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Laguna to launch centralized hotline number for access to government services

The provincial government of Laguna is about to launch a centralized hotline number for easier access to its services and faster government response.

The launch of a centralized hotline aims to deliver easy access to the services for Lagunenses, whether for emergency response, official business, public service, and even for reports and inquiries.

Providing the technology for this initiative is Gur Lavi Corp. (GLC) in partnership with PLDT, with one of its flagship brands – Telavi Cloud.

“Our main goal is to provide an easier channel for people to contact our offices faster so we can immediately respond to their needs. As with everything we do in the province, we always have our constituents in mind first with our Serbisyong Tama principle. If we are easier to be reached, we can provide services quicker and more efficient,” said Laguna Governor Ramil Hernandez.

GLC Head of Marketing Angela Gutierrez, GLC National Sales Head Shirley Billedo, Governor of the Province of Laguna Ramil Hernandez, GLC Project Lead MJ Hernandez and PLDT Relationship Manager Allan Hechanova

According to Hernandez, centralizing number with their own local numbers will streamline the work process and ensure that any specific concern or query from the people will land to the correct office.


“In the past, we have done several partnerships with the local government wherein we offered our on premise and infrastructure solutions; however, our collaboration for the Laguna hotline number is our first implementation in the public sector in terms of hosted PBX. With this project, we will help the province gather more partners and opportunities not just in the public sector but also from private organizations from SMEs to Large enterprises with remote branch offices,” said GLC President and CEO Erwin Co.

With the centralized hotline, residents of Laguna only need to know one number to call to reach the agencies and the offices of the provinces. They just have to dial #524862 (#LAGUNA).

Co also mentioned that GLC engages with different government offices with the same setup— from barangay as the smallest administrative division to municipality up to the provincial government. The list includes Barangays San Lorenzo and Bel-Air in Makati City, Municipalities of Teresa and Morong in the Rizal province, and the whole province of Batangas and Bulacan.

Moreover, Co also explained that Telavi Cloud provides a plethora of advantages for Laguna. Thus, the project will improve not only the communication inside their office but also their collaborations. With this, people can join an audio conference call with a single click, use individual and group messaging to quickly and easily communicate with colleagues, and create a workspace for teams to chat in real-time and share important information, especially during calamities.

The #LAGUNA Telavi Cloud project and the centralization of voice and data systems are identified as just the start of the long partnership between the Provincial Government of Laguna and GLC.

Meanwhile, the first phase of the project was mobilized in November 2020, followed by phase 2, which integrates Telavi Cloud and #LAGUNA that started in May 2021, which is now ready to be launched and implemented.

Furthermore, the maintenance and warranty for this project will last for a 5-year period where it is projected to provide a 95.2 km fiber network connection that will interconnect CCTV cameras all over Laguna’s National Road, from Barangay Paagahan in Mabitac, Laguna to United Boundary Barangay San Antonio, San Pedro City Laguna and integrate other Smart City components such as smart street lights, traffic lights, PA System and Telemetry devices.

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