Lalamove intros Sedan 200kg option

Lalamove intros Sedan 200kg option

The logistics company Lalamove has recently introduced its newest 4-wheel delivery option, the Sedan 200kg.

The company has launched its new sedan fleet to accommodate deliveries weighing 200kg and measuring 3.5ft x 2ft x 2.5ft (1,067mm x 610mm x 762mm). The said delivery option falls in-between the motorcycle and the MPV category, guaranteeing a capacity upgrade from the motorcycle fleet with lower prices than the 300kg MPVs.

The Sedan 200kg is its latest delivery option for various delicate items such as cakes, flowers, and small appliances.


Delivery pricing with Sedan 200kg starts at PHP 130. Moreover, Purchase Service is also available on 4-wheel with Sedan 200kg for purchases worth up to PHP 5,000.

The latest 200kg Sedan fleet is now available to take deliveries starting today, February 1.

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