BlackBerry Z10 Feature: BBM Video

BlackBerry Z10 Feature: BBM Video

One of the best things about a BlackBerry device is BBM. It’s a very capable messaging service that has been around for years. Now that we have the BlackBerry Z10 with the BlackBerry 10 OS on board, we can now enjoy the new BBM with better and enhanced features. One of those features is BBM Video.


Having owned BlackBerry devices in the past, I can definitely say that the BlackBerry Z10 is way better than its predecessors. It’s not perfect but it feels more of a smartphone now thanks to its attractive design, full-touch capabilities, and great hardware. But what sets it apart from the competition is the software running behind it. The BlackBerry 10 OS may be the new kid on the block but it’s not something to be laughed at.

Going back, BBM Video is one of the features that BB 10 OS has brought to the table. It is one of those features that we enjoy using for the following reasons:

  • I can easily transition from an ordinary BBM conversation to live BBM Video chat on the spot.
  • I can either use the 2 megapixel front-facing camera or the 8 megapixel rear camera.
  • I can use the Screen Share feature so I can show documents, pictures, websites, or active apps to whoever I’m talking to.
  • Works over WiFi, 3G or LTE which is exclusive to Globe.


Below are the screenshots of the BBM Video chat I had with Raffy of Take note that I’m also sharing with him my live Instagram feed.


Overall, BBM Video with Screen Share is very easy to use but if you want to experience the smoothest video chat on-the-go a very fast mobile internet is highly recommended. For that I prefer Globe’s Powersurf 499 which gives me 1GB worth of data for 30 days with support for LTE.

Powersurf 499 is both available for prepaid and postpaid. To subscribe just text POWERSURF 499 to 8888.

Disclosure: Globe Telecom provided a free BlackBerry Z10 unit and postpaid plan to this author.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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9 Responses

  1. Hidden Mickey says:

    the Instagram caught my eye more. Is that native or sideloaded?

    • dodong says:

      That’s a sideload, the native version is on it’s way very soon.

      Abe, I think you should also highlight BB’s version of private unlimited cloud storage by way of remote access thru BlackBerry Link. The feature is available from the latest update of the link software. I have a 150gig music library at home and I am accessing it with no lag remotely using cellular. This functionality is bundled with the anticipated 10.1 release; I am already enjoying it since I installed the leak. You should try it. The Z10 is a beast, no sh*t.

    • Raul says:


      I think you should highlight that Blackberry link is just a private online file server and requires that both of your devices be always connected for it to work… and that you can do it too in iOS, Andriod, and Windows Phone with Plex or XMBC

    • dodong says:

      Yes, it is a private online file server NATIVELY HOSTED by BlackBerry. It has no implemented maximum cap/size for files hosted and works very fast, not to mention SECURE. They may even offer offline hosting for a a fee which I’ll gladly welcome if it turns out to be true.

      It’s not like I’m trying to highlight this as ground-breaking since this functionality can be had with other platforms albeit thru 3rd-party apps, we all know this. It’s just that for BlackBerry, this is already a big step up in the right direction.

      With that aside, have you tried the Z10? I owned an S3 for about 5 months and have access to a note 2 and the Z10 will just rip those 2 apart in multitasking. I didn’t even consider the iPhone for that matter. Try opening a flashlight app, open youtube in HD, play FLAC, do a dropbox file transfer and play 2 HD games all at the same time in your device just for a test. At what part did it start to get slow then hang altogether? The Z10 can do all those at the same time with one active app on your screen and the rest running in active frames.

    • Karl says:

      @Dodong. I tried it on an S3, tried it too on a Xperia SL… and a Note 2. Ok naman ang multitasking, what’s your point? And anong games sa Blackberry ang taxing sa system? Is EA or Gameloft on there?

      Also, what’s the use of promoting communication features that are not cross platform if not many people use blackberry? Who can I interface with? imessage and facetime can get away with it because a lot of people have idevices… I know nobody on blackberry… Zero. It’s hard to buck the trend if utility does not follow.

      Mag b-blackberry ka para unique ka? Parang hipster lang?

    • dodong says:

      Are you sure you tried it on an S3 or a Note 2? I did and both hang up on me on the 1st HD game I playes, NFS. Fyi, I loaded both NFS and Modern Combat 4.

      On your second point, I do agree. And your answer? BBM is now going cross platform. Not sure if I’d be happy with this recent development but if this tells us anything, it is that BlackBerry understands they are playing catch up and need to get back mind share. You may be surprised we are not very enthused getting into arguments about which is the better platform because of idiotic comments just like with yours, they are not worth getting into imo. I’d rather focus/highlight the nice features of the platform rather than bash people with their choice of phone as each of us is entitled to our own preferences. If you think you have the best phone running on android (or iOS), then good for you.

  2. tarush says:

    Seems to have features similar to the ever secure Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime…

    • zarne says:

      @Tarush.. .Imessage and Facetime are two separate applications and not integrated, While on Imessage, you can not switch to Facetime on the spot. Also, there is no video sharing on IOS. I think blackberry 10 OS nailed the BBM and video sharing features.

  3. zarne says:

    @ Kari….’Also, what’s the use of promoting communication features that are not cross platform if not many people use blackberry?’

    And let me ask you why Blackberry should not promote the BBM Video feature on their phone when it is one of the best features of the BB10 phones. You are forgetting the fact or perhaps you don’t know that Blackberry still have about 70 million subscribers worldwide. Obviously, you are not a blackberry user and perhaps you are wishing that you have that BBM and video sharing feature in your phone. I am an Ios, android, and blackberry user but I would not call anybody ‘unique’ or ‘hipster’ if they owned one of these devices. Respect that fact that people buy products according to their needs and personal preference.

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