House bill seeks to regulate minors' use of social media

House bill seeks to regulate minors’ use of social media

Deputy Speaker and Laguna Representative Dan Fernandez is seeking to restrict children under 13 years old from social media platforms and limit minors’ use of social media.


According to a report by CNN, last November 5, Fernandez filed House Bill 5307 or the Social Media Regulation and Protection Act of 2019. The bill includes the following regulations:

  1. Social media platforms to strengthen its restriction for users under the age of 13.
  2. Social media platforms to provide age limitations and inform parents when their kids use social media sites.
  3. Prohibits social media companies from collecting personal information of children without parental consent
  4. Social media platforms to implement “natural stopping points,” stopping the user’s ability to scroll after a certain amount of content, and or, limits the use of social media apps to 30 minutes a day.

The deputy speaker seeks the help of government agencies to implement the rules should the bill be passed. With the Social Media Regulation and Protection Act of 2019, he aims to prioritize children’s wellbeing, strengthen their privacy and security, and champion consumer protection.


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