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Lawmakers intimidate Globe, Smart telco franchises

House Minority Representatives are not happy with the telco services in the country and they plan to vote against the bill giving Smart Communications, Inc. another 25-year franchise.

Although the Congress already passed its version of the bill and is now pending in the Senate, House Minority leader Danilo Suarez intends to snub when it reach the bicameral conference committee.

Since the bill was already passed by the Majority, Buhay Party List Rep. Lito Atienza questions the approval despite the numerous complaints against the telco. Kabayan party-list Representative Harry Roque, on the other hand, mentioned that neither Smart nor Globe gives a quality reception in the congress building. He also has a standing resolution to make the telcos explain why Congress should not take back their franchises.

The threat is not limited to Smart as Globe Telecom, whose franchise is up for renewal soon, also angered Suarez stating that it’s easy to replace existing telcos by just looking for a third player.


This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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10 Responses

  1. el gato says:

    “Although the bill has already passed the CONGRESS (emphasis mine) and is now pending in the Senate…”
    mali po ito.
    Philippine Congress has two houses: the Senate (informally called the upper house) and the House of Representatives (informally called the lower house).

    if a bill has been passed by congress, it will become a law when signed by the president.
    if a bill has been passed by either house of congress, it will go to the other house for approval.
    if a bill has been passed by both houses of congress but has different ‘contents’, a bicameral committee will be convened to sort out the difference and the final bill will be voted upon by congress (with the houses voting separately)

    sana may lawyer/law student dito na mapadaan sa yugatech para sa definite answer.

    at sa topic, sana maibigay na sa lahat ng subscribers yung layunin ng pldt fiber plan 20mbps 1899php/month na unlimited internet.

    mahirap po sa tulad ko na nasa bukid: 1299php/month, 10mbps, 50GB LTE data, globe telecom. globe offers 100GB for its dsl customers but not for LTE subscribers.

  2. A says:

    This is nice if only Congress was really interested in improving the telco’s services. Given that we are under a rule that has a tendency to be despotic, controlling the communication lines is an important step. This could just be a step in that direction.

  3. Themonyo says:

    It would also help kung bawasan ang red tape at permits para makapagpatayo ng mga cellsite. Mga kapitbahay pa lang ng pagtatayuan ayaw na at sinasabing nakaka-cancer. May 1 lang mag reklamo di ka na bibigyan ng barangay Clearance. Tapos dadaan pa sa Sangguniang Panglungsod/Pambayan bago tumakbo ang Building permit. ginagawa nilang pagkakaperahan ang mga contractor bago lumakad ang papel.

  4. jumar says:

    Problem is a 3rd party takes around 10 yrs to set up shop here in the Philippines. We are left with no telco service tsk tsk tsk

  5. bern says:

    What the legislators would do, asides from creating and amending a law? At the current status quo, this duopoly has been already indomitable and insurmountable, replacing them with third parties is far-fetched, and not to mention it involves a whole lot of money to buy legislators off, all odds are stacked in Globe/Smart’s favor, and to say nothing of that they have already gained a strong foothold with regard to country’s communication backbones.

    Unless, this government would force his hands and get the law on top of duo’s monopoly they cannot stand in their way, and intimidating them through voting against additional years of franchise is nothing more than a bluff, at least, on telecom company own perspective, otherwise, we, common subscribers, will still cast adrift, leaving high and dry, dreaming of a better service.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What does that 25-year Franchise meant?

    Does that mean Smart/Globe should stop operation if they weren’t given extensions to their respective Franchises? I don’t think that will happen given the existing customers base.

    Maybe they’ll just give short term Franchise extensions instead (ex. 2 years), until such time that these Telcos could show significant improvements in their service.

  7. troll says:

    pera-pera pa rin yan. behind the scenes, these congressmen are trying to get a deal with these telcos that will benefit both their pockets.

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  9. caceee says:

    The image consumes almost the same size of space of the article. Thanks to the huge fonts. Just my two cents.

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