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Google Search gets a redesign in iOS and Android


Google has recently redesigned its Search app on mobile smartphones.

Google Redesign Search • Google Search Gets A Redesign In Ios And Android

According to its blog post, the tech company has decided to simplify Google Search in smartphones to make the information faster and easier to look at. To do this, Google designer Aileen Cheng focused five things to optimize the mobile version of Google Search.

Google Redesign Search 1 • Google Search Gets A Redesign In Ios And Android

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Among the changes include focusing on the search results by centering content and images against a clean background, putting more focus on the information, using larger and bolder text for the results tab,

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The results from Google Search now maximizes the space as it is now seen across the edges of the smartphone display and has minimized shadows on texts. It has also updated its own font which can be seen across Google services such as Gmail and more on Android devices.

In terms of logo, Google now has a more roundish design including the logo, icons, search bar, and images.

The redesigned Google Search will roll out in the coming days for iOS and Android devices.

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Source: Google Blog

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