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Huawei deploys 3rd-gen 5G Massive MIMO in PH

Huawei has begun deploying its third generation 5G Massive MIMO to global markets, with the Philippines as its first major recipient.

Huawei said in a statement, dated Sep. 22, that the major product ‘MetaAAU’ achieves best performance while having the lowest power consumption through application of leading wireless technologies such as ultra-wideband, multi-antenna, and extremely large antenna arrays for significantly improved spectral and energy efficiency.

Huawei Metaaau 5g Massive Mimo

MetaAAUs deployed in PH | Image/ Huawei

“Ultra-wideband, multi-antenna, and extremely large antenna arrays are important innovations for improving coverage and reducing energy consumption,” said President of Huawei’s Wireless Solution Yang Chaobin.

“We believe that continuously improving the utilization of air interface resources will be conducive to the sustainable development of the communications industry in the Philippine,” Chaobin added.

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This paves the way for evolution to 5.5G network and for operators to build future-oriented simplified, green, high-performance 5G networks.

Essentially, the 3.5GHz MetaAAUs deployed in the country will improve download and upload speeds by 35% and expand coverage radius by 30%.

Conclusively, more users can have access to 5G networks and average traffic to 37%. 5G networks at this time now cover 90% of the National Capital Region’s population. Eventually, Huawei is working on to overcome the challenge on large inter-site distances.

“The third-generation 5G RAN series, with the 3.5GHz MetaAAU as the iconic product, can address this challenge and meet the network development requirements, and underpins the construction of dual-band networks with optimal experience in the Philippines,” the statement read.

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