Ragnarok Mobile to go global with English version

Ragnarok Mobile is finally going global after it has signed a contract with Gravity.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

According to Gravity, the said mobile game will first rolled out in Taiwan and Hongkong within this year, followed by Korea and the rest of Southeast Asian countries on the latter. Since it will come in various languages, it only make sense that it’s going to have an English version.

Aside from that, the Ragnarok Mobile Chinese version will receive an update, namely, EP2.0, in September. It will include new areas, new classes Monk and Crusader, pet system and cooking system, along with other contents. Further details are yet to be announced.

Source: 2P

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20 Responses

  1. Avatar for Joseph Joseph says:

    Sa december pa daw e lalabas ang philipine server na english version…sabi ng creator nito ng ragnarok

  2. Avatar for iDream iDream says:

    ang dami nang naglalabasan na hardcore MMORPG baka pag narelease to.. hulog na loob ng karamihan sa mga HD graphics na Open World MMORG like Fellow: Eternal Clash, Crusaders of Light etc… baka sa una lang marami mag laro neto.. wrong move for Gravity..

  3. Avatar for PAASA R.O MOBILE PAASA R.O MOBILE says:

    JULY NA BALITA ????????????

  4. Avatar for /gg /gg says:

    na ano na eh

  5. Avatar for reece reece says:

    May na ano na?

  6. Avatar for rusty rusty says:

    april na king ina anong plano nila

  7. Avatar for bahoPeks bahoPeks says:

    takte lapit n mid ng 2018 la parin update kung kylan english server..

  8. Avatar for BabaGun BabaGun says:

    ngomong opo iki wong wong..

  9. Avatar for OneL OneL says:

    nafake news tayo

  10. Avatar for Lowkey XD Lowkey XD says:

    Kakalabas lng sa taiwan konting tiis pa mga brad XD

  11. Avatar for Dahn Dahn says:

    tagal ng english version nakakaurat na maghintay..

    • Avatar for Charles Charles says:

      Nasa taiwan at hongkong plang sunod korea tpos southeast asian ibig sabhin malapit na satin english version mgkakaroon na kya konting hantay lng

  12. Avatar for rom rom says:

    sus october na walapadin.. peste,,,,

  13. Avatar for Jett Jett says:

    okay din sana kung hanggang Google Play magiging available ito para mas madali ng ma-download ng nakararami. Saka na ulit ako babalik sa ROMobile pag may English Version na. And sana hiwalay ang mga chinese account sa new English server :P Para naman hindi mahirapan mga bagong sasali sa mundo ng ROM ^^

  14. Avatar for Purot Purot says:

    how about our chineese account? can we link into this int’l version?

    • Avatar for Jejeboi Jejeboi says:

      I think we can’t. Because the international version is a different server. Just like the classic Ragnarok Online, your character is bound to a specific server.

  15. Avatar for ferdie ferdie says:

    tagal bago napag-isipan to…..
    Baka huli na……

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