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917Ventures and ACHealth partner to create HealthNow app

917Ventures, a corporate incubator owned by Globe, is collaborating with ACHealth to create the HealthNow app.

HealthNow enables users to consult doctors and medical professionals through video, purchase medicine for delivery, and book clinic and lab appointments. Powering HealthNow are the assets of both 917Ventures and ACHealth, including KonsultaMD, FamilyDOC, Healthway, and Generika.


HealthNow was first offered as a website that provided free video teleconsultation from volunteer doctors. From April to June this year, it has gathered over 11,000 patient requests and over 100 volunteer doctors, proving the necessity for better digital healthcare.

Issa Cabreira, 917Ventures Managing Partner, said, “When COVID-19 struck the country, there has been a massive shift in consumer behavior from passive to active participation in health, creating more demand for convenience and transparency.” She adds, “Since it is our mission to solve the most prevalent problems plaguing the Philippines, we found it necessary to prioritize the delivery of healthcare to our fellow Filipinos who are in need of medical attention, especially in this trying time.”

HealthNow will be available for download in Google Play and the Apple App Store in August.

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  1. meow says:


    they are both under one umbrella corporation of Ayala Corporation. AC health is the health arm and 917 is owned by globe which is mostly owned by ayala.

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