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Watch: Huawei P30 Review: Criminally UNDERRATED!

Now firmly in the upper echelons of smartphone manufacturers, Huawei is back at it again this year with new innovations for its flagship P-series. Since its launch in Paris, the P30 and P30 Pro have been subject to very positive consumer response.

While the “P” doesn’t officially stand for photography, Huawei has essentially used the lineup as its chance to showcase its latest camera technology, whereas the Mate series is where we typically get a new Kirin chipset and new design features .And whether it’s the P or Mate-series, the Pro versions typically get all the love and attention from both consumers and us, tech media. But not in our video! This video is not about the P30 Pro. We gotta give some attention to its little brother, the P30.


Watch the video below for our full review.


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  1. Joseph Nelson says:

    Sir may I know if the display glass of the P30 is Corning Gorilla? Because I read most of the reviews, it doesn’t specify if it’s Corning Gorilla. Thanx.

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