Fujifilm announces X-A5, a compact & lightweight mirrorless camera

Fujifilm announces X-A5, a compact & lightweight mirrorless camera

Fujifilm has announced today that it will be launching the X-A5, which will be the smallest and lightest mirrorless digital camera within their X-Series.

It sports a new 24.4MP APS-C sensor equipped with the company’s very own color reproduction tech, phase detection autofocus, and a brand new image processing engine that boasts a 50% increase in overall processing speed.

The X-A5 certainly positions itself as a camera that is great for capturing images of people specifically. Its autofocus, color and skin tone reproduction, and scene recognition accuracy are a testament to that.


Additional features include 4K video recording, a touch display, Film simulation modes, and Bluetooth connectivity. With a new compact camera comes a new compact lens. Battery life is also good, as Fujifilm claims that a single full charge will net you as many as 450 shots.

Fujifilm also announced the new FUJINON XC 15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ, which is the first electric-powered zoom lens for the company’s own X-Mount. It’s a compact zoom lens that is very versatile, only requiring a minimum working distance of about 5cm, which means you can even use it for extreme close-ups.

The Fujifilm X-A5 comes in black, brown, and pink color options while the lens comes in black or silver. The camera and lens bundle will ship in February with a price tag of $599.95 (~Php30.8k), while the lens alone will cost you $299.95 (~Php15.4k).

Source: Fujifilm

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