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Nokia Asha 311 overview

It’s been a long while since a S40 handset visited our HQ and quite frankly its plain OS is refreshing from all the iOS and Android smartphones that we’ve been using. Catch our unboxing and first impression of the Nokia Asha 311 after the break.

As you might’ve expected, there’s really nothing spectacular with the packaging and accessories that comes with the phone, just the bare essentials. Here’s the unboxing and the quick tour of the Nokia Asha 311.



The user interface will be a familiar scene for previous S40 users. If anything, the only thing that requires a bit of getting used to is the small display of the handset which has a disappointingly low screen resolution. In addition, the touch screen functionalities (zooming, panning and typing) are also on the down side as it is too sensitive at times. Here’s a short demo of the OS and UI of the phone.


Nokia Asha 311 specs:
3” LCD, 240 x 400 @ 155ppi
1GHz ARM11 processor
256MB internal storage, 140MB usable
Expandable up to 32GB
3.15MP, VGA video recording @25fps
1110mAh Li-Ion battery
Dimension: 106 x 52 x 12.9mm
Weight: 95g

The Nokia Asha 311 will have a hard time winning the hearts of budget-conscious consumers especially with the affordable Android handsets having a strong market foothold. But for those die hard Nokia fans looking for a backup phone, we think that the Nokia Asha 311 is phone worthy to be considered.

This handset costs Php5,450 which comes with a 4GB Micro-SD card to compensate for the small internal storage and is available in Dark Grey, Rose Red, Blue, Brown and Sand White.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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12 Responses

  1. Yuja says:

    Your right! as android phones are getting into the market and with competitive price, i’d rather buy an android phone over this phone. :)

  2. agimat says:

    This is not a Symbian device. This runs the S40 UI/OS and no, the S doesn’t stand for Symbian. Please try to do a little research next time lest your ignorance shows again.

  3. jay says:

    This is not a Symbian device. Try out a Nokia 701 to see how a Symbian OS (Belle SP1) really works. It’s quite nice actually.

  4. neil says:


  5. ahenteX says:

    kung ayaw nio ng phone na to, eh di wag bumili! di naman kayo inapilit na bumili ay! di ba? haha!

  6. Alexus says:

    I have read lots of good reviews from this phone, from GSMArena to Unleash The phones, at PHP 5,450 you can have a phone with corning gorilla glass protection, wifi, etc. It’s very user-friendly too! The downsides however are: no GPS, lack of apps compared to Android and iOS, and no multitasking. But at that price we can’t complain. I will certainly buy this! :)

  7. Service of so called NOKIA CARE is worst. NOKIA should look into it very seriously. People is loosing confidence due to poor service of Nokia Care centers. Nokia should open service centers of their own. Not dealership.

  8. Jade says:

    This series of Nokia Asha is much better compare to the other series of Asha, If i choose to the asha series i choose the asha 311 because, i’m really satisfied to the specification of this phone. :)

  9. niel han says:

    their are some similarities of this phone to android OS features.. try to watch video about this phone in YouTube. You must to know that this phone is very nice in gaming. this phone is fun, fast and always connected.

    If you have a lot of money,try to buy this phone and compared it to your android phone, you will be amazed to its performance. it gives you what you deserve.

    notice ko lang na and phone na to ginawa niyang kulelllaaat ung android ko…

    hehehheeh experience lang to.. share share share…

  10. I got this phone just a day ago and I am loving it. Back to basic. Simplicity. :D

  11. Alexus says:

    Where’s the full review anyway?

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