Confirmed: The Galaxy Note 7 is coming back

Confirmed: The Galaxy Note 7 is coming back

Ahead of the launching of its new flagship device, Samsung has released a statement confirming the rebirth of its discontinued Galaxy Note 7 handset.

It won’t be easy as the process comes in three parts: save salvageable components (ie. camera and semiconductors), obtain metal parts through an “eco-friendly” method, and lastly, sell refurbished devices “where applicable.”


The third step is where our interests come in. Although, the sale of refurbished Note 7s will depend on regulatory bodies, carriers, and of course, demand. No definite dates and pricing for now.

If you’re familiar with Apple’s Whitebox program, this is essentially similar. Our local telcos carry refurbished iPhones, so the case of the Galaxy Note 7 shouldn’t be that different in the country.

Source: Samsung

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4 Responses

  1. SamsungTroll says:

    …and still, people will look at you like you are a terrorist whenever you are in the airport

  2. ooo says:

    april fools…

  3. inis says:

    replace the battery, rename it(say, Galaxy Phab) and sell it for 10k.. i’d happily buy two..

  4. el gato says:

    remember 5110i? 5110 outside but with ‘hidden antenna’.

    maybe samsung will ditch ‘flawed’ battery and housing design… recycle the ‘internals’ except battery.

    if samsung re-use same old housing, it will have difficulty passing regulatory bodies. as an added bonus, release the refurb note 7 with android nougat 7.1.1 on board.

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