There's a limited edition 24K Gold Huawei P10 from Legend

There’s a limited edition 24K Gold Huawei P10 from Legend

Once in a while, a flagship phone gets a fancy update but not internally. Just like this Huawei P10 with a gold Dragon treatment from Legend.

Legend is known for making regular handset stand out with gold and the Huawei P10 is no exception. If you’re wondering, this is still a Huawei P10 with its Leica branded cameras and monochromatic prowess.


Each model will be custom-made with various customization options, such as precious metal plating (24k gold, platinum or rose gold), leather pouch material from exotic leathers, alternative modern dragon design, precious stones for the dragon’s eyes, and more.

Only 8 of these will be made with a “Handcrafted in Finland” label and its corresponding unit number. The price can run from about USD2,900 to USD3,030 or about Php152k depending on the options you choose.

Via: Android Headlines

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