Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note7 now selling in China

Samsung has confirmed before that it plans to sell refurbished Galaxy Note7 devices but never mentioned when it will happen. It looks like it’s just around the corner as refurbished Galaxy Note7 units are starting to appear in China.

The information came from a screenshot of an online store listing in China that sells a refurbished Galaxy Note7, now branded as Galaxy Note7R. It has two versions based on battery – a 3,200mAh version aimed at Europe, U.S., and Asia Pacific; and a 3,500mAh version but with a modified small-volume battery.

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Based on the photo, one way to recognize the refurbished model is the letter “R” printed on the back of the device.

As for the price, the listing goes from 3,599 Yuan (~Php26K) to 3,999 Yuan (~Php29K), which is way more affordable than the Php39,990 SRP when it first landed in PH.

What do you guys think? Will you purchase a Galaxy Note7R?

via: MyDrivers

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

4 Responses

  1. pipo says:

    Mahal, kung iisipin mo, lahat to ay second hand – diba sinoli ito sa samsung para irepair? Tapos ganun kamahal parin.

  2. c says:

    mahal pa rin

  3. asdfasefw says:

    yes i plan to get one , even after all that brouhaha last year. i already sold my note 5 and waiting for note 8. but if it gets released here in PH, then why not. it was an unfortunate incident, but i think Samsung have handled the crisis well. I still hope prices to be more cheaper plus gifts to entice us more.

    maybe yugatech could also ask samsung regarding their plans to lift the bans from FAA or aircraft carriers etc? i hope they could first iron this out before releasing it to the market. it might be an “R”, but note 7 is still note 7 to them. don’t want all that hassle when travelling.

  4. ren says:

    nah. thanks for nothing samsung

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