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Huawei P20 and P20 Plus show off notches in new leak

As Huawei announced the March 27th launch of the P20 series of smartphones, more rumors of the company’s new flagship series round about the cyberspace.


TheAndroidSoul reports that iChangeZone, a leak source with a good history of proven leaks, has provided a clear render of Huawei’s upcoming phone and it clearly showcases the iPhone-like notch at the upper part.

The leak doesn’t specify which phone is which, but it may be the same case with the Mate 10 series where the P20 has the one with the fingerprint sensor beneath the display while the bigger device going by the P20 Plus moniker has the Huawei wordmark instead, repositioning the fingerprint scanner to the rear side.

It’s been long rumored that Huawei will offer three rear lenses on a single phone with the introduction of the P20 series, as the current video teaser for the launch practically plays around this idea with three circles and the text “See Mooore” in the invite. Previous renders saw a P20 variant offering a triple-camera setup, though it’s not identified which will it be.

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