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Manny Pacquiao launches ‘Team Pacquiao GG’ esports org

Manny Pacquiao led the launch of a new gaming and esports organization called Team Pacquiao GG.

Team Pacquiao GG is a partnership between Pacquiao and global esports company Veloce as part of its expansion in Southeast Asia.

Moreover, Team Pacquiao (TP) is the gaming and content creation brand of Pacquaio, with the ambition to be the national team of the Philippines. It has a core focus on community, competition, and content that desires to provide opportunities to the people within gaming and entertainment.

Currently, the team includes five members:

Shin Boo – Team Pacquiao’s resident shoutcaster, tournament host, and SEA esports insider. He is TP’s content host.
Superkimbie – Kimbie is an FB gaming sensation, a national TV personality and a creator. She will team up with Wrecker to tackle Mobile Legends.
Ghost Wrecker – He is a Filipino esports legend who will lead TP’s charity activation.
Een Mercado – The country’s first female esports pro turned Valorant ace and leading streamer, Een will become a pro team ambassador and lead TP’s female empowerment initiatives.
Gloco – YouTube giant, gaming and lifestyle streamer, Gloco will form the corner of our lifestyle content.

“We are launching Team Pacquiao to sow the seed of Filipino excellence in Filipino esports competition,” said Pacquiao. “Most Filipinos identify gaming as a hobby and a possible addiction for younger people that must be supervised, but not anymore. Esports is not just an online phenomenon, but also a legitimate growing sports industry, with a lot of job and business opportunities.”

You may visit the official Team Pacquiao GG website for more information.

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