Nokia 5630, 5730 XpressMusic out and priced

Nokia 5630, 5730 XpressMusic out and priced

The two new XpressMusic phones from Nokia, the 5630 and 5730, are now out and available in stores. The 5730XM was first announced last March and features a full sliding keyboard.

nokia 5730

The Nokia 5730 XpressMusic is 3G/HSDPA and WiFi capable with a 2.4″ screen and a 3.2MP Carl Zeiss optics. It also has a full qwerty keyboard that slides out from the left side, similar to the Nokia E75. Internal storage is just 100MB but it supports up to 16GB using a microSD.


nokia 5630
The Nokia 5630 XpressMusic has 256 MB storage, 128 MB RAM and includes a 4GB microSD card (16GB maximum). It also features HSDPA 10.2 Mbps, HSUPA 2 Mbps, WiFi 802.11 b/g, FM Tuner and 3.15MP camera with LED flash powered by ARM 11 600 MHz processor.

The Nokia 5630 XpressMusic has a suggested retail price of Php13,020 and the 5730XM has an SRP of Php18,750.

New owners also get the phones with 500 free tracks from Universal Music and Airborne Access free wifi for 60 days.

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43 Responses

  1. Mac_Kiddo says:

    wow! the 5730XM is so cheap. makes me want to replace my iPhone. haha. any reviews yuga?

  2. cutemoboy says:

    id rather purchase 5800 than this
    new 5730 XM fone..
    feature wise id still go for 5800.
    & this is not cheap the fact that this is just a mid range fone from nokia.. tsk tsk.
    i love the design dow..

  3. william says:

    if you try to look around for those device, the cheapest i saw for 5630 is 11,500 or 11,900 i think.

  4. Raven says:

    13k was the l0west price f0r 5800xm n0w s0 why sh0uld i buy 5630xm or 5730xm?

  5. bertsan531 says:

    how about 5530 xpress music touchphone is it available now also,how much?

  6. jdGONEMAD says:

    Nokia 5730 XpressMusic: mouse na lang kulang eh notebook na.

  7. Jam. says:

    In lipa, nokia 5730 is only P16 k.

  8. william says:

    people buy 5630 or 5730 because they need a keypad. if i had the money i would actually go for 5630, it has wifi, keypad, and a decent music player… similar to 5800 but i’m just not into touch screen.

  9. kwhengce says:

    i’d rather go for 5800, we are now in touchscreen mobile generation. :-)

  10. Raven says:

    May virtual keypad ang 5800xm db? S0 y0u’ll just have t0 deal with resp0nsiveness and i think,with the firmware updates available, fluidity is n0t an issue anym0re.

    But if i have 2 ch00se between the 2, i’ll g0 f0r 5630…ive seen the review in gsmarena and it sc0res high in 0verall perf0rmance.

  11. DBB says:

    5730 I like more than the 5800. I don’t like resistive touchscreens.

    are these two phones s40 or s60?

  12. cmark says:

    i had the 5630 for four days now. i bought it for 12,750 in nokia sm megamall.

    good things: homescreen, wifi, usb charging, keypad, slim and fits/weighs right on my hand

    bad stuff: camera is no good, pictures are dark even with night mode flash ( my old 6120 classic captures better pics),battery is weak, no free (not trial) games for n-gage, loudspeakers are placed on the back so if device is placed on a soft surface like a bed, the ringtone/music/alarm will be diminished.

  13. cmark says:

    just to add on the bad stuff: memory card and sim card are impossible to remove on bare finger/s and i don’t know if it’s my itech bluetooth headset but everytime i disconnect the phone from the bluetooth connection and then reconnect it later, it will reconnect but no sound will come out from the headset but it indicates that it’s connected. so i need to restart my phone or delete the bluetooth headset from the list an then re-pair it to the BT headset, it works again but that does not happen with my old 6120.

  14. Jhay says:

    At those prices, it’s a really nice bargain. Wonder how the competition will respond?

  15. agentorenz says:

    5800xm pa rin ako. redundant naman. may qwerty keyboard na, may keypad pa. Mas maganda pa din ang touchscreen sa browsing.

  16. irv says:

    do they use a standard 3.5mm audio port?

  17. Grabeh kuya, kung alam nyo lang nauna pang lumabas yan sa lugar namin, grabeh talaga may nakalulusot kasi kaya ganun eh! tulad nito Nokia 5730 XpressMusic mayroon kaagad sa malapit sa port dito sa amin. siguro mga puslit na Nokia 5730 XpressMusic yun..

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  18. mark says:

    Nokia 5630 is the best phone to buy.


    Because Nokia 5630 XpressMusic has a Symbian S60 operating system. Meaning its different from its other siblings like Nokia 5220, 5310, 5610, and 5130.

    Nokia 5630 is priced around Php 11,000 to 12,000. Its a value for money phone because Symbian S60 phones are usually expensive.

    Symbian S60 operating system is normally found on Nokia N and E series phones. S60 is the operating system of the popular Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

  19. gio says:

    parang halos lahat cla pareho in features. sa design ng phone lang hindi magkapareho. Ang pagkakaiba lang nila sa 5800 ay hindi touchscreen ang 5730 at 5630. Sa video recording mas maganda ang 5800 in terms of fps. Qng manunuod ng movies/tv shows maganda xmpre sa 5800 kasi 3.2″ ang screen.Sa battery life panalo ang 5800 dito.

  20. ok tong Nokia 5730 XpressMusic.

  21. If only the 5730 was touch screen based…

  22. cojo says:

    keypad is a lil redundant.if only they designed it like n97.then introduce it as XM counterpart.sayang ang space!

  23. melanie says:

    i already have my 5630 xp its really great i love it

  24. senyoritojose says:

    i love 5730…cuz i love to txt.ilove the design of the phone especially the sliding factor…

    and 5800 is soooo last season! its such a plasticky feeling…i like the ne 5530<—i will get this phone next week! it lacks 3g and gps but i wont use it anyway…

  25. facuccino says:

    i bought my 5630xm last month at CyberZone (mega).
    last tuesday it HANG and the screen dimmed slowly and it TURNED OFF
    and i cant turn it on already so i brought it to Nokia Service Center.
    they said it was hardware problem. i have to wait 2 to 3 WEEKS before i can get my fon. it was really DISAPPOINTING. i have no fon to use. :(

  26. sanctuarius says:

    bought 5730 about 4 hours ago, transferred my contacts and calendar from my old 6131. left the phone and had dinner. when i came back, phone was turned off and wouldn’t turn on.

    plugged it in the wall charger it came with. not charging. left it plugged for 2 hours. still not charging and not turning on.

    i’m bringing it back to the shop tomorrow. this is so disappointing.

  27. tr3b says:

    bakit sa ibang sites 11+k d2 13k ang 5630 ???
    gus2 qng bumili nh 5630…magnda rn sana ang 5530,touch…pero ntatakot aq sa touch…careless aq baka wla png 1 week marami ng scratches…

  28. jeff says:

    hi guys! i bought nokia 5730 1 month ago, trying to hack and install almost everything can install but i found out it was kinda boring, lacks of something that i wish to have, cant turn off the fucking flash when i use camera, sound ery poor, even though they upgrade the latest firmware nothing really change, i sell my nokia 5800 just to buy this phone but i was very disaapointed. i wil sell again this fone, coz nothing seems great on this useless fone!i wish i cud still have my nokia 5800.

  29. jojo says:

    wow.. mahal pa po dati.. ngaun po 9,300(5630) po meron sa sm santa rosa….

    ganda po nung phone na un.. sna ng ung touchscreen ung bblin ko ung 5530 kaya lang nkakatakot dalhin haha.. mrmi ng holdaper ngaun.. student pa lang nman aku kaya okie na skin 5630 may wifi pa!! the best!!

  30. christian says:

    mgnda b ung 5630?
    bka mdling masira ehh.

  31. Hari says:

    still apple is the best nothing can beat it! Must have this and you will not ask for anything. Sure to that 100%

  32. regs says:

    5630 is better than 5800. 5800 touchscreen is easy to malfunction especially after several months.
    If you are more on texting and gaming, 5800 is not recommended.
    5630 has a higher processor than 5800. it means that 5630 is more faster.

  33. kate says:

    i dont see redundancy in terms of the querty and the keypad. the fact there is that the querty keypad is usually for gaming N-gage.

    i know people who had 5800. the bad thing is that when you left it inside your pocket. and your in fully air-conditioned place. the moisture makes the phone hard to use. you have to restart it. and its really slow compared to iphone. so if your into touch screen go for N97 or iPhone.

    **one more thing. students cannot use touch screen for exams. if you know what i mean! >:)

  34. kate says:

    sorry for the querty

    haha! –the HELL!

    QWERTY. okay guys?!

    more faster? REALLY super fast to the highest level yan! kasi double comparative eh! :p PEACE!

  35. musiclover says:

    in the philippines… does the 5730 have a lower price here?? please reply… thanks

  36. LaLa says:

    In the Philippines, Where can I buy 5730 XpressMusic with a Cheaper Price? Please Reply.

  37. Christina says:

    How much is the 5730 Xpressmusic as of 2011?

  38. santino says:

    sino nag bebenta ng 5630 xpress music. in good condition ha.

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