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Crunchyroll reduces subscription prices in the Philippines and other countries

Crunchyroll has just announced that it will be reducing the monthly prices for its Crunchyroll Premium membership in the Philippines and in other countries.


As of writing, the current price for Crunchyroll’s Premium subscription is PHP 79/month for Fan, PHP 99/month for Mega Fan, and PHP 999/year for the 12-month Mega Fan subscription.

Realme Philippines

The main benefit of its Mega Fan subscription would be the ability to stream on 4 devices at a time, as opposed to only 1 device on its Fan subscription. The other significant upgrade would be the ability to view your favorite anime or manga offline.

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Crunchyroll 2

Crunchyroll has also emphasized that with its lower prices, subscribers of Premium plans can still expect the same level of content and an ad-free experience.

With other streaming services such as ESPN+ and Netflix increasing their prices, it is great to see that Crunchyroll has rolled back the prices of its premium subscriptions.

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Totoy Brown
Totoy Brown
20 days ago

tumal pa din ng library na available for Philippines.


Reply to  Totoy Brown
20 days ago

Actually ‘yang sinend mo, for free account users lang yan. Yung ibang anime nila, naka lock for Premium users only

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