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Nokia N97 Pre-Order, Php40K Price Tag?

The Nokia N97 is coming out this June and you have the chance to pre-order this smartphone today and get it on launch day.

What’s conspicuously missing in the pre-order page here is the suggested retail price.

nokia n97 philippines

If we follow the earlier announced price in Europe of €550, it may end up somewhere in the Php40k range after tariffs and VAT.

Considering that the Nokia N96 had an SRP of Php37,850 (on its first release in the Philippines) and the Nokia E90 costs about Php35,500, that figure isn’t far off.

Any takers?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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45 Responses

  1. eithan says:

    Bad-ass phone..:D… but after 3 or 4 months they have another model…

  2. Doc Harry says:

    Oh well, I think I’ll wait for Nokia to get their accelerometer implementation sorted out first. I’m happy with my E75 for now.

  3. rjca says:

    lol 40k! no thanks I think I’ll stick with my 5800 for now. wonder what the next flagship model will be like . . . ooh and for those who have Philippine 5800s you can already update to V 2.1 through NSU :D

  4. techme says:

    n97 is very slow…. and symbian is very much outdated the interface sucks! until they replace or improve symbian i’m not getting another nokia phone!

  5. whaâ„¢ says:

    laptop na lang or netbook. mahal naman ata.. :(

  6. hmmmmm… let me think?

    netbook + digital camera + game console = N97

    i’ll pass muna… :P

  7. loadex says:

    what?… sobra naman ang bilib ni Nokia sa pricing nila. Though may bibili niyan for sure.

  8. Jhay says:

    I’d get a Nikon D90 instead. :D

  9. william says:

    40k maybe? ouch. i can get so much other gadgets with that amount

  10. Jam. says:

    When I saw the hands-on at engadget few months ago. Nokia n97 is so slow.

  11. bengtotpogi says:

    I’ve always seen the gray one everywhere. First time I’ve seen a black one, tapos yan lang ang available na color. Gray one looks more expensive, oh wait…

  12. The real Hayden says:

    Vicki, I want one!

  13. Live Dito says:

    @jhay . Yes Nikon D90 is better. lol

  14. I’ll wait until this smartphone depreciates.. hehe :D

  15. mike says:

    for that price i’d get an omnia or wait for the omnia HD to arrive here. or better yet by a cheap mobile and a netbook, i’ll still have more than 10,000 in change.

    One thing I don’t like about nokia units is how they depreciate so fast. So to spend 40k on one would fly in my book.

  16. jojo says:

    preorder ?, means marketing is uncertain in these uncertain times

    its trying to pull a fast on again, whatz new with this phone

  17. Gams says:

    Not a good phone by just looking at it, it’s quite bulky.I’ll wait for SE Aino..

  18. erikjames says:

    this is totally bs! i rather buy a new laptop or a netbook, msi wind perhaps. we don’t need expensive cellphones, their functions are almost the same similar to cheaper ones (call/sms) and we could get easily fed-up…

  19. tracy says:

    i’m definitely getting this pay monthly with Vodafone:D

  20. Lei says:

    Yeah quite expensive, but you really have to look at the features and what N97 can offer. Its a mini mobile computer. You have the web, music, video, social networking, camera, gaming and VOIP. You can use all these awesome features provided that you have unlimited data plan. Samsung omnia on the other hand is a great handset too, but a lot of reviewers said that the only downside of the Omnia HD is the battery life. You cant even use the full potential of the phone because before the end of the day your phone is dead, unless you would like to go through the hassle of changing batteries all the time. In the end, its just the matter of who can afford or who cant. LOL! kidding aside, its just a matter of your own preference. Some people look for some specific features that are useful for their everyday life.

  21. Caloy says:

    With the advent of the cheaper netbooks I think that expensive do-it-all phones are on their way out. I find surfing on a phone difficult because of the small screen. But I do like the convenience of a camera phone – the best combination for me would be a good 3G phone with 5megapixels or more and a netbook. Like others here have noted I can get these and still have a lot of change left over from the 40th price tag.

  22. Noel says:

    A nokia 5800 with qwerty keypad at almost 3x the price? No thanks. I have the 5800 and was considering the n97 but the price is a big no no.

  23. very expensive. pero ayos na rin sa dami ng features.

  24. rjca says:

    what’s with all the bashing. yes it’s expensive but it has features to back it up so it’s not stupidly expensive it’s just expensive period. it’s like a ford mondeo versus a bmw m5 one is more expensive but a lot of people would say it’s worth it.

  25. kristine says:

    interesante naman at marami pa ring mga pinoy ang hindi nahuhulog sa consumerism. masyado naman yata talagang mahal ang P40k para sa isang cellphone na makukuha lamang ng mandurukot :P

  26. abbee says:

    Looks cumbersome to use.

  27. loreen says:

    yugatech’s price is exaggerated, it won’t reach 40K “duh!”.. and the n96 nowadays costs around 28k-32k.. i bet the N97 will be ranging from 33-35k.. and its a good buy, an all in one phone and you get a chance to win a router.. i’ll be getting one for sure, an upgrade from my N95..

  28. I rather by HTC Tytn II

  29. yuga says:

    @loreen, read the last 2 paragraphs again. The announced price in Europe is €550. AT current exchange rates, that is Php36,200. Add 12% VAT and you end up with Php40,500. Gets?

  30. jc says:

    here in singapore its about 1200sgd times 32 so its 38400 tapos may installed apps for singapore like cinemas and bus stop infos

  31. jc says:

    here in singapore its about 1200sgd times 32 so its 38400php tapos may installed apps for singapore like cinemas and bus stop infos. june 15 daw labas

  32. loreen says:

    i saw that.. but it still wont hit the 40K mark.. since prices from other countries doesn’t mean they are equivalent in the forex.. some people who want to buy it might be thinking twice because of that estimated price.. but anyway, i’m sure nokia will release the prices on the pre-order period..

  33. jc says:

    update here in sg…comes with music 1288sgd without comes with music its 1088sgd…and its hard to find without comes with music…just to give you guys an idea on the prices as normally mas mahal ng konti dito pag nokia

  34. Charlie says:

    Its Php34,000. If you go to http://www.nokia.com.ph and follow the pre-order process, the price will come out.

  35. jc says:

    finally got one in black without comes with music hehehe ganda! sulit hahaha u should have a data plan para magamit lahat ng features or wifi

  36. Nikka says:

    Last day for pre-order is June 19! Get a chance to get your Nokia N97 bundled with a free Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router (worth Php 2,995) and free delivery.

  37. coolfx35 says:

    I have just upgraded my Nokia N95 to an N97. So far, so good.

    However, when anyone calls me on my phone it just displays “CALL CALLING” on the screen even though that person is listed in my contacts. I’ve had a decent look through the menus etc. but I cannot find how to make it display the contacts name when they ring.

    Am I missing something obvious or is this a feature that requires a fix?

    The only thing to mention is that I used Nokia PC Suite to backup the contacts from my N95 and then I restored them to my N97.

    if you have any good idea for a mod, please share them at http://www.NokiaN97Forum.com

    Many Thanks…


  38. rose says:

    30k lang d2 sa singapore.:)

  39. majuro says:

    nokia is by and large quick to depreciate in value because they easily replace a current model with a new one simply by adding 1 or 2 more features to the next. it all depends on the gullible materialistic person who wants the latest model.. which in the philippines, we don’t lack of. lol

    40k is too much but if you wait for 3-4 months more, it’ll drop down to around 35k. and that’s the reason i prefer sony ericsson. they’ve got better phones with good resell value. can’t wait for aino. =)

  40. benjoot says:

    i’ve upgraded my n95 8gb with n97 and i can tell you the n97 is superb..
    With many features i can say that the pricetag is more or less worth it..i’m a great fan of the iphone long before the oldest 2g came out but i think the n97 has the greater advantage against the iphone..
    U dont want to miss a phone like ds.no kidding, this phone takes nokia on to the next level

  41. Cool says:

    its now down to 28K. Its not new from the nokia’s phone that getting slice of price. I love nokia but im sure i want a phone like apple iphone that would take long to cut back price.

  42. COL_MIKE says:

    sobrang mahal 40k…

    tpos n holddap…. wahahaha

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