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Epic Games updates Fortnite Mobile with customizable HUD, Android version to follow

Fortnite Mobile has had quite a following since its release on the iOS a few days back. Now, Epic Games is hard at work on improving key aspects of the game base on user feedback. Just recently, the game received an improvement on its HUD (Head-up display), with a promise of more to come.

The first of the many updates the mobile Fortnite has received is the ability to finally customize the HUD. Players will now be able to move objects in their HUB to their liking, allowing for a more comfortable gameplay experience.

Epic Games is also promising future improvements which include the following:

  • Implementation of cross-platform Voice Chat
  • Improvements in gameplay and controls (Autorun and better aiming)
  • Reduction of installation size and background download
  • Overall game performance improvements
  • Statistics tracker

The company is eyeing on a summer 2018 release for Android. So those on Google’s platform just hang on tight, Fortnite Mobile will soon arrive.

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