Galaxy Grand unveiled, dons lackluster 5-inch display

Galaxy Grand unveiled, dons lackluster 5-inch display

Samsung, of all smartphone manufacturers, should know how awful a 5-inch display looks when it’s paired with a WVGA (800×480) resolution. But its seems that there’s no stopping the South Korean tech giant these days, as they still announced their latest creation, the Samsung Galaxy Grand (i9080 and i9082).

Just to put things in perspective of just how horrible this combination can be, you can check out our review of the Lenovo S880 which has the same display configuration of this upcoming Galaxy smartphone.


Display aside, the Galaxy Grand will be available in single and dual-SIM model which explains the two model numbers mentioned above. The handset is packed with an unspecified 1.2GHz dual-core which is backed by gigabyte of RAM. Storage-wise the phone will have an 8GB internal storage which can be expanded should you feel the need to do so.

It will have an 8MP camera on the rear which is paired with a 2MP “HD Camera” at the front. Powering all of its components is a sizeable 2100mAh Lithium-Ion battery.



The handset will come preinstalled with a Samsung-skinned version of Jelly bean (Android 4.1.2). In addition to the TouchWiz UI, Samsung also equipped the phone with tons of proprietary customizations and add-ons that are found in their flagship devices (Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3) which includes Multi-Windows feature, Pop-up Video and many others.

Samsung Galaxy Grand specs:
5-inch WVGA LCD screen @187ppi
Gorilla Glass coating
1.2GHz Dual-core processor
8GB internal storage
Expandable up to 64GB via Micro-SD
3G/HSPA+ (dual-SIM)
21Mbps DL / 5.76 UL
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
8MP autofocus camera w/ LED flash
1080p @30fps
2MP HD front-facing camera
GPS w/ aGPS support
2100mAh Li-Ion battery
Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean
Dimension: 143.5 x 76.9 x 9.6 mm
Weight: 162g

There’s still no word when the Galaxy Grand will make its debut and how much it’ll cost once it does, but judging from its mid-range specs and uninspiring display, we think that Samsung will sell this phone at around the same price as the recently announced Galaxy Premiere (i9260), maybe even cheaper. But even if they priced it a little cheaper than its smaller sibling, Sammy will still have a hard time competing against dual-SIM phones in the local market.

Update: The Samsung Galaxy Grand has recently been launched in India and retails for INR21500 or roughly Php16,200. Local of launch of the handset remains to be known, but we’ll inform you once it hits our shores.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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19 Responses

  1. itachi1 says:

    187ppi… deal breaker…

  2. r41 says:

    Having lived with my iPad 2 for quite a time, the PPI number no longer bothers me. Display quality before resolution for me. If this is cheap then this could be a good phone! With pixels, ignorance is bliss, especially if you are cash-strapped. :)

  3. Darren says:

    i’m excited to know if this will be cheaper to the local smartphones available.

  4. lalaland says:

    samsung is really lame…no wonder they are accuse by apple of copying…all their device looks the same.. no new look! all look like an s3 rip off!! which is also an ugly looking device!

    samsung, i know you are making good hardware (AMOLED, batteries, chips, etc) but would you please hire some more product designers that will make your phone’s design looks refreshing..

    well unlike lumia, yes it uses same old unibody of N9, but nokia make some modification on its design, just like the lumia 920! it has this curve back that is simply amazing!

  5. iguanakid says:

    garantisado not less than 15k ito.

  6. Herney says:

    Then what, make another in Amoled and call it SG Grand II? This is as ridiculous as an iPad without retina.. oops.

    • r41 says:

      The difference though is that the iPad Mini w/o retina comes at quite a price. Almost iPad 2 prices even for a smaller screen! Whereas this… This is simply cheaper than the S3. Kinda fair, to be honest. :)

  7. Sam says:

    Samsung is putting a lot of pressure for Apple to deliver.

  8. Justin says:

    “There’s no word when will Samsung released the Galaxy Grand…”

    Ouch! Very poor grammar. :(

  9. bengababoy says:

    unless bumaba srp sa samsung lineup, not less than 16k ito.

  10. ferdinand marte says:

    K.O. ito vs CM Titan!!!!! CM throws the perfect punch…..

  11. martamen says:

    5 inch smartphone with 187 ppi or 800×480 resolution. This is what I call eyecancer! Ugh, my eyes!!!!

  12. 9evian6 says:

    Apple 3GS @165ppi and Ipad 2 WI-FI @132ppi, napag-tyagaan, ito pa kaya?

  13. Mr. Curious says:

    5-inches :: 187 ppi :: 800×480 resolution


    not really sure if they’re making budget friendly phones or stupid concept phones.. hmm..

  14. cy says:

    Got mine at memoexpress sm north for 18k

  15. stew says:

    nah maghanap na lang ako ng second hand s3, its better than this grand even if s3 is a pentile, or skip this and get imobile iq6 from starmobile less 10k 5 inch hd reolution screen with 12 mp BSI lens

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