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Samsung to supply OLED panels for future iPhone models

Recently, there were reports that say Samsung will double OLED supply for the iPhone 9. Truth is, ever since, Apple has relied on Samsung to supply certain parts for the iPhone and that fact still remains true today. Also, the two big tech companies have sealed a two-year deal for the production and supply of $9 billion worth of OLED display panels back in April 2017.

With this, Apple is expected to start shipping all of its iPhone units with OLED displays next year and Samsung could end up shipping as many as 180 million OLED panels to Apple for 2018. Samsung would likely spend as much as $21 billion dollars to build two new plants for creating OLED displays and would produce 270,000 panels per month. However, the plants won’t be up until 2019.


Source: BGR
Via: PhoneArena

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  1. Phil says:

    Rather ironic twist of fate for the 2 rivals, isn’t it? How long has Samsung been a supplier for Apple anyway?

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