakita mong review ng Symbian e mga lumang OS. the Symbian OS on this one is a whole brand new OS and wala pang nakakagawa ng intensive review regarding this OS kasi xempre, that will be out the market together with N8 device.

    Both OS, Symbian^3 and Maemo are great evolutions from nokia, except that they are specialized. If you live by the browser, it is Maemo’s specialty. If you Love apps and multimedia, Symbian is the special OS for that.

    That’s why N900 has the maemo OS because like the other OS present in the market,(android and iOS4) they are specialized for browsing. And Maemo is nokia’s arsenal on that arena, with the help fropm Intel. You’ll notice that devices which are running on this OS’ doesn’t have a high end multimedia capability.

    N8 has highend multimedia features that’s why it was run with the evolved Symbian^3 with minor added features from other OS because it his specialization.

    Kaya since multimedia and functionality ang habol ko.. I’ll go with N8. hehe ikaw ba?

  101. cindy says:

    hay…when is this thing will be launch here..i can’t wait for this any longer…im too excited about this…lol…

  102. CuriousOne says:

    gusto ko din nitong N8…

    sana lang mura siya, mga around 27k paglabas… buy na talaga ako nito…

  103. secret says:

    hi, i worked as an tech support for Nokia. Our specialist told us that Symbian will be soon phased out, maemo org/os will replace it. :)

  104. secret says:

    AS A TECH SUPPORT* , i mean.

  105. CuriousOne says:

    if symbian will be phased out, then why did nokia used symbian^3 on N8?? why not use maemo/meego on this device?

    oh if you work for nokia, any idea when is the exact release date of N8 here in the philippines?

  106. zkieh says:

    ito ppbli q as xmas gift..
    astig kc… ^_^

  107. secret says:

    @CuriousOne: Nokia has been released in UK now. I’m a tech support for UK cluster, and i do not know what is the exact date N8 will be officially launch here in the Philippines.

    May N8 proto-phone kami, so nahawakan ko na siya for real, and mabilis yung browser.

    Plan palang yung pag phased out ng Symbian, pero our specialist from Belgium confirmed it na Nokia will use meego in the future. ^^ Thy didn’t use meego in N8 kasi on going na yung paggawa when they’re planning about it. :)

    better call Nokia support for Philippines: 886 1234 for you to know kung anong date lalabas N8.

  108. roan carl says:

    available na dito sa dubai by oct 1 yan N8, im planning to get one for my son, maybe the price is 2,400 dirhams or roughly 28k php compared to Ipone4 16gb which is 4k dir = 48k pesos ang mahal hehehe…

  109. July says:

    I am not a Nokia fan but seeing this phone made me crazy of waiting.

    Hope to have that kind of phone.

  110. chiemi says:

    I’ve been using nokia phones for almost 10 years na, ok lang na mn yung mga features..I want this N8 pero nung makita ko ang top 10 phones summer 2010, di ko na alam anong phone bibilhin ko..huhuhu ano ba talaga mas maganda? I need your suggestions guys..thanks!

    Top 10 Phones Summer 2010: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqyxcGZHw6M&NR=1

  111. Kyuhyun says:

    According to an article in Philippine Star (the foreigner guy’s column about Nokia World last week) 24k daw price sa Philippines?

    If 24k, then it’s a yes for me! Pero I still want to read more reviews of it. Kailan kaya sa Philippines irerelease?

  112. CuriousOne says:

    sabi nila by agu-sept daw… gang ngaun wala pa din…. >_< sana lumabas na to. gusto ko na bumili ng phone!

  113. intrimitida says:

    with my N82 (ive been using this for 2+ years na) super satisfied na ako! what more kung ilabas na yang N8 na yan! Can’t wait!! :D

  114. Prinz cipher says:

    If only it has 1 ghz processor and Android OS, It would kick all the smartphones out there, but sadly not. I’m gonna buy Samsung wave, probably the best smartphone now. Iphone 4 sucks.

  115. ex-5800xm says:

    for all of you who just can’t wait to get their hands on N8 ;)


  116. CuriousOne says:


    thanks sa link pre! kaso ano to bundled xa sa smart??

    kung baga sa globe is iPhone?

    pa clarify naman, kapag openline siya, I’ll reserve one agad! sana lahat ng colors available!

  117. redMine says:

    wow! 23,699!! ang mura!! yehey! haha

  118. yizhan says:

    A very reasonable price for a Symbiam 3 OS. I think this one’s gonna hit the market.

  119. redMine says:

    kaya lang walang green dito! and the stylus is not included on the package..

  120. ex-5800xm says:

    you can opt-out with the smart package. it’s just an option. though i am not sure if it’s sim-lock to smart or not, hopefully it’s openline.

    can’t wait for october 23rd to come :D

  121. CuriousOne says:

    bakit walang blue… gusto ko sana yung blue eh, lalabas kaya yun dito sa pinas????

    kasi kung lalabas yung blue dito satin, kahit hindi na ako magpa reserve.

    kaso nung tinignan ko yung site ng n8 ang choices ng color is yung black, white and orange…

    pwede ba pa post naman ng info kung lalabas yung color blue dito sa pinas! thanks!

    tapos pa post na din kung when ang official(yung hindi pareserve)(what a term lol!) dito sa pinas? thanks din!

  122. leemar says:

    I decided to buy andoid phone, now I have motorola droid, super phone na ito…

  123. Steve says:

    Two words: HTC Desire.

  124. Rem says:

    @redMine, I think Nokia didn’t include a stylus because the N8 has a Capacitive screen. Meaning yung fingers lang pwede. Sa Resistive lang yung stylus diba?

  125. redMine says:


    it is packed with a capacitive stylus in some markets eh.. it’s the Nokia SU-36. I think those markets are for countries with special input characters like china and saudi arabia.

    Hmm kala ko pa naman kasi may preorder na magkakaroon na ako agad nito dito, but i guess sa saudi na lang talaga ako magpapabili ng color green.. inclusive with a stylus..

  126. CuriousOne says:


    ibig sabihin kung anong colors lang yung nasa preorder yan lang din ang lalabas dito sa phil? kung walang color blue dito, sa Dubai na lang ako magpapabili. sayang naman…

  127. MissWa says:


    masyado kang madameng reklamo.. kung gusto mo nung blue edi sa Dubai ka na bumili.. dame mong sinasabe.. kung tlgang gusto mo ung N8 kahit anong kulay pa yan okay lang.. may kinalaman ba ung performance nyan pag iba kulay>?!!?!?!

  128. redMine says:


    Yes.. hindi kasi parepareho ang avilable color per market eh, in our case, in the Philippines, we only have 3 available colors.. dark grey, silver and orange.. colors chosen by nokia philippines.

    in Malaysia’s case they have dark grey, silver and green..

  129. CuriousOne says:


    thanks sa info sir. can you give me a link kung san possible malaman ang mga available colors in certain countries.

  130. CuriousOne says:


    sino po kausap mo? si red ba o ako?

    kung ako po kausap nyo, hindi ako nag rereklamo, may karapatan po tayong pumili ng kulay, kaya nga binigyan ng variety para makapamili…
    bibili ka na lang din ng phone sagarin mo na, dapat yung pasok sa gusto mo ang bibilihin mo. wag ka po mag start ng flame dito. ok?

  131. MissWa says:

    paki tignan nga po ulet ung comment ko..

    may nka lagay na @redmine..

    so, sa tingin mo ba para sayo yun??

  132. redMine says:

    Hala.. haha Kulay green ang gusto ko hindi blue.. and sa saudi ako magpapabili hindi sa Dubai..

    Parang nagulo yata tayo dito.. hehe may nagpapansin..

  133. CuriousOne says:


    kaya nga po klinaro ko lang… kasi naka address kay red tapos yung color and country na sinabi nyo sakin… pakicheck na lang po previous post nyo para ok. thank!


    naguluhan din ako eh… clarify na lang pafs. hehehe…

  134. Zero says:

    Nokia n8 is the most anticipated phone ever! Affordable na, unbelievable pa ung specs! Simply put: nokia always makes us feel at home!

  135. Rem says:

    @redMine, Ohh, I see. Pero para sakin hindi na siya kelangan. :D Para sa mga ayaw sa N8, Maghintay lang kayo, Sony will be shipping 8.0 MP and 16.0 MP Camera Modules equipped with EXMOR R sensor for mobile phones!

  136. intrimitida says:

    hey! may nakuha akong free movie tickets.. i think galing ng Nokia un kse nagpareserve ako..

    anyone hu got free tickets din??

  137. CuriousOne says:


    pwede makahingi ng link about dun sa mobile phone na sinasabi mo? wait ko na lang po. thanks!

  138. Rem says:

    @CuriousOne, it’s not a phone, it’s just a camera for mobile phones. :D But there’s a rumor about the Apple iPhone 5 (2011) having an 8 mega pixel camera made by Sony.

  139. Rem says:

    @CuriousOne, it’s not a phone, it’s just a camera designed for cellphones. :D But there’s a rumor about the Apple iPhone 5 (2011) having an 8 mega pixel camera made by Sony.

  140. Zethables says:

    me too :) i got 2 tickets does it mean ksama sa 800? o freebies sa lht ng umorder?

  141. Rem says:

    UPDATE! Sony Ericsson just released a 16.0 Megapixel Cyber shot phone in Japan! :D

  142. intrimitida says:

    ung Sony Ericsson’s 16.2-megapixel S006 Cyber-shot handset is halos kaparehas ng N8 sa itsura ah.. kso magkano naman kaya yan..

  143. Rem says:

    @intrimitida, wala pa daw price nung inanounce eh. Sayang, sana magkaroon ng GSM version para magamit dito. :P

  144. CuriousOne says:

    grabe naman… hindi pa nga nagtatagal yung N8 may bago na naman…. whew~ grabe tech ngayon, parang araw araw na lang may bago…

    tanung lang, ano ba mas maganda quality ng mga camera phones? yung may carl zeiss optics ng nokia or yung CMOS ng sony ericsson?

  145. intrimitida says:

    may dineliver nanaman ang LBC.. haha :)

    akala ko ung N8 na.. POPCORN pala! :D

    yum yum! :P

  146. Rem says:

    para sakin mas maganda talaga yung sa Sony. Kasi may EXMOR R para sa low light. Eh yung SE S006 wala yatang xenon flash! Pero yung Carl Zeiss diba brand ng lens yun? Tapos yung CMOS, sensor ng mga camera ng cellphones? Alam ko wala naman sa optics yun, I compared my K800i with my classmate’s N73. Mas maganda pa din sa K800i. :D natatalo lang sa sensor size.

  147. vidgen13 says:

    6 months after lumabas yan bababa ag presyo nyan kaya antay n lng muna. Best thing about nokia is the community. Astig mga custom firmware d aq nagcc sa 5800 ko.

  148. knicknack says:

    where can i purchase one? pls reply for im so excited having this.

  149. jason24589 says:

    Let’s make some Nokia N8 vs. iPhone 4 camera showdown!!! xD

  150. Josh_nontech says:

    guys im using the N8 now, and it really, really rocks! in a major major way! hehehe… its the best phone ive ever had (after my iphone 3gs, that is) but when it comes to the sound quality, iphone beats my current phone 1-2, meaning in terms of sound, iphone still stands out(to somewhat my dismay)… albeit this small hindrance, this phone still rocks! movies doesn’t have to be converted, hehehe…

  151. dexter says:

    kahawig na Ericsson AINO, db????????
    oero mas cool kasi me green aztig p dinnnnnn…..

  152. Aw! Php22,000? Is that final? P22,00? Hala! Un tlaga ung price niya or, baka pwede pang ibaba yan? Well, sana mabili ko yan! But kung bibili ako, mas gusto ko ung, orange or white or green. But I think, mas aztig ang green! \m/

    Suggested Link:


  153. OMNOMNOM. says:


  154. redMine says:

    hmmm I am expecting this phone nga to be released at the price of more than 30,000. and nung pagtingin ko sa pre-order, nasa 23,600 lang… and pagtingin ko sa SM megamall nung sunday, 21,000 lang xa… di ko ineexpect na ganun yung magiging pricing nya…

  155. jenny says:

    san sa sm? sa rp khpon 22k smart

  156. jenny says:

    saang sm?sa rp smart 22k pa

  157. rose says:

    nakabili aq sa rob place manila 3rdfloor 21,900
    sa 22o lng wla q idea sa symbiam3 n yan basta pinabili q lng ok nmn xia pero panu bq makakapag face book un lng nmn like q eh ahahha pls help :)) thanks

  158. Ariel Eata says:

    Hindi ako nagkamali ng i trade yung HTC desire ko sa nokia n8. OO mabilis ng HTC because of 1ghz procesor kaya kapalit naman ng performance eh battery kahit anong battery saving gawin mo basta android tpos 1ghz madidismaya ka lang for sure. Ive been a nokia user since 5110 pa lol ganun ako ka loyal sa nokia kaya lng triny ko mag HTC desire. OO ganda ng UI pero anong gagawin mo dun? kung mabilis naman ma Lowbat kahit i off mo un mga 3g and etc wala rin. Mga 2nd week lng nagsawa ako agad sa UI ng adroid although daming customization. kung habol mo browsing then mag android ka parang desktop. pero balik ako sa symbian^3 ok nmn sya. wla pa nmn ako naging problem sa N8 ko. sakto lng performance. Impresive sa video and picture taking. para sakin mas ok to kesa sa HTC desire ko. sa mga negative na mababasa nyo tungkol sa n8 wag kyo maniniwala unless kyo mismo merong n8 at na experience nyo. Sakin ok na ok ang nokia n8. sa mga nag hahanap ng mura eto website http://kimstore.multiply.com/photos/album/245/Nokia_Mobile_Phones p21,400 dyan ko binili yung akin

  159. sano says:

    HI guys!! cnu want HD Games like Avatar, Hero of Sparta, Need for Speed Shift, Etc… for Nokia n8? just post ir

  160. MB says:

    hi, I just got this phone (gift ni misis for xmas hehe). im an android user although I’ve been using nokia since the 5110’s pero naputol upto e63. I want touchscreen kasi… anyway, is the rumor about n8 true? may problems na ba dito sa philippines? Nako if meron talaga defect sa mga units, ma disappoint talaga misis ko. Sayang naman yung perang ibinili niya sa unit na ito. Mr. yuga, may issue naba nag surface from the philippine market mga dead N8?

  161. chard says:

    Yung mga naunang N8 yung may defecto, pero yung yung batch 2 stable na siya, 011.012 batch2,, check mo *#0000#,

  162. Charlie says:

    san pwede mabili sa manila yan

  163. MB says:

    Thank God 011.012 batch 2 yung nabili nang misis ko. hehehe thanks for the info.

  164. Dtwelveuâ„¢ Finado V says:

    Just bought it at DEC 9… The entire Metro Manila Nokia store are Out of Stock and even to the non-nokia appliances store… Well end up having the Chrome at Megamall..with the help the reps there. its such an amusing phone.. but i hate the thought of the dark grey is a limited edition… when liked the dark grey and end up with Orange just to have N8 for sake… these are the best of its features…

    whats the coolest ever encounter
    – 12 Megapixel
    – HD recording
    – Compatible to LCD and LED TV
    – Multi-touch for photo zooming
    – Good Application and widgets
    – Direct USB Flash Drive connectivity & browse
    – Battery Saver mode
    – Xenon Flash like the digital cameras
    – Photo editing features like photoshop
    – Most essential application
    – Music playlist interface like itouch
    – Good GPS connectivity built in Asia Map

    Whats not…
    – No handwriting mode
    – Cannot change the keyboard settings
    – No Lights for Night Vision Video
    – On Night Video does not respond smoothly
    – Limited for Black color case (housing)
    – Nokia did not made the sensor flip on all sides
    – Anti Virus not included

  165. Markney says:

    Sure na ba na wala ng defects ung 2nd batch ng n8? kasi natatakot ako bumili pero gustong gusto ko talaga ng n8 :(

  166. omgitsthucookiemunstah says:

    I also have this phone. this phone is awesome when it comes to the camera but for the features, not that much. but I still love this phone and its way better than my c7.

  167. CuriousOne says:

    What would be the pros and cons of buying this phone from another country? Coz I’m planning to buy the phone in UAE and have it shipped here.

  168. rain railey says:

    magkano yan n8?
    pati 6260 slide?matibay ba yung 6260 na slide?

  169. pknots26 says:

    hi! i just bought a new N8, sabi nila it was manufactured May 2011 kaso may purple tint yung display. Ayaw ireplace nung store na pinagbilihan ko, any suggestions?

  170. carl says:

    nokia n8 is incomplete in system both its videos and photos are on the same folder, it is not that much in application, but its camera is above all of the phones, that’s the only thing that good about this thing, the rest… i think samsung SGS were best!:D

  171. king_cai18 says:

    N8 have a very good cam but not so nice in application features.More better to have iphone and android handset than any of NOKIA Units…

  172. each time i used to read smaller articles that also clear their motive, and that
    is also happening with this article which I am reading now.

  1. March 18, 2015

    […] back in-rank with the capabilities of Android and iOS devices. The N8 looks promising with all its features – HD video recording, large storage capacity and […]

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