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More Lumia 920 specs leaked, with wireless charging

Although we’re a bit doubtful on the rumors that the upcoming Lumia devices’ camera will be equipped with Nokia’s PureView technology, there are other eyebrow-raising speculations being raised about the Finnish company’s upcoming flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

In addition to some of the alleged specs in our recent post, the Lumia 920 is said to sport a dual-core 1.5GHz processor which is backed with a Gigabyte of RAM and a built-in 32GB storage which pretty much identical to that of the Samsung ATIV S.


But apparently, there’s more to this device than just the usual phone specs as the recent rumor suggests that the upcoming Lumia 920 will come with wireless charging functionality. The red oval accessory under the phone is said to be the Nokia wireless charging pad.

If this is true, then this may be the device’s main advantage over the other, almost-identically-configured, WP8-powered smartphones. But then again, there’s a big possibility that the wireless charging pad will just be an add-on rather than an out-of-the-box accessory which means that it will set consumers back a couple of bucks just to take advantage of this fancy charging feature.
With that said, do you think that the wireless charging feature (if it’s true) of the Lumia 920 enough to get you to buy this smartphone?

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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13 Responses

  1. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Wireless charging on a wired charging pad? I think I’ll stick to a traditional pin charging.

  2. Bryan says:

    ^ Most (if not all) wireless charging are like that as of now. Saw videos that some company are already developed a long range wireless energy transfer 2 yrs. Will probably be on the market soon.

    But this is still better than conventional wired charging because you can answer a call without the dangling wire and/or scurrying to remove the wire before answering. You can always put it back to charge after answering the call.

  3. FelixTheMatt says:

    The wireless charging we have now is just a gimmick!

    It is cool, Yes, but it is not convenient in most ways, you cannot use the phone while charging unless you’re going to use the phone while it on the wireless charging pad which is stupid..

    If they can make wireless charging really wireless, like at least be able to use the phone away from the pad and still charging, then this will be awesome. if not, then it’s useless

  4. topgun says:

    8MP camera? ok let’s see if what the HardWare and SoftWare can do in order to take advantage of its Pureview Technology,but all in all the nokia 920 romour specs are good enough.

  5. topgun says:

    8MP camera? ok let’s see if what the HardWare and SoftWare can do in order to take advantage of its Pureview Technology,but all in all the nokia 920 romour specs are good enough.
    Wireless charging is just a plus points..hope it work well.

  6. EROTOJ says:

    Wireless charging is on experimental stage as of now. If it’s true that Nokia will introduce this with their new WP8 handsets, it will be a great advantage to others. A new Nokia with new OS (WP8) and with tangle free charger… BOOM!

  7. pabs says:

    With or without wireless charging, after my 2 year stint with android, I’ve been waiting for Nokia to come up with this kind of phone and sure, am getting one.

  8. Booboo says:

    Unlikely to be a factor. Most of the time I bring my chargers with me so every time I encounter the need to recharge any of my phones, I’m ready. With a charging dock/pad, it’s more of a hassle. Unless it will come with a conventional charger.

    • FelixTheMatt says:

      It might not even come with the wireless charging pad but if it does, it will definitely come with a wall charger.. The wireless charger will have a USB port at it’s end anyway so you can use it on any outlet like a regular charger..

  9. John says:

    Oh god… I would be buying it any day !! Shut up and take my money !!!

  10. lester ipapo says:

    Nokia will rise again as king of mobile stuffs with the wonderful windows os!
    (and also because of that wireless charging)

    • FelixTheMatt says:

      Wireless charging has been here for a while. It can be done with almost any Android phone and most iPhone iterations easily as long as you have the right tools and it not a very helpful feature.. It’s just gimmicky because you can’t use the phone while charging because it always need to be on top of the wireless charger..

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