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IDC: Majority of Asia-Pacific employees want hybrid work even after pandemic

In a survey released last March, the International Data Corporation (IDC) saw that 56 percent of Asia-Pacific employees (excluding those from Japan) preferred to continue flexible or hybrid work options, which allows them to work in the office or at home, even when the pandemic shall be considered over. In addition, 70 percent of these workers indicated the same level or higher level of productivity compared to pre-pandemic conditions.

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“Great resignation is the latest buzzword. As employees reassess their current employment, talent retention is a top business agenda item for organizations,” said Deepan Pathy, Senior Research Manager for Future of Work Practice, IDC Asia/Pacific, “To successfully compete and thrive in the labor market and retain the best talent, organizations need to deliver enhanced employee experience – one that focuses on providing flexibility, well-being and safety of employees, and building a more empowered and motivated workforce.”

The top five technologies that employees believe will support their productivity include the following: moving data and applications to the cloud, collaboration tools, connectivity/broadband solutions, 5G connectivity, and on-demand IT support. All these insights are detailed in the IDC report: Return to Office and Hybrid Work: What Employers Need to Know .

In relation to this, the Philippines has mandated a “return to office” or “back to office” order for information technology and business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) firms starting April 1, 2022. This in accordance to the Fiscal Incentives Review Board (FIRB) decision via Resolution 19-21.

Since it mostly affected BPO workers which companies are located in economic zones administered by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), there are BPO firms which reportedly began registering with the Board of Investments (BOI) or having their companies listed as normal corporations if it meant they could maintain a hybrid work scheme for their employees.

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