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WATCH: The headphone jack is dying. What now?

When Apple released the first-ever iPhone back in 2007, it  became the blueprint for modern-day smartphones. And one of its main objectives is blurring the line between a cellphone and a music player. Because back in those days, we used to carry around a cellphone and an iPod.

Following that concept, ever since the first iPhone, the headphone jack has been a quintessential aspect of the audio experience of a smartphone. Until Apple decided to ditch it. Since then, more and more smartphones are slowly removing the headphone jack, making it almost extinct to new phones coming out. So what now? keep on watching the video to know more.

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2 years ago

kalungkot naman magandang technology naman ang 3.5 jack d hamak na mas maganda pa rin ang sound compare sa mga bluetooth sounds devices at mas tipid pa rin sa energy

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