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Nokia responds: Entry into Dual SIM Phones

We had a couple of interviews with various top executives of Nokia SEA yesterday and one of the number of questions I asked revolved around their introduction of dual/double SIM phones.

My questions were worded to the effect — “why these and why now?”.


Executives believe they are not really late in getting into the dual SIM market considering that a lot of regions do not favor this kind of market. It’s primarily because of telco subsidies and handset exclusivity (and thus, the seemingly limited demand for these types of phones).

Likewise, Nokia believes that people who tend to use dual SIM phones are those who manages their consumptions a bit tightly and thus would lean towards getting the more affordable models (their reason why the Nokia C1 and C2 are basic phones). They added though that as the market matures, they will be introducing dual SIM handsets in the mid-range level (probably before the end of 2010).

There are also other factors to consider, including battery life (read more on Resistance to Dual SIM Phones) among others.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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16 Responses

  1. i hope it’s better than another phone

  2. Teknisyan says:

    seriously… nokia appears to be testing the waters here.. if they are successful, then they may adopt the dual sim on a much higher model of CP.

    they may also be targeting the mass market, since the model is on the lower end.

  3. Spidey says:

    waiting mode…

  4. GemmaBMendoza says:

    @abeolandres I have yet to see a dual sim phone with 3G and wifi. Interested in one actually. U think Nokia will ever produce one of those?

  5. rcsaint says:

    Wow! This is what I want!!! How much?

  6. markmarcelo0210 says:

    i hope they offer phones with more features not just basic features but still affordable like My/Phone, Cherry Mobile, and Torque.

  7. GregOng says:

    I beg to differ but I think the main reason why consumers want a dual sim phone is because carrying two phones is a bit bulky in the pocket, and not because consumers tend to manager their consumption tightly. Ergo, if I were using a dual sim phone, does that automatically mean that my phone bill would go down because I’d use it less often?

  8. nexus3g says:

    when is Nokia C3 coming to the Philippines?? Indonesia just went crazy with it, forming long queues in Nokia stores just to get one. Nokia should put the Philippines in their priority least, kse 6 out of 10 filipinos daw trust Nokia.

  9. Herce says:

    I would love a high end phone with dual sim slots. I wish someone would do it, but it won’t happen till the US and EU are no longer the primary market for mobile phones. The US in particular kills the high end dual sim phone market because they are slaves to the subsidy carrier dictator model. Though the EU is a bit freer, the carrier control system is very strong and dominant.

    Times are a changing though, thanks to China. When China becomes the high end phone market dominator, then we will see high end but carrier agnostic products come to market. Till then markets like ours, where there is a demand for carrier agnostic devices, will continue to be served by cheap phones only.

  10. sweetscrazy says:

    so when is C2 coming out? i go to cellphone shops every weekend to ask about the release date of dual-sim Nokias and the salespeople reply with a chuckle “Ser, hindi po gumagawa ng dual sim ang Nokia”

  11. George Cruz says:

    I hope Nokia will produce more dual sim phone, why not make nokia 6700 or x2 a dual sim phone.

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