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GCash GSave rolls-out to select customers

GCash has just opened the pre-registration for their new feature, GSave.

The GCash Save Money, or GSave, is a feature that allows users to create and manage a savings account through the GCash app. It was first available to select users through beta-testing According to the GCash team, it’s still in beta-phase but it is allowing 5,000 customers pre-register to select customers can already use the feature.

GCash partnered up with CIMB to make the feature possible. According to the guidelines posted by GCash, GSave has no maintaining balance, needs no initial deposit, and has no service charge when using transactions. Users may earn an annual interest of 2.3%, can withdraw anytime, and can manage their account with the use of Gcash.

To start using GSave, users may sign up and register through the GCash app.

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20 Responses

  1. Jill says:

    My comment might seem totally out of line regarding Gcash nor Gsave.But I just would like to ask if which of GLOBE’s department should I go to about my lost/stolen Globe prepaid sim? I’ve been thrown around like a basketball in a fast break mode which made me feel like as if the last person who was able to direct me to the next tier/department is no better than poncius pilate with his “hand washing/good riddance” gesture. Frankly speaking I felt nothing more than just a lousy pile of garbage where the only thing globe telecom’s people would ever want to do with me is to get rid of me ASAP. If anyone here would be helpful enough to help me fix this awful conundrum I got myself stuck into, then u truly are a blessing! I no longer want to feel like I’m such a loser for choosing to be a loyal subscriber of globe telecom. So please help me!

    • Des says:

      honestly prepaid sim are disposable sim, they have a very limited control over it, coz you don’t register an account name and details, if you value your security and after sales service go for a postpaid plan..

    • Junel Fedilus says:

      I’m a former globe employee. You may then go directly to globe store and bring one valid ID and affidavit of lost SIM card. They will process the change sim immediately of course with the same number.

    • Myk says:

      Just go to any gl9be stores and ask for simcard replacement with same number. It’s free even for prepaid simcard holders

  2. Bern says:

    May I ask, what do you think globe would do to help you out? your acount is prepaid, they don’t have your records, and it is our responsibility to back our phone records up. They are not even able to track it down, and it should already have been thrown away by someone who got ahold of it.

    • I’ve had a Globe prepaid SIM for the past ten years, have had, and will have, the same number until I decide to kill it — maybe by keeping it at zero balance for a year, or for however long Globe will maintain an inactive SIM. See, I underwent their Know Your Customer (KYC) process, so If I lose the SIM, I can request another SIM with the same number. And, to keep this comment on-topic :), I did the KYC so I could have the flexibility of larger cash-ins.

      It’s easy-peasy, just go to a Globe store, present a valid, preferably government-issued ID, and I think it’s even free, although I was KYC’ed more than five years ago so I don’t remember. You get an SMS, may need to reply. Whatever the case, the friendly folks at the Globe store should walk you through it.

      TM (to answer a comment below)? Maybe. The other network? Haven’t tried to KYC my Sun SIM, too lazy :)

  3. Gee says:

    Sad for the sim. Hope that globe will just replace it (new SIM) with same number or simply blocked the number (send/received). For users privacy. If in case it was found by someone else.

    Also so sad for me that until now I dont know how to use GCash. GCashApp for just android phone?

    • Jill says:

      Thanks for the helpful tips Junel Fedilus and Gee. I’m keeping my fingers crossed now because I followed up on it again and this time the agent who took my call seem to know what she’s doing
      I’m done with submitting the affidavit of loss together with my valid ID. Again ,thank you so much for the words of encouragement as well!

  4. Jash says:

    Unga me bago na naman si Globe na product.the gsave. The thing is pag me dispute, hindi sila ganun kadali hagilapin. Lalo na savings usapan pera. Na try nyo na tumawag sa hotline, grabe wala sumasagot. Hung up phone ringing for 17 mins. Wow ahh. Bago kayo mag start ng new product, dapat madali kayo hagilapin sa hotline. Parang isang tao lang ata sumasagot sa concern ng lahat. Aba naman, mag lagay kayo ng madaming taohan.

  5. Myk says:

    I am a prepaid globe simcard user and i was able to have my simcard replaced with the same number. Just go to globe stores mostly inside the malls and enquire

  6. tm-since-college says:

    how about TM prepaid number? im using the same TM number for more than 5 years and i dont want to change my number, for tons of reasons (even if i wanted to go postpaid). my only hope is the Lifetime Cellphone Number Act to be a law.

  7. telcofreak says:

    now that the mobile number portability law has been signed by the pres, it should be easier now to change providers or between prepaid and postpaid or vice versa

  8. Arjay says:

    Can you tell what is the beneficial this GCash for us

  9. Karen alvarez says:

    How to Incash in case you want your money to take out?

  10. Sheree says:

    I am using gcash and I love it. There’s no hassle to go the bank. I can just transfer my money from my gcash acount going to my bank account. The moment that u transferred the money mag rireflect agad sha sa bank account mo. This is helpful for me kasi mejo nakakapagod na ang bank mahaba ang pila. At least sa gcash go lang ako ng 7/11 give my money there. Then pwede na i transfer sa bank account ko thru gcash. :)

  11. Livy Amba says:

    I would like to start saving in Gsave but I can’t. Why? I am a verified Gcash member.

  12. Kaye says:

    It sucks!
    Not sure if i’m the only one encountering some issues.
    I have saved a certain amount in GSave but now i am unable to access the feature. All of my scheduled transactions got cancelled. I dunno how to reach them as the hotline is useless! When i try to access the app, they keep on asking me to confirm my email but the confirmation email never comes (i have checked SPAM too). I have sent them tons of emails – even CIMB – but still no response.

  13. Vanessa says:

    Hi happy ako gamit ang gcash

  14. Aiza says:

    Is it possible to change the mobile number i registered in my gcash account?

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