Cherry Mobile Magnum HD is an Android!

Cherry Mobile Magnum HD is an Android!

The high-end smartphones are gonna get some serious competition with the Cherry Mobile Magnum HD. This HTC HD2 look-alike could spoil the entry of the HTC Desire HD later this year with an unbelievable price of Php18,990.


Cherry Mobile Magnum HD
Android OS 2.2 (Froyo)
Qualcomm 1GHz processor
4.1” WVGA capacitive touchscreen (480 x 800 pixels)
512MB RAM expandable up to 32GB via microSD
3G, HSDPA 14.4 Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g
5 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash
720p video recording
Front facing VGA camera
Bluetooth 2.0
Cherry Magnum HD Price: Php18,990

A pretty decent Android smartphone. It would be interesting to pit this handset with several others already in the market — like the Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire and even the iPhone 4.

{via PTB}

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252 Responses

  1. Eason says:

    Serious opponent indeed, This or the Samsung Wave?

    But based on the screen size, looks like Cherry Mobile has an edge along with Cherry Mobile Nova and their tablet.

    The specs can be compared almost to an Galaxy S…O_O

  2. Eason says:

    But one question….WHAT IS THE BATTERY SPECS!!!!

  3. Cheftonio says:

    this is a very interesting product! how long kaya will the battery last on 3g?

  4. Angelo says:

    This is one sexy device. Hope to hear a review soon.

  5. Caloy says:

    *wipes drool of face*

  6. Caloy says:


    *wipes drool off face*

  7. akosiniko says:

    Sir. Would you recommend this one?
    I’m planning to buy an android phone kasi.
    First choice ko is wildfire and Galaxy 5.
    Okay kaya tong Cherry? :]

  8. Fleeb says:

    Battery specs? What is that?

  9. akosiniko says:

    hopefully Cherry did something with the battery specs.
    yun lagi problem sa kanila.

  10. Caloy says:

    any word on possible release date?

  11. mike says:

    I don’t know which to buy now. This or the Superion?

    Any thoughts Yuga?

  12. Eason says:

    @Fleeb : The battery capacity, how many mAh

    Like the Galaxy S that has a 1500mAh battery capacity.

  13. SAM YG says:

    Ok na sana dahil sa Android OS, kaso nde yata to Duall-Sim eh!

  14. cutemoboy says:

    how long is the battery on this 1?

  15. jae says:

    ahhh but did Cherry build it good enough for it to work right for at least a year?

  16. irve says:

    another scrap android. more chinese vendors are coming.

  17. Aaron says:

    It’s a china phone, I found the oem in alibab according to the site batt is 1400 mah

  18. bong says:

    don’t read too much on the battery rating. Look how the OS and HW will suck every drop of it in no time.

  19. Ryan says:

    Interesting device…

    But I hope the phone’s finish won’t chip like the model’s nails. Nyaahahaha

  20. Fleeb says:

    Okay, my mind wandered off for a minute there. I was thinking something to the physical measurement of dimensions and weight. :P

  21. Jhay says:

    China phone or not, this would definitely sell. Besides, competition has always been good in this market, it might even entice the big players to lower their prices even by just a bit.

  22. arns lugue says:

    Ang cheap naman. Cheap lang bibili nito. Saka cheap OEM phone yan, rinebrand lang ng Cherry Mobile.

    Android + China Phone + Average Pinoy Consumer = SOLD (regardless of battery life)

  23. simplynice93 says:

    A Cherry Mobile Smartphone??!! Android pa??!! I still can’t believe it…

  24. watusi says:

    yan ang pinoy made…hehehehe humahabol sa big names

  25. garz says:

    high society ka ba? obviously you’re NOT the target market of this one so don’t make comments about cheapness.. it is made to be cheap so the average filipino can have a froyo. you’re exacerbating other people’s low morale..

  26. garz says:


    @arns lugue: high society ka ba? obviously you’re NOT the target market of this one so don’t make comments about cheapness.. it is made to be cheap so the average filipino can have a froyo. you’re exacerbating other people’s low morale..

  27. LunaTech says:

    i agree with GARZ

  28. Daniel says:

    good phone for cherry mobile! i like cherry mobile because they create good phones unlike myphone and torque.

  29. Rolex says:


    Looks like you’re being defensive of your cheapness.

  30. Rolex says:


    Looks like you’re being defensive of your cheapness.

    Cheapness begets insatiable performance, except for a few known brands like sandisk.

    If I were you, I would keep my neutral comments to myself and start thinking about the ramifications of luring the people into a China phone that’s not even a pinch worthy of Android.

  31. Rolex says:

    Yuga himself admits that the brand’s been plagued with problems. Getting Android for their unreliable handsets is the worst cop-out these Chinese bastards have schemed.

  32. chinitoguy29 says:

    this phone makes me feel PROUD TO BE PINOY! A PINOY MADE PHONE using an ANDROID OS!

  33. Angus G. says:


    LOL, have you been living on the moon? These cheaply-made phones are made in poverty-drowned Shenzen factories and were just rebranded on their way to the Philippines.

  34. dongv says:

    am eyeing for an Froyo phone, but I will wait for the major brand to drop their price instead, but lets see, may be some real life review can change my mind,

  35. eric says:

    tama na ang minsang nagkamali akong bumili ng cherry mobile product. i will never buy again any products that has a cherry mobile mark on it.

  36. jan says:

    god, ang ibang pilipino talaga ang sarap batukan sa ulo! ang mga brand na samsung dell etc.. nagsimula rin yan sa mga mumurahin, sirain ang mga laptop nila nun nung start up company plang sila kahit basahin niyo pa yung history nila. support filipino products!

  37. raymond says:

    @ Angus G.

    open your phone, laptop, or any device you are using to post on this blog: READ: MADE IN CHINA. China’s now the number 2 economy next to the US. Get over it. Even iPad is made in China. What’s important is it’s not fake and it works.

  38. arns lugue says:


    Bobo, ang Dell products matibay na nung una pa. Ung Samsung may history na rin ng sirain yan, but please cite your sources naman para credible ang kabobohan mo.

  39. eric says:

    @jan (samsung, dell, etc) but their products don’t look cheap when they started. i will only be proud with Cherry Mobile if pwede siyang ipagmalaki sa buong mundo. sirang-sira na ang pangalan ng mga pinoy sa ibang bansa, wag na nating dagdagan pa with this cheap company.

  40. arns lugue says:


    Whatever works for your pea-sized brain, go for it. Phones manufactured from China are different from China phones. China phones are substandard and lack precise quality control standards.

    Look at it this way:

    Samsung has a factory in China that has say, 500 employees that work full-time to ensure the quality of their products.

    Cheap, unregulated China phone companies (from where Cherry Mobile gets their line of phones), on the other hand, only employ a bunch of Chinese rednecks to manufacture their products. Cost-cutting means reduced quality.

    Global power has nothing to do here. As Warren Buffet said, China’s a bubble waiting to pop anytime soon.

    Your logic seems irreverent to this blog post.

  41. eric says:

    i still have my 2005 Dell Axim x51v, hanggang ngayon never pang pumalya. maraming magagandang products from china, pero yung sa mga known companies lang, yung may dinaanang quality control.

  42. Warner says:

    The phone is cool but I don’t think this phone can receive an updates every time Google release a new version of android. Just like any other android phones. Google don’t have control of those kind of phones. Even SAMSUNG company has lots of developers working around the clock to get the Android v2.2 working on their phones which was planned for a September release, but as you know, it’s October! how much more for this Cherry Mobile. If Google will release an Android v3, I don’t think this phone can get an update. Maybe buy another cherry mobile phone with v3? heheh

  43. Warner says:

    By the way, I’m using Google Nexus One, in which google has control =)

  44. arns lugue says:


    My thoughts exactly. Andaming bobong nagpopost sa site na ito. Nationalism has nothing to do with how these phones are going to perform.

  45. arns lugue says:


    You’re right too. Cherry Mobile focuses on marketing, not on firmware/software development, so why bother buying a phone that’s not going to update anytime soon?

  46. berkano says:

    They Android for pricepoints and markets where they most likely be ignored. It is an attractive phone indeed, but what’s gonna stop future buyers from adding a few more pesos to get an HTC or a Samsung? Wrong move, Cherry Mobile.

  47. berkano says:

    Now they champion Android for pricepoints and markets where they most likely will be ignored. It is an attractive phone indeed, but what’s gonna stop future buyers from adding a few more pesos to get an HTC or a Samsung? Wrong move, Cherry Mobile.

  48. Eason says:

    This mobile is not made by Cherry Mobile, its just OEM phone branded as Cherry Mobile like the other 2 phones.

    Cherry Mobile is a Philippine brand that just re brands Chinese phones as to themselves, nothing to be proud about that.

    Even if I like the specs, the fact that its Cherry Mobile and with my bad experience to them even in their ALCATEL, iTech, HTC, Dopood days made me turn off to their products.

    Warranty claiming in their company takes MONTHS!!!!

  49. Katrice says:

    Di ata makarespond sa mga logical argument ang mga Cherry Mobile fanboys?

  50. raymond says:

    @arns lugue

    You call me a pea-sized brain when you don’t even know my educational attainment? Don’t ask. I don’t want to insult mine. The point here is you give your useless inputs without having an iota of information about the manufacturing standards of these new products. FYI: Although they are not made in Apple or Samsung factories, there are manufacturing establishments that are ISO Certified to ensure quality of products. Google it my friend if you don’t know what ISO means.

    Still, there are no companies that have 100% efficiency in producing consumer electronics. That’s why they offer 1 yr parts and service warranty. And this include Cherry Mobile which separates it from substandard China products. Do you get it? Now, with regards to product performance, what credibility do you possess in giving prejudgements when you havent even tested it? Those who were there at the event says it works quite well. You have absolutely zero credibility.

    With regards to updates? Granting that the device is not updateable, it’s still not bad comparing it to the present crop of devices including the SE X10 which still runs on Android 1.6. and Samsung which still runs at 2.1. Why are they lagging behind? it’s because they are still incorporating their own flavored UI to the Android which still works quite well even without those personalized touches. Thats GRANTING that they are not updateable.

    So just shut up and let the professional reviewers do their jobs first. You’re doing a great disservice to those who look at products based on performance and not on brand names and fanboy comments.

  51. Manny says:

    why is there too much angst and bitterness in the yugatech blogs, regardless of product type and brand?

    we’re all here to enjoy looking at what technology is available in the market, right?

  52. Katrice says:

    Wow, a disgruntled and “purportedly” educated fanboy on top of me. That’s a lot of punctuation errors for someone who does not want to disclose his real name.

    Mind you, those bells and whistles add “taste” and “branding” to the product; otherwise, the phones would only come out as generic pieces of crap like every other Cherry Mobile phone out there.

    If Cherry Mobile is really meeting standards, why the hell don’t they post any “manufacturing process” videos on their site or on YouTube.

    ISO Certified, you say? Why can’t I find that badge anywhere on the Cherry Mobile site?

    Parts & services warranty? Where in the world have you seen a company that shelves its RMA’d phone for months before returning it to the customers. That isn’t even in the slightest sense “warranty”, dumbass.

    You, my half-witted friend — along with your dismal defenses in favor of this bamboozling company — are a sight to behold.

  53. geez! says:

    angst much?

    lets try to wait for the official product review before you guys bash your heads out. (:

  54. Berong says:


    It’s neutral douchebag consumers like you who give this blog a bad reputation.

  55. eric says:

    Cherry Mobile sucks… Nakakainis ang kunyari nilang warranty, sa madalas na pagkasira ng mga phones nila, maiinis ka ng babalik para ipagawa pa. Hindi ako galit sa Cherry Mobile, but please be professional naman in dealing with your customers.

  56. jan says:

    e bat ang japan? diba masama ang tingin natin sa kanila, pero tingnan niyo ngayon? bili ng bile ang mga pinoy ng jaapanese brand plsss.. kailangan ng isang company na matatag na foundation at manyayari lang yun kung susuportahan na tin sila. nakarinig ka na ba ng comapny na nagsimula internationally at nag expand locally? ang bobo niyo,

  57. Alex11 says:

    this is insane and lupet!

  58. Berong Burat says:


    Eh bobo ka pala eh, eh siyempre pioneer cla ng technology dati pa. Oh Pilipinas nga lang Bobo na presidente, sympre mas bobo nun ung mga produkto.

  59. jan says:

    @arns, ang tanga mo! ung dell nabasa ko yun weeks ago sa tech innovation class namin.

  60. JunAlquis says:

    respect to cherry mobile just respect.
    the 100,000/month sales is not just for show indeed.

  61. Berong Burat says:

    Tech Innovation Class? Anu yun, non-technical subject na wala namang implication sa intellect ng tao.

  62. jan says:

    berong burat isara mo yang mabahong bunganga mo. di ikaw kausap ko

  63. Berong Burat says:


  64. allan says:

    i don’t know what’s the fuss is all about?
    either you liked it or not.
    some people liked this because of the price. w/c i think is a great welcome to the smartphone war.
    they think sacrificing brand name & quality is an acceptable inconvenience. then ok.
    then again, if you can afford it, then buy what you want.
    peace guys. let’s not fight over this.

  65. pro cdr-king says:

    Still waiting for that cdr-king android phone.

    Cherry should release a 5k “disposable” android phone for the masses even w/ v1.6. Though uber cheap, that ought to sell like pancakes (or dvd blanks)

  66. Berong Burat says:

    I actually consider all phones priced below 10k to be disposable.

  67. Pusang Kulog says:

    @Yuga – looks like some folks are trying to rob out’s reputation and professionalism… Tsk tsk tsk…

    It’s not about your English nor your education folks. It’s about you as a person. Kahit ano sabihin nyo tungkol sa Cherry Mobile, kung ganyan ang paraan ng pagsasabi ninyo, walang makikinig sa inyo.

    At kung may mageemo sa post ko, sorry ka na lang dahil ituturing kitang parang kabag na kailangan nang pawalan at limutin… He he he…

    Kidding aside, I think I’ll wait for the review of this product. You’ll never know when you’ll get a good bang for the buck… ;-)


  68. hell yeah says:

    palagay ko tama lahat kayo pero ang totoo walang kwenta talaga yang cherry mobile products – baket di porke’t walang kwenta siya hindi na sya bebenta? bebenta pa rin syempre

  69. mga bakla ba kayo?! says:

    mga bakla yata ang mga tao dito eh, mahilig sa sagutan, bakla lang ang talak ng talak gaya pagpapakita ng katalinuhan nila kuno!!!

  70. vondoom says:

    @raymond please respond. I enjoy your posts the most. The dumber the response the better. Please.

  71. UGALI says:

    i like this post -> “It’s not about your English nor your education folks. It’s about you as a person.”

    kaya mahirap ang pilipinas hindi dahil bobo ang mga pilipino. may problema lang tayo sa ating “attitude”.

    simpleng simple. Cherry Mobile Magnum HD ang blog post, pero yun mga comments puro pag-aaway, may “tanga” at “bobo” words pa.

    Cherry Mobile Magnum HD is a nicely spec’d phone, pero hindi ako bibili niyan dahil may mas gusto akong phone. PERIOD.

  72. Hm. My main phone is a Samsung Corby TXT, which I got for the QWERTY keyboard. It’s my SMS workhorse.

    My LG Cookie touch-screen is a pretty thing, and it was fun to use when it was my primary phone, but it turned out I needed the QWERTY function more; now it’s my alternate phone using Globe Tattoo for Twitter reading.

    On top of all this, I got a Cherry Mobile Q1 for the PLDT Call All SIM. It looks like a toy, and it was cheap so obviously it’s got no bells and whistles at all, BUT! All I need it to do is call people on their landlines – and it does *that* pretty well.

    Call me a lucky and satisfied user – yes, and cheap too. If people get the function/s they want at the prices they want, then I guess that’s a fair exchange.

  73. Roy says:

    To all the pacifists who’ve commented in the past three hours:

    Don’t shove your neutral and obviously self-endearing comments on this post. Let the people speak.

    Obvious hypocrites kayo. Admit it, ginagawa niyo lang yan para magmukhang kayo ang may almighty point, whereas sa totoo lang, “to each his own.”

    Don’t tell people to shut up. Let everyone speak for his/herself. We live in a democratic country.

  74. Ronnel says:

    Nice… natutuwa ako sa English niyo.. I’m learning… Haha!

    Peace everyone! ^^V

  75. Ronnel says:


    Isang malaking tama!

    Masyado kayong maraming alam.. :)

    Sumobra naman yata yung mga alam niyo.

  76. Ms. Rinoa says:


    Tama. Let the people speak — even the rude ones. This is a democratic country and the website’s nameservers are hosted on democratic shores, haha.

    Masyado kayong pa-hero effect kasi.

  77. UGALI says:

    hahaha, tinamaan ako dun ah.

    unang-una pareng ROY, hindi nakalagay dito ang tunay kong pangalan para macredit sa akin yung pagiging pa-hero effect. hindi ko kelangang magmagaling.

    Ms. Rinoa, ma’am wala naman pumipigil sa kanilang magsalita e.

    ang nabasa nyo po sa last 3-hour post dito ay opinyon lang din namin. sabi nyo nga we live in a democratic country. ok lang bang magpost din kami ng opinion namin?

    kung MAS nag-eenjoy kayong basahin ang mga “bobo” , “tanga” words kysa sa mga mas “positive” na posts, wala rin ako magagawa. try nyo manood ng fliptop sa youtube, ayus yun.

    pero sa palagay ko, sa palagay ko lang ha. kung ganyan ang naging reaksyon nyo sa pagkakabasa ng posts namin na nagsasabing “hindi dapat mag-away… etc.. etc… attitude… as a person… etc.. etc..”, I-N-S-E-C-U-R-E kayo. hindi nyo matanggap na may mas malalim mag-isip sa inyo. hindi nyo matanggap na sa gitna ng kaguluhan someone ELSE stood up para sabihin ang MAS tamang gawin.. again, this is just my opinion.

    if your definition of DEMOCRACY ay pag-tatalo, welga, rally, pag-aaway, hindi pagkakasundo, debate, murahan… guys, lalong hindi uunlad ang bansa natin.. do not use “democracy” as an excuse para sabihin ang mga walang kwentang bagay…may utak naman tyo. sa palagay ko, sa palagay ko lang ha, meron din naman kayong utak.

    iwasan po natin ang pagiging insecure at pagiging utak-talangka.

  78. Ms. Rinoa says:

    Actually, Mr. UGALI

    I think you’re exaggerating your claims na ang maling definition ng DEMOCRACY ay pagtatalo at pagmumura. It’s all part of the human subliminal thought na magmura, ika nga. And it’s natural to invoke those cuss statements on blog posts. Actually, people over at Slashdot and Engadget are far worse than the commenters here, but they’re actually intellectuals — some even MENSA and Prometheus club members.

    Kung nadidisgust po kayo sa mga comment dito, then find another safe haven blog to read. Or better yet, start a blog of your own so you can moderate the incoming comments.


  79. bugoy says:

    i was just wondering, san kaya nagtatrabaho si arns ^_^

    im using a china phone. na may kaparehong ringtone sa halos kalahati ng mga taong nakasakay sa lrt. I can send sms. i can call. hindi nagiinit at hindi nauubos agad ang baterya.

    sa halagang 1.5k sulit ako dito. Am I cheap din ba? ^_^ bobo rin kaya ako ^_^ but you know what? i like you. people like you created the Philippine economy.

  80. UGALI says:

    hi Ms Rinoa. infairness, maganda ka ha :-)

    sa totoo lang, nag-enjoy naman akong magbasa ng posts nila. ang kukulit nga eh. kaya nga sabi ko try mo panoorin yun fliptop, entertaining din yun :-)

    pero part of me na “frustrated” sa mga ganyang tao ay hindi napigilang magpost ng opinyon ko.
    pagpasensyahan mo na.

    at mas lalo akong nadisappoint nung may nagcomment pa sa post namin ng ganun. IMO, MAS entertaining magbasa ng ganun posts kysa sa mga away-away, tpos may mgccomment pa na nagmamarunong kami. disappointed lang nman ako sa mga insecure na tao, at pagpasensyahan nyo na rin dahil pinatulan ko pa. hehe

    Ms Rinoa, try reading THE SECRET and SUCCESS PRINCIPLES by Jack Canfield… you’ll understand bakit ganito ang reaksyon namin at kung bakit ganito kami mag-isip.

    after reading those books, im very very sure na major major mo akong pasasalamatan na nirecommend ko syo yang books na yan. :-)

  81. Ms. Rinoa says:

    Actually, I would suggest you read Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. It’s a much better read. I’ve had my fair share of Chicken Soup books when I was eight.

  82. hell yeah says:

    ^ tama si Ms. Rinoa – i heart you!


  83. Ms. Rinoa says:

    There are also many esoteric reads I find quite amusing. But really, posting off-topic comments turns me off.

  84. UGALI says:

    syet! ang lalim naman ng esoteric! tisyu!! :-D

    “But really, posting off-topic comments turns me off.”
    -actually maganda talaga yang Cherry Mobile Magnum HD e. grabe. ang mura pa! 18k lang!… sarcastic. ;-p

  85. Fleeb says:

    I don’t know with you pero as long as wala pa yung actual product, then it’s all just paper launch. There is no actual review so personally di ko masabi kung this will be a really bad product or not.

  86. piolo says:

    SAMSUNG Magnum HD
    Android OS 2.2 (Froyo)
    Qualcomm 1GHz processor
    4.1” WVGA capacitive touchscreen (480 x 800 pixels)
    512MB RAM expandable up to 32GB via microSD
    3G, HSDPA 14.4 Mbps
    WiFi 802.11 b/g
    5 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash
    720p video recording
    HDMI-D Type
    Front facing VGA camera
    Bluetooth 2.0
    SRP: Php18,990

    pwede na ba?

  87. Kobe-air says:

    Pwedeng pwede!!!! Nice @piolo. But il buy it at that price if it works dual sim.

  88. Wakocoke says:

    parang HTC droid incredible ang specs ah!! kamusta naman kaya ang build? froyo running @ 1ghz qualcomm processor priced at 18k.. not a bad deal hahaha

  89. Kobe-air says:

    I enjoyed reading the comments. But i have to say, people talking trash about this product dont have a clue what theyre talking about. I dont think any of us has ever used this product. At least not for a day. Those who are talking trash about this product are maybe employees of samsung or maybe its either they have no intention to buy or cannot afford to buy one.

  90. islacom says:

    Battery life sana 8-10hours
    parang walang LED Flash
    hay tempting but still

  91. JunAlquis says:

    the description says w/ led flash

  92. irv says:

    has anyone bought the phone yet? please give us your review and feedback.

    everything else is speculation.

  93. Pach Pach says:

    Whatever the intentions of Cherry Mobile selling this product, both believers and non-believers of such products should have respect for each other. Attack the issue, but not the person who expresses the issue.

    As for my opinion, I would have to wait for reviews regarding battery life. And I think Cherry Mobile can’t afford to make a mistake by selling this unit substandard, especially when they are struggling to gain market share in mobile phones here in the Philippines.

    I would like to trust that it has fair quality build, though. But then again, let the full review by techbloggers such as Yuga here guide us well. In the end, a cheap yet powerful alternative for a smartphone is a good idea, right?

    God bless us all :D

  94. mike says:



    Do you ever know that those chips inside your IPHONE or SONY ERICCSON PHONES are MADE IN THE PHILIPPINES?!


  95. ed says:

    too bad it’s a China phone.

  96. cherry mobile sucks says:

    Filipino ako, pero hindi lahat ng pagka-Filipino proud ako. Hindi ako masaya pagnababalita na ang isang Filipino ay gumawa ng masama, nakapatay, nanloko, etc. Filipino si Rolando Mendoza, pero hindi ako proud na Filipino siya. Ang Cherry Mobile ay Filipino company, pero hindi ako proud sa mga produkto nila. Minsan pa lang akong gumamit ng produkto nila, at nangako akong hindi na gagamit pang muli. Subukan niyong search sa internet ang review ng mga kapwa nating Filipino sa internet para malaman niyo kung gaano karami ang nagsisisi na bumili sila ng Cherry Mobile (wag lang yung sa mismong website ng Cherry Mobile). Ako’y isang Filipino at habang nabubuhay ako, aking pagsasabihan lahat ng kakilala ko na huwag bumili ng Cherry Mobile.

  97. wilde says:


    Nice post there :).

    Yeah, things would be much different if it was billed as SAMSUNG Magnum HD.

  98. Nero says:

    I cherry pick nyo na lang kung bibile kayo ng cherry mobile baka lemon ang
    mapili ninyo :)

    Eto na ang pinakamurang prutas ang mabbili nyo na pede ninyong murahin pagkatapos

  99. Kobe-air says:

    @cherry mobile sucks, you work for samsung correct? You are a proud owner of samsung corby correct? Therefore you and your phone suck!!!! I challenge you to buy this phone and make a fair review, that is if you can afford one. Me? Il just wait for ur review.

    P.s. Send my regards to all members of the corby club.

  100. cherry mobile sucks says:

    @Kobe-air samsung corby? never heard about it. i am a proud owner of htc hd2, which is far superior than any cherry mobile product.

  101. cherry mobile sucks says:

    i don’t need to wait for a review about this product anymore, what else will you expect from this product?

  102. Kobe-air says:

    @cherry mobile sucks, you haven’t heard about samsung corby? You are not only a liar but also a hypocrite. I dont believe that you own an htc. You cant afford it thats why you once bought a cherry mobile phone because you cannot buy a high-end phone.
    In summary, you are telling everyone here that cherry mobile sucks because the cherry mobile phone you bought, which costs around 1,000 pesos could not do what htc phones can do.
    You are pitiful.

  103. JunAlquis says:

    Windows Mobile 6.5 < Android 2.2 froyo ?

  104. Chad says:

    Puro kayo China Phones, Made in China na rin today ung brands such as Samsung, i know because im using one. yo! super rich peaople please dont brag about china phones if your not using one okay, to be fair i commute and i regularly see folks using chinaphones, including ones na may crack na ung screen ay working condition pa rin.Ihave an officemate who is also using China phone and its about 2year old but still working, but he confesses it has an original Nokia battery na, he’s just proud Chinaphones got more features.

  105. cherry mobile sucks says:

    @ Kobe-air why did i bought a cherry mobile? because i needed a dual sim phone, only to be disappointed after a day of using it. yes, i cant afford htc hd2, but my company issued it to me, like my other former phones, o2 xda atom, htc tytn, htc touch pro and now htc hd2.

    @ JunAlquis htc hd2 can run Android 2.2 froyo, thanks to some people at xda-developers, but i prefer WM6.5. android is not corporate-user friendly. i tried once the galaxy-s from one of my friend pero mukhang mas sanay na ako sa windows mobile. for 5 years now, i have been using windows mobile phone.

  106. cherry mobile sucks says:

    @Chad wala naman masama kung gawang-China,htc phones are made in taiwan and china, like samsung, nokia, etc. somehow, some of their parts are from TI here in the Philippines. ang hindi lang maganda sa mga china phones, hindi sila dumaan sa NTC. and wala silang quality check if for example, yung amount ng radiation nila is still good for our health. and mostly kadalasan ang mga china phones dito sa Pinas, illegal silang nakapasok.

    i just don’t like cherry mobile, pretending to my good.

  107. Kobe-air says:

    Well-taken mr. Cherry mobile sucks. I was just playing with you. You have the right to express your own opinion. If you think cherry mobile sucks then so be it. Peace.

  108. Chad says:

    by the way ung mga nakita kong brands na tough ones are not branded cherry mobile though…they must really suck brand cherry mobile might be not good at all.

  109. Fanboy says:

    halata bang mga taong wala lang magawa nagco-comment dito? kagaya ko.

    O wala rin lang kasi ako sigurong magawa dailh nagbabasa ako nito at nagco-comment dito.

    laki ng problema ko, ‘no?

    salamat ha?

  110. mr. bogus says:

    another piece of trash of cherry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bad after sales!!!!
    bad battery!!!!!
    bad warranty service!!!!!!!!

  111. Chad says:

    Haaay, touchscreen ba? okay pa ung samsung champ, Original Samsung pa, nasa P4,500= range lng, okay pa ung features na pang music. 3.5 days battery life, worth it tlaga.

  112. Herp Derp says:

    JunAlquis: Apparently so. According sa reviews pangit daw yung Windows Mobile 6.5. Mas ok pa nga daw ung 6.0 eh.

  113. yih says:

    nasalpakan lang ng Android OS nagkagulo na kayong lahat!

  114. RaGe Einzeln says:

    nasalpakan lang ng Android OS nagkagulo na kayong lahat!

    (…so like this hahahahah)

    reality check guys… :)

  115. Ade says:

    Seriously considering buying one of these.

  116. JunAlquis says:

    I lol’d

    I’m considering a cheap smartphone alternative maybe this would do.

  117. 'drin says:

    Natatawa nalang ako sa mga taong may iPhone at mamahaling cellphones, yet hindi kayang maximize ang capabilities ng binili. Bibili ng iPhone, tapos pupunta sa Greenhills, papainstall ng apps. Basta bibili ng sila. Tapos titingin sila sa phone mo, may ginigawa ka tapos tatanungin ka: “Pano yan, lagyan mo naman yung sakin”. Haha.

  118. kathy says:

    why can’t we just wait for the reviews from the pros bef judging. from what i read from blogs from actual press/tech people who attended the event…they say the quality is pretty good (first impressions). ofcourse a full hands on review from yuga would give us a more firm assurance in terms of quality. also i think if Cherry will enter the hi end market, for sure they will put quality as high priority. I’ll wait till there are some reviews before considering, but based on specs and look with matching price its hard to pass up.

  119. jan says:

    seryosohan lang kelan niyo ba gusto magkaroon ng gian tech filipino company, 2050?really cguro kung sinusuportahan niyo ang filipino brands give it 10yrs may mararating din yan cherry mobile na yan

  120. Wakocoke says:

    basta ANDROID >>>>>>>>>>>>> iOS

    kahit anong android device lolololol

  121. Meinard says:

    heres the review on cherry mobile NOVA same phone but different brand..

    also the MAGNUM HD, aka Spice it..

  122. Meinard says:

    according sa video review.. android 1.6 pa yung gamit nila.. and then dito satin.. android 2.1 na gamit ng cherry mobile.. that means.. it can be the only issue here is the battery life..

  123. myenemiesdotcom mag register na! says:

    ano ba naman kayo mga kuya at ate! nag aaway kayo dahil sa mga gadgets ni kuya abe, ang bababaw nyong lahat! batuhan kayo ng batuhan ng putik magkakamukha naman kayong lahat, MAHIYA NAMAN KAYO SA SARILI NYO! ginugulo nyo ang pagbabasa ko ng blog ni kuya abe. talk about breeding tsk tsk tsk call me all you want, di ako papatol kahit ano pa sabihin nyo.

    ps: abangan nyo na lang ang bago kong social network site for all OSs. MYENEMIES.COM ang pangalan, eg ng mga features: rinoa just poked a gun at ugali, ugali just received a funeral plan from rinoa, berong burat dug a grave at funeralville at so and so, yayaman ako nito sigurado parang si pareng Mike ng FB! join na! o wala gaya gaya patented po ito

  124. vice ganda says:

    yun oh, nagkalabasan na ng ugali ehehe

  125. veromeo says:

    I’m so impressed.Hardware company sila and since free naman ang licensing for android, why not use it. kesa naman gumamet sila ng kung cheap os diba. Too bad n8 paren ako, pero napaisep ako for a moment after looking at this. haha

  126. Eason says:


    Good luck paying for the patents which is millions of $$$ if your social networking site becomes famous.

  127. jan says:

    d2 sa Cebu, binabagsak na ang price ng cherry mobile.. kasi walang service center d2… kahit bumili kapa sa SM dept store… pag may problema papadala pa sa Manila. Tsaka I will never buy on this products from Cherry Mobile. 3 cp ang binili ko lahat pumalya! Meron battery problem, tapos ung isa M30 ko pagkatapos ma lowbat d na ang On. kahit anong charge?… I think the company has just focus on their sales but the service and support walang kwenta…..

  128. manong says:

    android > ios
    4.1″ > 3.5″
    14.4mbps > 7.2mbps
    hdmi > none
    microsd > none
    18k > 40k




  129. Meinard says:

    siguro nagiba na din ng standards ang cherry ngayon.. since theyre now dealing with high-end phones… di na katulad ng cheaply built dual-sims nila date.. theyre just rebranding indian and taiwanese hardwares which i think…. ok naman.. havent seen any videos discussing about bugs from Viewsonic and Spice..

  130. CK says:

    Anong brand nga ba ang maganda na nagerebrand ng chinaphones?

  131. HAHAHA! says:

    may iba yatang term ung “chinaphone” na sinasabi nyo sounds like “ching-chong” lol. JK.
    anyway, problema lang siguro sa Cherry Mobile ung hardware quality, kung madaling masira. tsaka yung mga designs nila puro replica panira sa mga may “original” na telepono.
    sana they invest more on their R&D para gumanda quality.
    pero maganda ung specs nya parang mga high end phones ng HTC, Samsung, etc.

  132. says:

    wala pa bang nakakabili nito? please share your review

  133. SI-FON says:

    I think Cherry Mobile is doing its part to ride the Smart phone market. I am happy that they are making ways for everyone to buy smart phones.

    This thread was so entertaining. =)

  134. eee says:

    i bet hindi aabot ng 10years ang cherry mobile. sa entrance pa lang nila sa market, siira agad nila ang pangalan nila by providing cheap and madaling masiara na phone. ang hirap pa namang tanggalin yun. kaya kahit maglabas sila ng magagandang model, madami pa rin ang magiisip na madaling masira ang mga ito.

  135. Caloy says:

    lumbabas na yung Nova! Tried it out, it’s pretty good! I wanted to get it already but I resisted temptation because I’m really holding out for the Magnum HD. Kung Froyo lang sana yung Nova baka nabili ko na.

  136. Meinard says:

    hmm.. kung kaya ng superion ang froyo which running from qualcom 600 mhz processor.. siguro kaya din nung NOVA un?? right?? updatable nmn sila e..

  137. Meinard says:

    hmm.. kung kaya ng superion ang froyo which is running from a qualcomm 600 mhz processor.. siguro kaya din nung NOVA un?? right?? updatable nmn sila e..

  138. jan says:

    @meinard thats what you called marketing, kasi kapag ginawa mong 2.2 yung nova at the same parin ung price ng nova , sino pa ang bibili ng magnum hd at superion?use your coconut

  139. Chico S says:

    Hmmm… I would buy this phone if it were a bit cheaper (say, 15k or so). Going by the logic of some commenters, that would make me cheaper than cheap… No? Probably why I went through the trouble of getting my iPad in HK where its cheaper. And probably why I’m waiting for my lock up period to end before getting an iPhone 4 to replace the 3G I got for free. Yup, I’m cheap. I even went and got a small hatchback as a third car to save on fuel. Yup. Cheap. That’s me. Oh and I own a cherry mobile phone for my prepaid lines. I guess that makes me cheap and stupid? Sigh. I guess two masters degrees and a 6 figure salary don’t really say much, especially for some of the high and mighty people who comment here.

    Cheap? Maybe. I’d rather call myself frugal. Don’t know what it means? Google it.

  140. meinard says:

    @jan, yah i know its part of the strategy.. im just wondering kung gagana nga.. im using my coconut unlike the OTHERS na makabasa lang ng Cherry Mobile, Myphone o Torque e todo dada sa negative comments.. anjan ang Google, walang mawawala sten kung magugoogle tau.. ive read enough reviews from NOVA.. its great for its price range, ang panget lang, ung voice clarity daw during call mejo poor using loudspeaker, battery life 1 day for medium use with all medias, if wifi on and other sensors like ung s digital compas.. 4-6 hrs… i bet some of you didnt know this.. google lang mga KAPWA PINOY.. tama si Mr. Chico S.. :D

  141. google says:

    i wont buy cherry mobile kung ang price 2k up, kung gagastos na rin lang ako sa above 10k na cp, sa mga branded na.

  142. Harley says:

    just inquiring about how long does your chinaphone lasts?

    My mom got a myphone from globe 3 years ago and it is still in its prime except just for the keypad number 6. i gave her a samsung genoa for her first touchphone.

    so then, how long was yours?

  143. mike says:





  144. I Want iPhone 4 says:

    Natapos ko din basahin lahat ng comments sa blog na ito.

    Hihintayin ko na lang muna na may gumamit nyan. Tapos itatanong ko kung maganda.

    Pero seriously, the price of 19k??

    I’ll save up for an iPhone 4 or HTC Desire HD. Gagastos na lang din naman ako, itodo ko na.

    Saka na lang ako bibili ng china phone pag na rebuild na nila ang reputation nila.

  145. piolo says:

    @mike, apir!

  146. mike says:

    gagong I WANT IPHONE 4 ka e saan ba gawa ang IPHone 4? di ba dun sa mga sweatshops sa china din?

    Bumili ka na rin lang ng phone na made in China.
    Nagbayad ka pa ng mahal. Pinayaman mo pa ang mga Amerikanong stockholders ng APPLE!


  147. nux dagreat says:

    While these CM Android phones are just rebranded china android phones, it would be good to know if there are communities that modify the OS sources and create ROMs/firmawares/patches just like xda developers. A lot of boring Android phones became alive because of these developers. Before buying china android phones, its best to google and youtube a million times and read forums to check if the OS and hardware are update-friendly.

    But then again, thank you Cherry (despite all your failures) for bringing Android to the masses. Maybe you can get the OS sources from the phone manufacturers and make it available for download, I believe lots of developers are willing to improve such.

  148. meinard says:

    @nux dagreat, its update-friendly po.. nabsa ko s isang tech blog..

    -Spice MI300, yan ung Cherry mobile Nova
    -Spice MI410, yan ung Cherry mobile Magnum HD

    ung Cherry mobile Superion, Viewsonic ung may gawa, makers of quality LCD monitors..pero, meron din ung Spice nun.. ewan ko kung sino talga gumawa..

    ung Spice nga pla, Indian Company, di chinese..

    ayan, para sa mga china-lovers at first-haters at end..

  149. Sonofa says:

    So indian phone siya? hahaha
    saan po na try yung nova? gusto ko din itry..

  150. Caloy says:

    Sa Rob Manila ko na try yung Nova. Ok naman siya.

    @Meinard: Thanks for bringing up those “India Phones!” what tech blog did you read about them being upgradable? This is my primary concern with these Cherry Mobile phones, their upgradability.

    Would anyone know if these phones run stock android or some skinned android (well probably stock android). If they were on stock android, they would probably be more easily upgradable.

    I think the more important question is, will Cherry Mobile actively support upgrades (whether over the air or through over the counter tech support) or will we have to root the phones and upgrade them ourselves (and are these phones rootable? I’m not very well versed with android).

  151. angus says:

    itim ng kilikili… LOL

  152. mike says:

    O ngayon indian phone naman. Tarantado talaga mga Pinoy ano. Mga utak talangka at walang bilib sa kapwa!

    mga hayop! Isa na dyan si Meinard!

  153. mike says:

    gawang pinoy yan! wag kayo maniniwala sa mga hinayupak. Ang electronics ni-re-rebrand talaga yan. Isa akong inhinyerong Pilipino. Alam ko dahil yung mga dinidisenyo namin yun yung mga nire-rebrand as Sony, Toshiba.

    isa ang pilipinas sa pinakamalaking exporter ng electronics sa buong mundo!

    kaya mga gago kayong mga pilipino kayo manahimik na lang kayo! tumira na lang kayo sa China o India dun sa mga bayan ng mga idols nyo!!

    mga HAYOP!

  154. mike says:


  155. ron says:

    haay ang gulo. gusto ko pa naman malaman kung ano ba talaga tong magnum hd na to… n8 or magnum hd? october 23 na irerelease yung preorder ko sa nokia pero naguguluhan ako kung itutuloy ko ba or mag android os na kasi masama ang reviews ng symbian3.

  156. nux dagreat says:

    You can’t maximize the capacity of Adobe Flash Player even if you have Android 2.2 Froyo in your phone, UNLESS your phone processor is 1GHZ up. If you plan to play online flash games in your phone, make sure you get the 1ghz phone like the HTC Desire series. I am still doubtful about Magnum HD though. Its 1ghz processor might just be overclocked :D

  157. Meinard says:

    @ENGR. MIKE, oo pinoy nga gumawa ng inner parts nila, chips, boards, etc.. pero sino nagassemble at pinagkasya dun sa ganun kaliit na shell?? tayo ba? sila ba? kayo ba? ikaw ba? kaya mo ba? wooot.. XD

    nga pla, indi rebranding tawag dun, BRANDING talaga yun, manufacturer/exporter kau e..nahired kau na gumawa ng BRAND NILA.. indi brand nyo/naten.. manpower lang kau.. u are working under a company na client ang sony, toshiba, etc..

    utak talanka? probably to some..
    nationalism/patriotism mo, undeniably great..
    values, “EPIC FAIL”..


  158. Meinard says:

    eto o for confuse/doubtful/scared

    Vibo phone from Verbatim (well-known for their super useful diskette) at Motorola Quench

  159. Meinard says:

    follow up:

    same design nga pla sila sa Spice,

    eto pa pala isa, rebranded din china talaga

  160. ettenoj says:

    wag na mag away… ok lang kanya kanyang trip.

  161. fartungkee says:

    Rebadged minsan ang tawag sa mga ganyang products… yung superion … katulad ng viewsonic viewpad… ginawa ng oem tapos binibili in bulk tapos lalagyan ng pangalan kung ng makakabiling distributor.

    yung superion may chismiss na foxcon ang may gawa yun din yung gumawa ng I-products products.

    yung sa magnum meron ba kayong idea kung sino ang may gawa.

    by the way HTC dati ring oem manufacturer. pero ngayon meron na silang sariling brand and na recognized internationally.

  162. raymond says:

    @nux dagreat

    presidente ng Qualcomm Philippines mismo umattend ng product launching ng Cherry Mobile. Tinataya niya yung reputasyon ng processors nila sa mobile phones. Kaya malabo yung iniisip mong overclocked lang.

  163. jums says:

    ang saya talaga ng blogpost na ito!

  164. drawde says:

    @mike – rak en roll,kapatid!

    marami kasing bobong pinoy na basta imported — “huwaw!maganda to – magaling to,matibay to di to gawang lokal” — pero more than half sa kanila di naman talaga alam kung pano gamitin yung mga high tech gadgets nila – makapagyabang lang — di nila alam karamihan sa designers,developers,researchers at think tanks ng mga “imported” brands na ito e mga pinoy na nabigyan ng chance sa sariling bayan dahil sa mga bobong pilipino… i’d love to try this magnum hd — at tatabi pa ko sa mga poser na naka iphone/galaxy S na halatang yabang ang alam gawin sa mga telepono nila ..nyahahaha

  165. JunAlquis says:

    if this can take 3d I’m sold to this. any reviews yet?

  166. ettenoj says:

    ok lang naman kahit ano pero tingin muna ng review kasi kahit mura sayang pa rin pera pag di ka satisfied. basta check muna ng revue bago bumili.

  167. ithons26 says:

    LMAO @ the comments!!! para kayong mga tanga! bakit kayo nag-aaway dito? respetohan lang mga tsong!!! PEACE! :)

  168. Jay says:

    Still, the Spice MI410 is not an Indian made phone. Just like Cherry mobile, Spice rebrands Chinese phones.

    My best bet kung sino talaga ang gumawa nito? A Chinese company called Guangzhou Beon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. This phone is originally called the Beon Be-465.

    You can check this phone at

  169. meinard says:

    @jay, wow, nice find sir.. baka nga sila talaga ung maker/distributor nyang mga unbranded smart phones na yan..galing a..

  170. I have found that this article and reader comments are very interesting. In my experience, this is a good site to find info on issues such as natural health. Could someone here show me where to find more particular information on this topic, please? Thanks!

  171. Darwin E. delatorre says:

    Is it still its price until now??I guess it is a cool device,,but,the price is the only thing that makes my mind twisted…^_^

  172. Al says:

    Opinion ko lang, 1 year ko na ginagamit Cherry Mobile Comet (yun maliit). Satisfied ako sa phone na to, battery last for 2 days (drained). Average 30mins of calls, 50 texts and 3hrs of music playback per day. Natuwa ako kahit maliit may 3.5mm jack. Recently bumili rin ako ng Q1, basic call and text phone with qwerty keypad.

    Thinking of getting the Nova, dahil nakita ko na review similar sa Nova (Gigabyte Gsmart G1305). Kinompare ko specs sa Samsung Galaxy 5 at Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. Low res yun screen Galaxy 5 at lower camera naman X8 at mas malaki pa rin screen ng Nova. I have nothing against Samsung and SE, just want try out Nova. Actually meron nga ako SE K810 at Samsung Champ(ito very worth it).

  173. meinard says:

    wow nice to here that..ako din cant wait to have a NOVA.. ill tweak it kgad!

  174. nicos_sf says:

    ms rinoa baket ang panget mo?

    berong burat, below 10k phones are disposable? so disposable lahat ng naging phones mo? kawawa ka naman.

  175. nicos_sf says:

    eh ano ngaun kung mag rebrand ang cherry mobile? ang lagay ba eh ang mga binibili nyong imported bags and shoes (na akala nyo gawa dun sa nag export na country) ang pede i rebrand ng ibang bansa? aralin nyo po ang EPZA. malalaman nyo na ang mamahalin nyong mga gamit ay gawang pinas lang. mukha kayong tanga.

  176. ettenoj says:

    ang kulit nyo. naging awayan na ito.
    di naman masama bumili ng mahal or mura basta satisfied ka e ok na yun. kagaya ko gusto ko bumili ng murang model ng cherry mobile pero pagdating sa smartphone eh gusto ko ng htc. hindi naman sa bobo pero dun ako masaya eh. tsaka basta may pambili eh ok na yon. ang masama eh bumibili ng nakaw.

  177. john says:

    @ Yuga- meron bang record ng longest thread? baka contender itong post mo. Masyado affected ata mga tao na nag android ang Cherry Mobile.

  178. john says:

    just my opinion I think we should be fair to the brand for having the courage to enter the Smartphone segment and in a way compete directly with the international branded phones like Nokia, Samsung and Sony. Di muna ako mag comment re sa quality ng phones since I havent used a Cherry before, but based on how its doing in the market, it is favorable to us consumers because eventually it will force the international brands to revisit its pricing/features and sana maging mas competitive at ibaba ang prices. Kung kaya ni Cherry and Myphone na mag provide ng price and good specs, i think the likes of Nokia and Samsung can do the same. Will wait for user reviews before commenting or deciding to buy this.

  179. manong says:



    termination o forced resignation ba yun?.. o baka naman sick leave nyehehehe!

  180. manong says:

    ang mga kano ang designers ksi magaganda sila, mga intsik ang assemblers ksi maliit kita nila (gets?) tapos ang mga pinoy ang manufacturer ng chips ksi mga tamad tayo… tga on-off ng machines na gawa ng hapon na may radiation-enhanced brains dhil sa atomic bomb.

    un lang po!

  181. manong says:

    ung mga indians kamo? di ko po alam.. na-indian nila ako eh..

  182. boybawang says:

    It’s the same phone as “HUAWEI IDEOS X6”

    You can search wikipedia that HUAWEI is not bad company at all! cherry mobile is just a rebranding

  183. boybawang says:

    It’s the same phone as Huawei Ideos X6
    You search gsmarena

    You can search wikipedia that HUAWEI is not bad company at all! cherry mobile is just a rebranding

  184. metatron says:

    I bought a Cherry Nova a week ago and to be honest, I have no qualms with it. The phone offers a lot for it’s price. The battery life is pretty standard compared to my friends’ iPhones and Blackberries. 2 days extensive sms messaging and calls, Ebook reading here and there. If you’re planning to maximize the phone, i.e. browse the net, play games, listen to music, use the gps (yeah, it works) and still use the phone, it will last you a day or less depending if you’re planning on being glued to the device for the whole day. The phone feels pretty sturdy but of course, we need to see if it will last for more than a year which is the ‘standard’ lifespan of ‘chinaphones’ (I’m talking about those unbranded phones that first plagued the market and gave all of these offshoots a bad name) but as of the moment, this is a pretty good phone for its price.

  185. ty says:

    kamusta kaya build quality nito? Malaking bagay parin kung matibay. Wala kwenta kung madali lang din masira. Wag naman sana.

  186. kathy says:

    Finally may actual user na ng android phone ng cherry!

    @Metatron maybe you can post a your review sa Cherry Fan page, dami nag tatanung dun ng first impressions ng Nova

  187. kathy says:

    wow very enlighting review @metraton! Leaning towards this now rather than the X8. X8 does not have multi touch and is still in the donut stage. =<

  188. jombag says:

    sa mga tao d2…

    kung ayaw nyo sa cherry mobile, eh di wag! manahimik kau.. isambulat nyong lahat ng hinaing nyo sa management nila at hindi dito sa site na to.. hindi yung sinisiraan nyo ang mga taong fans ng products nila..

    wala kaung magagawa sa mga taong fans ng product kahit anong gawin nyong paninira.. mag-aaway away lang kayo..

    at isa pa, nasubukan nyo na ba ang MISMONG MODEL NA ITO? wag nyong i-generalize na lahat ng products ng cherry ay sirain, baka kainin nyo mga sinasabi nyo pag kau na magsasabing iba ito sa na-try nyo…

    don’t make assumptions sa mga bagay na hindi nyo pa nasusubukan.. madaming namamatay sa maling akala… at madaming taong nasasablay sa mga maling sulsol… wait nyo na lang ung review ng mga taong nakaexperience gumamit neto, or better yet gamitin nyo for yourself bago kau magsalita ng kung ano ano…

    peace out!!

  189. ettenoj says:

    antay muna kayo ng review bago bumili nito kasi although mas mura eh hindi pa sure kung matibay.
    sayang pa rin ang 18k.

  190. chard says:

    hey android phone need powerfull battery, because android easily dropout battery like htc wildfire and xperia. samsung provide high capacity and powerfull battery in there android units thats why samsung is higher price compare to other android phone like sonyericcson,htc poor battery, so cherrymobile provide powerfull battery beacuse android OS is drop out battery.

  191. Mikko says:

    Mga kaibigan, ako matagal ng china-phone user. years na. pero kahit same pa ang chips na ginamit, a china phone cant compare to an “original phone” of the same specs. Tried ko na yan. try getting two phones na same specs, tapos use them both. from user interface to fluidity ng movements of icons, malayo ang quality. the reason, because the makers ng china phones aren’t interested in customer satisfaction. mas gusto nila mabilis na makapag produce ng phone na similar sa branded and popular phones para mabilis maka benta. example na lang, nike and world balance parehas lang sa china ginawa, which do you think will last longer from wear and tear on a day to day basis? this is not about commercialism, this is about branded manufacturers putting more thought and love into their products more than the chinese makers.

  192. Mikko says:


    di ba imported din ang china phone? kaya nga “china” phone. so kahit alin ang i favor mo sa kanila, you are still favoring an imported device. sana eventually magka pinoy phone, as in from hardware to software pinoy made and pinoy branded. at yung pwedeng tayo naman ang mag export! hahaha

  193. attack_of_the_killer_butete says:

    Nakakatuwa naman ung mga comments dito…nakakaaliw na, educational pa…kala ko pa naman maganda Cherry Mobile pero after reading all your horror stories about the battery and after sales service I think I’ll just have to put my hard-earned money elsewhere. I’m not against supporting Filipino products but why support something if you’re not gonna get your money’s worth? IMO, people support Marikina shoes not because they’re Philippine made but because they have a proven quality track record.

  194. kaiserfuhrer says:

    @Mikko: you have obviously not seen the nova, magnum and superion in action.. you have used china phones, but those you used dont have qualcomm’s chips and most importantly.. google’s ANDROID XD… you should view superion clips like this .. in skeptic about the though about the camera..

  195. kaiserfuhrer says:

    it even supports live wallpapers XD

  196. eee says:

    ang mali kasi sa cherry mobile, they started with cheap phones na madaling masira at pangit na aftersales services, kaya ngayon ang impression ng mga tao sa kanila mababa. ang mga htc gadgets nirerebrand din yan sa ibang bansa, pero i-bet pag cherry mobile ng isang htc device, kahit gaano ito kaganda, ang labas pa rin nya, cheap, kasi they started with that. mahirap tanggalin sa isipan ng mga tao, ang impression na yun. sana may mga taga-cherry mobile na nagbabasa ng mga comments dito. magaganda ang mga new products nila, pero walang tiwala mga tao, ang it all boils down sa mga dati nilang ginawa.

  197. eee says:

    basing sa specs ng cherry mobile magnun, ang ganda ng phone. pero i will only buy it pag ang brand Huawei Ideos x6 ang brand nya, at least hindi iisipin ng ibang tao na cheap ang gadget ko pag yun ang brand.

  198. nicosan says:

    lols, i’d still think your phone is cheap kung huawei ang brand ng phone mo. no diff with cherry mobile imho.

  199. momken says:

    this november na ang release nito. just called cherry mobile. eto pinagpipilian at second hand HTC HD2 in the same price point. need your opinion. ang froyo kasi di native sa HD2. im leaning towards the magnum HD for the native froyo OS and 720p recording. kung ano man ang result ng review ng ideos X6 its definitely the same with magnum HD since brand lang naman pinagkaiba nila.

  200. Dtzy says:

    For starters, PHP 19,000 is NOT cheap for 80% of Filipinos.

    Lot’s of (feeling)”rich” a**h*l*s here.. Stop complaining about a product you won’t buy (really?).
    Only idiots and/or people with a lot of money buy gadgets and stuff based on the brand regardless of the value.

    It’s stupid to bash the featured product in the post that piqued your interest.

    It’s more stupid to say that an open source OS like android is too good for China phones AND bash Chinese manufacturers when 80% of the stuff we all buy is made from China.

    I’m not a cherry mobile user and probably won’t start buying their products but I got really interested in this and their galaxy tab clone.

  201. Dtzy says:

    Oh and to the idiot that posted google links of chery mobile sucks,, google search any brand and add “sucks” to the search and you will find hits. Idiot.

    Para mas madali, tanga mo boy/girl. haha

  202. ettenoj says:

    tama na away. pwede yung tungkol sa review naman? may nakabili naba sa mga nagdedefend sa phone na to? ok ba ito?

  203. CelAddict says:

    napaka habang pagtatalo.. ung mga walang pera lang di makakabili nito.. ung may pera na katulad ko, magandang extra phone na rin sya together with my HTC Evo 4g.. i’ll buy this magnum and i will introduce this to my friends when i go back to the us.. i’m proud to be pinoy.. ^_^

  204. lelouch says:

    tamad talaga mgbasa ng mga comment pero d2 halos lahat nbsa ko na….kahit papano mdami din aq natutunan…. About s topic hmmm w8 q na lang ung actual product..

  205. Cxian says:

    wtf? if you are not happy with cherry then WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? SRSLY??

  206. DJ Alyaris says:

    I would say it’s fine to argue about a product. That makes the conversation a whole lot better. But using “bobo” or any other derogatory statements, I would say is just uncalled for. Education is not about how good your “English” or grammar is. It’s about your attitude/demeanor towards people. The Filipinos’ education really regressed through the years. People were more educated and well-mannered back in the days, as my dad used to say.

    Now going back to the actual topic. This phone is fine. Yes, it’s another attempt at rebranding, but hey Cherry Mobile has been successful so far. Yes it’s just rebranding, but people are buying the product. People may have differences in their experiences with those products. That’s just because we are different people with different needs and preferences. The same happens with any brand. I bought a Sony Ericson, and I found it sucky as hell I stuck to Motorola. I don’t like Nokia, just because everyone has it. Other people say Motorola sucks… And yes they’ve pulled out from the Philippines.

    I like that Cherry Mobile is starting to become ambitious. Who knows. With the profit they’re getting, they might set up their own factory in China, knowing that the owner is of Chinese decent. That will definitely improve the quality of the products they provide. For now, they still resort to buying/contracting Chinese factories, so the quality of their products are doubtful.

    And let’s not be arrogant. The electronics/information is a copy-cat industry. Something new comes out, and next thing you know, everyone is following the trend. Note, Android’s idea really came from Apple. Apple’s idea came from elsewhere. They just copied each other, and competed with each other, claiming they’re really different. Microsoft and Apple has been competing for a long time bashing each other, when in fact they both suck one way or the other. Then Linux (the base of Android) stepped up and became a bigger player in the mix, claiming they’re better. However, Linux also has its shortcomings. It just goes down to the user, which operating system you want for your phone, or computing device.

    I would like to get this phone or have a friend buy one, so I can probably do a review on it. Price-wise, I would say this is a bang for the buck. If one’s concerned about updates, then you can do a rootkit update. All hardwares, I would say are the same. What really set products and companies apart are the after-sales support. With that said, I am probably not going to buy a Cherry Mobile for everyday use. But again, that’s just me. Other’s may have another opinion.

  207. chard says:

    my nagtry naba nitong product na ito?

  208. engelicius says:

    ask ko lng kung meron tong G-sensor?? gusto ko kc ng android 2.2 phone na pwede ko install-an ng spb mobileshell 5.0 later.

  209. daniel barga says:

    well i ask you guys… anu ba ang definition ng “CHINA PHONE”?

    for me… un ung cheap na cellphone na mga nabibili sa tabi ng kalsada na matatakan lng ng nokia ay cellphone na.

    eh ung iba sinasabi na ung cherrry mobile magnum HD ay “china phone”… FYI CHina ang “largest exporter” in the world at fastest growing economy surpassing USA… pustahan lahat ng gamit sa bahay nyo made in china… iPhone is made in shenzen,china pati lahat ng lines ng ipod touch shuffle nano at classic ALL made in shenzen china… TCL television is a chinese company… ang kinakain nyong sibuyas at kamatis at bawang kala nyo ba galing pa yan sa pilipinas? sa china po ito galing. pati nokia ginagawa ang iba sa china halos lahat ng bagay sa mundo ay gawa sa china kasi mura ang labor sa kanila. so wag nyong laitin ang made in china kasi hindi porket galing dun ay panget na… parang sa pilipinas din… hindi porket binili mo sa SM… original na… at hindi porket binili mo sa divisoria… panget na.

  210. daniel barga says:

    FYI… kala nyo naman porket gawa sa china yan mga cellphone na yan panget na… QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGON QSD8250 1GHZ cheap??? sus ung iba dyan wala namang alam sa chipsets at processors kaya wag na kayo magsalita… at hindi nyo makikita yan sa samsung htc lg o kung san man. palibasa makita nyo lng tatak maganda na… tignan mo din ung specs at ung hardware nya… baka mas maganda pa yan sa mas mahal nyong cellphone… (talaga naman eh mas mahal pa ung panget kesa sa maganda)

  211. EarlZ says:

    I own an SGS w/c already wipes this device despite the 10k lower price tag but still its impressive, Im actually interested on getting this just for the sake of testing. Question lang nito is durability, for battery life theres nothing much Cherry can do its all upto how andriod and the hardware components do.. since this is a Qualcom processor I would assume power saving is average/acceptable.

  212. boy topax says:

    away kayo ng away.bakit hindi nyo na lang pabayaan kung ano ang gusto ng bawat isa.hindi naman tayo pare-pareho ng kalagayan sa buhay.masama ba maghangad ng isang bagay na siguradong magpapasaya sayo pag nabili mo kahit na mumurahin pa ito at madaling masira?mailalagay ka ba sa pedestal pag nakabili ka ng iphone?hindi pero ang sigurado masayang masaya ka kasi nakabili ka ng isang bagay na siguradong magpapasaya lan naman un,bilhin mo kun ano un kaya mo,kun ano un gusto mo at kun ano un mag papasaya sau.wag na mag away hehehehe.nangungulit lan po.peace

  213. padre damaso says:

    Parang mga bulateng nagkabuhol buhol ang usapan sa pahinang ito kaya ako’y makiki-sawsaw na rin sa mga nakaka galak na mga comments nyo.

    Oras na lumabas tong Magnum nato…bibili agad ako. Alam ko lang na CM store ay yong sa MOA kaya kahapon nong nagawi ako don nakipag kilala agad ako sa magandang tindera don…nagkapalitan kami ng number at ngayon katatapos lang namin magpalitan ng “good evening. kumain ka na ba?”. Pa sweet epek! Lol. Sabay tanong “Ano ulam mo? Ano pala balita sa Magnum?”. Reply naman nya “Giniling na may upo at miswa. Wala pa eh, pag meron na ikaw unang makaka alam”. “Sarap naman naman ng ulam mo…ikaw nagluto? Lakas ko talaga sayo, pwede ba kitang i-treat ng meryenda bukas?”. “Masarap talaga ako…magluto!!!hahaha. Cg bah” …

    Ngayon, bakit nga ba ako bibili nitong Magnum? (1)Kasi maganda specs. (2)Mura kung ikukumpara sa ibang brand na halos humigit-kumulang lang ng konti ang specs tulad ng Galaxy S na nagkakahalaga ng 34K. (3)Meron akong pambili. (4)Luma na tong Omnia at desire ko. (5)Ayaw ko ng nokia, lg, motorola at sony-e phones. (6)Sawa na ako sa Samsung at HTC phones. (7)parehong pareho lang to ng ilalabas ng Huawei IDEOS X6. (8)Wala akong pakialam kung sino man nagbebenta nito–cherry mobile or kingcom or wellcom or donkey kong. (9)hindi to “china phone”. saan ka nakakita ng “china phone” na may froyo? bobo at tanga ka sa kalye ng teknolohiya kung sasabihin mong “china phone” to. At kung hindi mo alam ang ibig sabihin ng “china phone” at “made in china” …tanungin mo ang maid mo (kung wala kang maid yong kapitbahay nyo baka meron) baka sakaling alam nya. Lol. (10)sarap nito ipang sampal sa mga may hawak ng iphone!

  214. Yap says:

    haay….kakainis naman ang haba ng usapan pero la man nagreview?? gusto ko malaman durability nito eh battery life siguro maglalast ng 3 days lahat ng nakilala ko na may smartphones ganun naglalast anyway planning to buy cherry magnum or yng htc wildfire w/c is w/c

  215. ProMagnum says:

    Eto, check the comparisons of Magnum to your so expensive Galaxy S.



  216. Khan Tan says:

    Has any one ever wondered why Cherry Mobile can’t give the Superion a 1 ghz processor?

  217. TwIsTeD_Rubz says:

    To those who are interested, it’s out in the malls!! I saw it in the Cherry Mobile concept store in Robinson’s Galleria and the Cherry Mobile kiosk in Robinson’s Place Manila.

    The phone’s pretty snappy, with a nice brushed metal finish. The screen is ok but if you’ve been spoiled by the Retina display of the iPod or iPhone or the Super AMOLED screen of the Galaxy S you’ll definitely note that the Magnum’s screen is inferior brightness-wise. But it’s bigger than both its competitors’ screens. For the price though, it’s pretty much a bargain! Quality is a question mark since it’s Cherry’s first foray into “high-end” smartphones, but by question mark I don’t mean it in a negative way, I just really don’t know how it’s going to hold up.

    To those who are wondering about future updates, this may mean something or it may mean nothing, I saw an option for system updates in the phone menu, which might mean that OTA updates may be in the offing.

    To those who buy the phone, do give us your feedback!

  218. Proudpinoy says:

    At least, Chery Mobile offers cheap mobile phones for Filipinos who can’t afford the expensive brands’. Super mayaman yata ang mga taong akala mo ay kung sinong mag-comment ng negative sa company.

  219. Jovel Gangcuangco says:

    I thought this thread was about the CM Magnum HD. The phone itself. No more, no less. So it would be nice kung yung phone mismo ang pag-uusapan (e.g. features, specs, experiences) as these would help the people decide if bibilin nila ang phone or hindi.

    1. Shenzhen phones/clones is more accurate than to use the term china phone. Usually kasi pag sinabing china phone, yung shenzhen ang tinutukoy. Shenzhen phones are usually of lower quality mainly because there are no proper regulations among the factories from which they are made.

    2. Mas maganda sana kung magpopost regarding the product itself, hindi yung kung ano-ano na unrelated.

    3. If you hate the brand, hate it. No one is stopping you. Pero with all the cursing and bashing? Educated nga ba kayo matatawag kung ganyan kayo umasta?

    4. Who cares about your job or your educational attainment? Ano koneksyon ng presidente dito? Who cares kung magkano kinikita mo? etc. – purely nonsense

  220. JFS says:

    Mr. Yugatech, your honor…

    Requesting that this comments section be closed. Enough exchange of biases, prejudices and personal opinions. The average reader with just enough time will be confused more. I suggest we set up a parameter or series of gauges in evaluating a gadget. Yun bang objective.

    It seems that some if not most issues raised here are immaterial and irrelevant.

    Thank you for reading. New year na. Peace be with us all.

  221. kevin says:

    Not buying even if I had the chance. I’m a very very long term thinker, and quality has always been a priority. Even if I heard about this phone when I was choosing 1 as a Christmas present for myself, this wouldn’t even make the cut. Why? Because I’d be stuck with the device for years. We rarely buy phones here xD

    My current phone is an LG Optimus One since it’s the only multitouch and froyo-powered device we could afford. It’s nowhere near the magnum’s “specs”, but customer support, the build quality, and the like, has always been a major concern for me.

  222. AndroidX says:

    It’s just the Huawei Ideos rebranded. Check out LG Optimus One, also a Froyo.

  223. zaffy says:

    hi yugatech i’ve been waiting for your hands on review for 2mos now… any update? i am eying on this phone. i’ve seen a short clip in you tube under huawei ideos x6 u9000. it has the same look and features, magnum hd only differs in the material used for housing which is metal (looks more elegant and solid). is the metal finish the same as that of cherry eclipse? did cherry copy huawei ideos x6? or was it a legal acquisition that led to rebranding? it has adobe flash 10.1. does it mean i can watch videos other than the ones in youtube that is already an integrated app in the phone? there have been some negative comments about cherry. bad after sales servicing and not so knowledgeable customer service reps. has cherry done something to improve on these areas? this phone looks promising yet priced fairly compared to other smartphones in the market today. I’d say it’s still expensive though for a price @ almost 19k when you have samsung waveS8500 that offers the same price and uses super amoled screen but not too powerful OS though. I’ve been looking for this in the market but can’t find one. some cherry mobile phone sales personnel don’t even know it. hoping for a response. thank you! :)

  224. kathy says:

    I saw this phone already at SM Marikina and a friend of mine got one in SM North edsa concept store. as per my friend who owns one, it is pretty solid and very responsive. Sulit daw from specs to price comparison, parang desire HD or Galaxy S specs expcept for the amoled. I got a CM Nova and so far i am satisfied. Android is the OS of the future and CM is doing the right move to provide affordable Smart phones to the consumers. I think we need to give CM more time to cope and improve their customer service and aftersales since i heard the company is less than 2 years or just 2 years. even when Nokia was starting back with the 3210 days, service centers was pretty hard to find. I am sure CM should continue to grow and develop better support, since they are surprisingly a household brand already in our country.

  225. JunAlquis says:

    i think Cherry failed badly with this phone not releasing it before Christmas.

  226. gingerbreadman says:

    Gingerbread is out. Let’s see if this phone can be updated to A2.3 :DD

    If not:

    Let’s see (again) if someone can make a custom recovery image for this phone. If someone can:

    Let’s see (again –‘) if someone can port Gingerbread on CM Magnum, assuming CM won’t update this phone to 2.3.

  227. zaffy says:

    @kathy. yeah it’s not amoled. but is the screen good enough though? plus, is the wifi functioning well? sana gumawa ng review ang friend mo sa youtube.. :) thanks!

  228. Ewan ko sa inyo! says:

    Sa mga gunggong wag n lang magcomment lalo’t hnd kayo cgurado, dahil hnd nakakatulong. Magpost kayo once na-experience nyo na mismo ung unit.

    Hnd lahat ng anak ng isang ina e abnoy. May matalino, may bobo, may maganda, may mukang ewan.

    Mga talangka kayo! Let CM have its flag raised hanggang sa makakaya nila.

  229. Hi there, just wandered by. I have a Chico 4g site. Lots of information out there. Not quite what I was looking for, but very nice site. Have a nice day.

  230. missusseuss says:

    wow. that was an exhausting read. i agree with Jovel Gangcuangco. and thanks to all those who had the mind to post relevant comments. i’m now intrigued enough to check out an actual unit.

  231. fb says:

    almost 20k din yan, bago kayo bumili, dapat nyong malaman na,
    kailangan bayaran mo muna yung unit bago mo matest. tapos kapag sira yung nabili mong unit, hindi mo pwedeng irefund pera mo, papalitan nila yung unit. at pag sira na naman, bawal ng palitan, dalhin mo na sa service center. maghintay ka ng 6 week bago magawa yun. at pagsinamang palad ka at hindi na talaga siya magagawa pa. hindi mo na mairerefund yung pinangbili mo sa mga cherry mobile unit. madami ng kalokohan ang cherry mobile. nafeature na sila sa tv at sa mga dyrayo ang daming reklamo sa kanila. mag-isip muna bago bumili ng kahit anong products nila.

  232. Khan Tan says:

    2 years ago, I bought my son a Cherry Mobile . . . it was slow, & it conks out after one year and one month. Sana hindi ganyan ang Magnum HD.

  233. momoshiro says:

    baka naman kasi madali syang masira…im planing to buy motorola kc defy or droid2(milestone2)
    eh kung durable naman ito nalang bibilin ko…
    meron na po bang review nito?
    ty if may magrerepy =]

  234. araneta says:

    bading quarrel na yan ah, terminologies only use by faggots haha!!

  235. kenneth says:


    you’re considering motorola defy versus the cherry magnum?
    the defy is so much cheaper, with better built and a much more prominent brand, what’s there to compare?

  236. Charles Rock says:

    Hi. just want to ask something. i bought magnum at january 2011 at robinson’s. everytime i power-on the cellphone, a message “reboot linux” display keep on appearing. ano yun? how can i remove that?

  237. Charles Rock says:

    The sales person was no help. hindi nila ma-explain, sabi lng “talagang may ganun. sa tingin ko di na maaalis yan.” was their reply. pls help, anyone. thnx

  238. lalapogi says:

    tae pwede kaya magdota dito?

  239. Lee Marion says:

    heres the complete specs of the Huawei X6, which is the OEM Manufacturer of the Cherry “Magnum”

    so before you “pan” this phone do some research.
    and here’s the complete review

    also heres a youtube sample

  240. mahirap-pa-sa-daga says:

    masyado nyo naman nilalait ang mga mumurahing brand ng fon. samantalang ang isang mahirap na katulad ko ay nagtyatyaga sa china fon lng. masaya nako dto. tapos pag aawayan nyo pa yan. isipin nyo na lng ang mga mahihirap mababaw lng ang kaligayahan. kuntento nako china fon ko, sa macbook pro, ipad, dalawang condominium (isa sa timog at isa sa mandaluyong malapit sa shang), isang jazz at isang crv… ganun lang kasimple ang buhay.. kaya ipagpasalamat na lng ninyo kung anong buhay meron kyo. yun lng masasabi ko.. makaalis na nga at kakain pa ako sa carinderia ni aling eva! :)))

  241. d7123 says:

    hindi namin nilalait ang cp na to kasi mumurahin siya. nilalait siya dahil walang kwenta sa customer service ang nagrelease dito sa pinas. subukan nyong bumili ng kahit anong cherry mobile products at pagnagloko, siguradong maloloko din kayo sa mga panlolokong gagawin sayo ng company na to.

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