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BPI BizKo app for small business owners now in App Stores

BPI has launched its BPI BizKo app in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The app aims to be a digital platform dedicated to helping out MSMEs or Micro, Small, or Medium Enterprise Businesses manage their finances anytime, anywhere.

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BPI BizKo allows you to create digital invoices, send payments to suppliers, track and collect payments from your customers, pay your employees on time, and select from over 300 merchants in settling bills and government dues. This helps streamline business processes and lessens the need to visit the bank enabling MSMEs to save both time and money in this modern age.

Bpi Bizko

Applying for BizKo is relatively simple if you already have a BPI bank account as it can automatically link with it. Just make sure you create an online account with your BPI bank account as well. Bizko is a subscription-based platform that can be availed for as low as P50 per month and P100 per month for its premium version. Payments for the subscription can be made monthly or annually while paying annually will give you a free month.

The BPI BizKo program can be availed on a monthly subscription basis. The basic membership will cost Php 50 per month with the higher-end version at Php 100 a month. Payments can be made monthly or annually; although the latter will give you a free month of your membership tier in exchange. As well, they are currently having a promo until May 31, 2022, which can get you a 3-month subscription plan for free! Simply use the code: BPIBIZKO and get 3 months free on your subscription.

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You can learn more about the promo here and apply for BPI Bizko by visiting www.bpibizko.com 11.

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