CD-R King outs its own magnetic charging cables

CD-R King outs its own magnetic charging cables

Adding to the affordable options you can find inside CD-R King stores is a magnetic charging cable akin to the MagSafe charging ports of previous MacBooks.

We saw its Kickstarter counterpart back in 2015 and it’s quite a promising feat for mobile chargers. If you find yourself tripping over the cable wire of phones, this will be a great solution.


It consists of two main components: a tiny connector with Micro-USB or Lightning tip and a small adapter that acts as a bridge between the connector and a standard Micro-USB or Lightning cable using magnets. It also supports 2.1A for fast charging.

It doesn’t come that cheap though as both the Micro-USB and Lightning (8-Pin) magnetic cable and connectors are priced at Php380.

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