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OPPO to enter Philippine market this April 2014

OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd is opening up shop in the Philippines. This was shared to me by the local/regional team yesterday over coffee.

OPPO is a global brand that’s popular in the US for their Bluray players but they have significant mobile presence in Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia and a few other countries.

Their R&D is based in the US while production is based back in their headquarters in Dongguan, China. Thei major product lines include MP3 players, portable Media players, LCD-TVs, eBooks, DVD/Blu-ray Disc players and mobile phones. For the Philippines, it will be just smartphones only.


The team I met is preparing the official launch of the brand sometime in April this year and will bring the first 4 handsets into the local market. We didn’t get the complete details of the 4 smartphones but we’re sure that one of them is the Oppo N1 (a 5.9-inch full HD Android 4.2 smartphone with a 13-megapixel swivel camera).

They’ve also promised something more impressive which we could only guess could be the OPPO Find 7 which sports a 5.5-inch 2K resolution (that’s 2560x1600pixels or 549ppi).

Updated: Edited for correctness.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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39 Responses

  1. oppo says:

    This is the phone for us filipinos. It incorporates our values. “Po at Oppo”. LOL

  2. babuzalsal says:

    Another Chinese handset maker into the fray. Sana mag succeed sila dahil mababa ang perception sa quality ng mga Filipinos when it comes to Chinese products. More products in the markets means more competition and lesser prices for us :)

  3. parangApple says:

    Parang apple din pala tong Oppo, nasa US and RnD, then manufacturing nasa China…. Hayzzz….

    • abuzalzal says:

      Haayz ka diyan…Whether u lyk it or not, the Electronics World revolves around China, and will stay that way till probably…forever

    • doYouEvenEnglish says:

      dude.. R&D is Research&Development…the post said the R&D is based on US.. RnD is not a country or a city.. and companies put them anywhere in the world..

    • slowlangeh says:


      dapat “US ang RnD” yun. naging AND lang. baka sa auto-correct. talino mo bro

    • parangApple says:

      ung “and” ko dyan di ko napansin, I really meant “ang”….

  4. OppoGangnamStyle says:

    good luck to them…at least we’ll have another reliable and and quality mobile brand in the market

  5. Mike says:

    This phone has an awesome aesthetics. Hopefully it will be able to compete strongly with other mobile devices so that costs for all mobile devices will go down.

  6. abuzalzal says:

    Ito ang tunay na US-based company, May R&D sa U.S. at nagbabayad ng tax sa U.S.

  7. wee says:

    swivel camera, thats new, pwedeng pang spy cam, hehehe

  8. jess credo says:

    Oppo is popular among audiophiles for their bluray players, it beat brand like pioneer and denon, so we hope it better the high end brands of androids. Cheers pinoys have another option, though this brand is already here thru ifive mini distributor. Cost is bit on the samsung level last year.

  9. dags says:

    Hopefully, the Oppo N1 Cyanogenmod edition will land sooner or later on our shores. Welcome on board, Oppo!

  10. IndioI says:

    Hayy nako, welcome tayo palagi ng mga products manufactured sa ibang bansa. Wala ba tayong sariling producto na pwedeng magcompete sa kanila. Ang dami pa naman sanang matalino sa bansa natin.

    • dags says:

      Sadly, our government does not give a single damn about our brainy and innovative Filipino inventors. Not even a single cent was funded to support our own inventors.

      And because of that, most of the time, inventors are forced to sell their ideas to other countries and companies just to make a decent living out of it.

    • pines says:

      Siguro mas malaki yung kita ng government sa mga imports kesa sa sariling products natin.

  11. Opow says:

    nako po nandito na yong malabo na brand, wag kayong papatol dito mga brad kahit yong CFL at LED bulb nila na product parang malabo yong ilaw at malinaw pa yong lampara namin sa bahay.

    mga bobo lang bibili nito

    • mco says:

      Sir yun tinutukoy nyo na Oppo CFL bulbs ay wala kinalaman sa Oppo Electronics. Parang imitation ng brand nila, ginamit lang yun brand name ng importer dahil sikat ito sa US (as audiophile products) at China (as mobile products). Kahit pumunta ka pa sa China wala ka makitang Oppo na bulb sa market, pinasadya lang ito ng importer sa pinas katulad ng mga brand na Omni, Firefly, Akari, Focus, at etc.

  12. Freeje says:

    This one costs 2800RMB (19600 pesos) in China. Quality is good and they have versions with Cyanogen ROM. This is just the tip of the iceberg. More and more Chinese companies are coming out with better quality phones and some even rivaling that of the big brand names.

  13. Windows iDroid says:

    Sana sumunod narin yung iba pang premium type na Chinese Brands na hindi nag rerebrand ng mga phones katulad ng Xiaomi at Meizu. Yung Oppo sana maganda yung quality atsaka sana mataas yung accesory support para madaming ring bumili.

  14. GTg says:

    The mighty Oppo N1 (and Cynanogenmod edition) will come to the Philippines THIS SUMMER! I hope that Oppo will hire a Pinoy celebrity as their local endorser.

    • Ex-Alodian Knight says:

      There are suitable endorsers for this:
      – Willie Revillame
      – Daniel Padilla
      – Jessy Mendiola
      – Katrina Halili
      – Barbie Forteza

      See, they cover all audiences kaya this all star team can work well.

    • Palitpalit says:

      Palit si daniel at barbie ng iba. nasa ibang phone brand na ata sila. try mo si julia barreto at pepe smith.

  15. kulas says:

    I owned an Oppo Find5 and the camera Ive experienced sa phone.Gamit ko now is Note3 and frankly layo ng quality ng cam ng Find5 sa Note3.Bawi lng kc tlga sa Software ang Samsung.But if u can experience Oppo phones lalo n ung Find5,Youll feel the premium quality and built ng telepono.Unfortunately binenta ko dhil nga d2 sa plastic note3.Downside lng sa Oppo,hirap silang magrelease ng stable rom kya nki partner na sila sa CyaMod.

  16. Jimer says:

    Their R&D is based in the US while production is based back in their headquarters in Dongguan, China. Ano yan, ROBOCOP 2014!

  17. Vern says:

    Oppo is a great mobile brand but it’s expensive in my opinion. I’m more excited if Xiaomi will open up here because they’re much cheaper.

  18. Juan says:

    I learned about oppo last Dec from our htc one ph fb group. Then I check their fb page and joined the oppo n1 giveaway promo. After a week a oppo rep pm me on fb saying I won the contest. Got it on dec21..for free. The size is growing on me. The design is cool and the rotating camera is simply amazing, add the O-click remote shutter / security accessory.. Battery life is superb. UI is very good with rooms for improvement. I love their gesture features like starting several apps just by drawing shapes on the screen when it’s off or even on. You can adjust the volume by swiping two fingers on the screen up and down. You can also control music when the screen is off: swipe two fingers up or down to pause/play, draw forward arrow for next song or backward arrow for previous song. The camera has 8secs long exposure, I’ve been using it for lowlight photog like light trails of cars speeding on Highway.. Hihi

  19. rhast says:


  1. February 23, 2014

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