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GCash ends SMS confirmation for received money, notifs are now in-app inbox

In an advisory, GCash announced that they will now send messages directly to app inbox for received money notifications.

This change was implemented starting on August 16 and is claimed to be for added security.

Gcash Ends Sms Confirmation For Received Money Fi

This is part of GCash’s efforts to enhance the security of their users’ transactions. With the rise of text scams, the company recognizes the need to take proactive measures to protect their users.

By sending notifications directly to the app inbox, GCash ensures that users receive their transaction updates in a secure, reliable manner. This also eliminates the need for users to worry about the possibility of receiving fake SMS messages purporting to be from GCash 66.

In addition, users can also access notifications via transaction history at ease. To keep track of their previous transactions and monitor their account activity.

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  1. Avatar for Ahron Juanitas Ahron Juanitas says:

    Sa nka kuha Ng 200 ko na naisennt baka pede nman paki balik

  2. Avatar for Ofelia dorem Ofelia dorem says:

    Bkt hnd ako Maka receive ng otp ng gcash

  3. Avatar for Ding pagdunsalan Ding pagdunsalan says:

    My gcash bomber cannot use otp

  4. Avatar for Cloy Cloy says:

    My Gcash may number
    Pls me

  5. Avatar for Sainodin Sainodin says:

    Please help me to my creat new Account Telegram

  6. Avatar for Morphy Adiong Macararic Morphy Adiong Macararic says:

    Hello everyone thanks for your service and sacrifice

  7. Avatar for Gcash number Gcash number says:

    Hello everyone from beginning until now I didn’t receive any payments or salary my work

  8. Avatar for japhet treyes japhet treyes says:


  9. Avatar for Dennis bulangen Dennis bulangen says:

    Thank you for your blessing me

  10. Avatar for Ivy Aguilar Ivy Aguilar says:

    I cannot receive OTP I try many time to open my g cash account but I cannot receive OTP number

  11. Avatar for Gladycel Mata Gladycel Mata says:

    Thank you for sharing blessings

  12. Avatar for Gian Daclan Gian Daclan says:

    My gcash number..
    Plss help me

  13. Avatar for Gian Daclan Gian Daclan says:

    I love you
    I hope you can help me

  14. Avatar for aED aED says:

    several OTP are BULLSHIT!! and popups delaying transactions pay send

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